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Dynababy Tue 07-Jun-11 18:00:01

I have been diagnosed with SPD after being up all night in pain and ending up at triage.

I am 34 weeks so not long to go now but can't get physio appt until the 27th of June. I have been given dihydrocodeine for the pain but does anyone have any advice meantime?

TitaniaP Tue 07-Jun-11 18:21:34

Dynababy I'm also an SPD sufferer - it's horrid. My advice would be to change position frequently - if I stay in one position for too long I seize up. I would try to get in and out of bed and the car with your legs together and try to avoid standing or sitting with legs far apart.

I was really lucky and managed to find an osteopath who specialises in pregnant women and she manipulated my pelvis which made a massive difference (and has kept me a lot more mobile than I would have been otherwise). I was also referred for hydrotherapy which has been great as the NHS physio I saw was rubbish.

You might get some relief from sitting on a birth ball - but I find it makes it worse - however I know some people find it helps. Also you can get support belts which help some people.

I would avoid standing for long periods and avoid too much bending and lifting. I don't know if you have any other DC - if so I realise that the above advice might be tricky to follow.

Hope you manage to get some relief from the pain and that the physio helps.

Dynababy Tue 07-Jun-11 19:00:35

Thanks for advice Titania will try ball and maybe get a belt although not sure where - will google smile

blackchloe Tue 07-Jun-11 22:03:10

I have an Emma Jane maternity belt which you can buy online. It has helped slightly. Also prescribed paracetemol and codeine for when its really bad. Also try to avoid the following activities;
Pushing shopping trolley
Pushing hoover
Did see a chiropractioner too but she said that since SPD is usually hormonal there isnt much she could do. Very honest of her I suppose but not very helpful!

KateeTheBump Wed 08-Jun-11 09:03:59

Dynababy, come and join us on the SPD thread if you like smile hope you're feeling better soon!

AxyMum Wed 08-Jun-11 09:09:30

Hi, I have SPD too and I'm currently 35 weeks so in a similar situation, only mine started really early so I've had a bit of time to get used to it.

Be really careful with things like dressing - I tend to sit on my bed when I put my trousers on and fling them out rather than lifting my legs into them. DH helps me whenever he's around too as stepping into clothes is one of the most painful things for me.

When you have to have internals for the midwife/doctors tell them you have SPD and try not to open your legs too far - easier said than done!

Try a pregnancy pillow or a normal pillow between your legs. I find it difficult to sleep like that but it's a good way to relax and rest.

A support belt can help if your bump is too heavy but I didn't really get on with mine.

Don't step over things, lift anything heavy or stand up for too long, and try to move around if you're sitting for a long period - just change your position so you don't "freeze"

And take the painkillers you feel comfortable with.

Hope that helps a bit? There are some days when nothing helps and it's a bit disheartening, but it won't las forever smile

cmm Wed 08-Jun-11 19:41:03

Do feel for you as I also have spd. Had it in last preg 5 years ago abc then again now with this preg. I an using the Bowen technique now which after about four treatments has helped. Even though I can't walk any distance without crutches, can walk easier round the hospital ward at the moment, have a placenta previa this time. I have also found the rest really helps too. Xx

Coppernoddle Wed 08-Jun-11 19:52:34

I hate spd with a vengeance!!!! And I'm sick of crutches!!!!!!!!!!

Coppernoddle Wed 08-Jun-11 19:52:49

Sorry!!! sad

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