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Fibroids in Pregnancy and 'Red Degeneration'

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Bubalie Tue 07-Jun-11 08:54:31

Hi all, I wandered if any of you have experienced problems in pregnancy relating to fibroids. I had a fibroid before I conceived and it was around 2cm, GP said it shouldn't cause any problems in pregnancy or stop me getting pregnant and he was right - I got pregnant straight away. On my 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago, my fibroid was measuring around 6cm, so obviously grown, but was told it shouldn't cause any problems as it was not blocking birth canal and it was well away from the baby on my right side.

On Friday I ended up in hospital with severe pain on my right hand side, the consultant felt my stomach and said she could clearly feel the hard lump on my right hand side which she thinks is my fibroid, apparently they cannot do anything about this in pregnancy and I had to stay on bed rest and take Codeine and Paracetamol as pain relief. I was discharged from hospital on Friday night and have had a pretty painful weekend, luckily the pain has started to subside a bit now, so I think I am getting a bit better. I think what I had was called 'red degeneration' and it basically happens when fibroid's blood supply gets cut off by a growing baby and it bleeds into itself which causes all this pain.

Anyone else experienced this, I am a bit worried as all they did in hospital is felt my tummy and listened to baby's heartbeat, no ultrasound or examination?!

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.

idlevice Tue 07-Jun-11 11:38:00

Yes, I experienced exactly that with with my first pregnancy. I was 24 weeks tho & they were concerned it could set off early labour. I had steroid injections for baby's lungs in case he was delivered early but it settled down.

The pain is excruiating! Labour is not as bad!! I did have a scan just to check there wasn't anything else going on but it was agonising to be scanned whilst in so much pain. The hospital was very thorough with me, checking everything to rule out UTI, gall bladder, bowel obstruction, etc The pain can be felt in other locations, known as referred pain.

Unfortunately it can happen again so be on the lookout for any niggly pains that could develop & seek help from the hospital as you may need extra fluids or in case early labour could be set off. I was vomiting from the pain. Luckily I didn't have it again in that pregnancy but am now on my second pregnancy & am paranoid. My understanding is that the pain is from the fibroid tissue dying due to lack of blood supply & the dying tissue releases toxins. You can try cool packs for the pain, but warm packs are not advised in case you get too hot which can be bad for the baby.

I do hope you don't get it again & best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy!

sidorek Tue 07-Jun-11 11:54:50

Hi, I could have written your post. Im 20 weeks and I have 20cm fibroid sitting on top of my womb. I was taken to hospital last week and red degeneration was put in the books. I was given morphine first, then they switched to codine and paracetamol to which I responded much better. Probably due to the size of it, I was given the examination and scan. They were also afraid that it may be the appendix as the main area which was painful was located closely where the appendix usually is.
I am at home and taking codeine when I need to.
It is true that they cannot do anything else while we pregnant, as any surgical intervention may increase chances of miscarriage. In my case they also checked the state of my pregnancy and luckily there are no problems there. Baby is fine and wriggling.
There was one thing which freaked me out a bit though: I was (naively) thinking that degeneration is a one off thing, but it is not. It comes and goes, so there is a chance that I will end up in hospital againsad Bummer.

I guess what they had done in yours and mine case is standard procedure, so do not worry. I know how painful it is, but there is no other option as to try to go through this. If you need write to me, even if you only want to moansmile Take it all easy now.

sidorek Tue 07-Jun-11 11:57:47

really labour is not as bad as fibroid pain? OMG, then I have nothing to be afraid offsmile Thanks!

Bubalie Tue 07-Jun-11 13:49:10

Thank you so much for replying idlevice and sidorek it is so re-assuring to know that I am not on my own and that someone else has gone through what I had to go through.

idlevice I have read that this can come back another 2-3 times before you get to term with your pregnancy and apparently is very likely, so i am petrified now. It has started to settle down a bit and I have managed to get some decent sleep last night as I couldn't sleep due to pains since Thursday. Just a bit of on/off dozing. I must say that my tummy was getting really hard and 'contracted' over the weekend and i was worried that these were contractions, but have been told that these were just muscle spasms, but things like early labour and contractions were going through my head and I was getting really worried. I am glad you only experienced this once and hopefully this time around you will not have any problems with it.

sidorek I can't believe that we are in the same boat almost at the same time. As much as I wouldn't wish this on anyone and wouldn't want anyone to go through this pain it is so reassuring to know that other people have gone through it. Hopefully it will not happen again to us, this is so worrying and now I feel like I will not be able to enjoy my pregnancy at all as I will constantly worry about it happening again.. Not nice place to be in. Have they kept you in hospital or have you like me been discharged with meds? How are you feeling now, as obviously yours happened a little earlier than mine?

Hazbo Tue 07-Jun-11 14:37:03

Hi, I have a 10x9x6cm fibroid which I didnt know about until my 12 week scan in my first pregnancy.
I had red degeneration at 18 weeks and was given codeine for the pain and probably had about a week in bed recovering. I only had one episode of this though.
They will give you another scan at 36 weeks to see where the fibroid is (most fibroids move around and get pushed out of the way by a growing baby). Mine started of blocking my cervix but moved out of the way before the end so I was able to deliver vaginally. If its still blocking then you would obviously need to have a c-section.
The only thing that can be a concern is that you if you have a large fibroid you can loose a bit more than average blood at delivery.
Completely have to agree that my fibroid pain was worse than labour! They have also said they wont remove the fibroid as it can be quite tricky and I have never had any problems before relating to it (heavy periods or difficulty getting pregnant).

Im now 17 weeks pregnant again and the fibroid is still there and still as large. They have said to me that if you have had the degeneration in previous pregnancies then its almost 100% guaranteed to come back this time. At least I will know what the pain is this time around!

sidorek Tue 07-Jun-11 14:47:21

Hi Bubalie, it is also reassuring for me that there is someone who knows what I am talking about. I am not happy though that this happen to you, but at times it felt as if I was going out of my mindsad when I was trying to explain how painful and degrading it was. The pain was so bad at times, I couldn't pull up my pants after the visit in the toiletsad
I was kept in hospital for almost 3 days and then they realised me with a painkillers. Now I am recovering at home, but I had to cancel almost all arrangements for the next whole week. Even seeing friends is a bit much.
Luckily my husband is looking after me and he is doing brilliant job. Bless him.
The episode made me to rearrange my plans too. We were planning to visit our parents (both live abroad) in July and August. But now there is no chance I am going anywhere, in case it will happen again. Not afraid of lack of hospital care, but I am just not well enough to travel. Trip to a shop across the road is too much! sad So pretty much like you, I feel grounded. My husband even suggested that I should pack emergency pack to take to hospital and I think he is right.
The most pessimistic part is that so far all inconveniences associated with pregnancy (nouzia, food repulsion, aches and pains, tiredness, etc) did not effect me psychologically. The fibroid did it. I felt so depressed all Sundaysad
Oh, mine fibroid kicked off early possibly due to its size. It is a whopping 20cm by 15cm by 18cm. Also that is why I look as if I was almost 8 months, not 4m and 2 weeks. At times I run out of jokes, when people exclaim: you cannot be 20 weeks! And I just want to say: do you want to read my f?}+:g medical notes? Ok rant over.
Bubalie, I guess we need to rest a lot and hope that it will not happen again. And if it does, that we will have enough time to get to the hospital.
Keep posting how are you.

Bubalie Tue 07-Jun-11 15:34:39

Hazbo thanks for posting and I do hope that you sail through this pregnancy and avoid degeneration this time. You are the second person to say that the pain is worse than labour pain, in a way it's good to know as I've put up with this pain for almost 2 days with no painkillers, so at least I know it's going to be very painful!!

Sidorek I know exactly how you feel. It would take me ages to make it out of the bed to the loo, walking really slowly and being in agony just having to move or walk a short distance. My husband has been looking after me too, I don't know what I would have done without him. Luckily he has a week off work this week as he is finishing all the little jobs in the house so it's nice that I am not alone. I only spent a day in hospital, I was begging them not to keep me overnight as I have this strange phobia of hospital (never stayed in hospital) but am petrified of being on my own in hospital, so they let me go and told me to go back if it got worse. We packed a bag early Saturday morning as I thought that I would have to go back as the pain wasn't settling, but after taking another dose of my meds I settled down and managed to get some sleep and rest. But my hospital bag is still packed with everything in just in case. Also, like you I suffered with nausea for almost 18 weeks, and I kind of coped with it, but what happened with this fibroid has properly freaked me out. I've been crying a lot, and am just concerned and want reassurance that my baby is ok and that all this pain and meds are not hurting it sad

My only concern is that they didn't scan me, and although I can feel the baby move and have a little doppler to listen to it's heartbeat I am still worried as to what is going on in there. I have been considering going for a private scan and consultation just to put my mind at rest, so will speak to my husband tonight and see if we can do this (£260 is a lot of money, but I suppose if it's going to help me settle it's all worth it). What do you think, should I go privately. PS. I also can still feel a hard lump on my right hand side, can you feel yours, does it feel hard?

sidorek Tue 07-Jun-11 16:12:42

Bubalie, yes yes yes! The pain goes everywhere, if effected my muscles and every single movement made things worse! Turning from side to side in bed was like a hero task! Ever being driven through the smallest bump in the floor when I was in wheelchair, made me scream! Oh I so recognise what you have written.

I understand your concern about the baby too. Not sure whether you were warned in any way about the pain etc, but I was. I was also reassured that it will be very unlikely that it will affect the baby ( but this assessment was done on my case only: the fibroid is outside the womb). So when the whole thing kicked off, I knew what it was, therefore I was a bit calmer about the baby. But " only just". I cried when I saw him/her on the screen. It is a pity they did not arrange a scan for you, as I am totally convinced that it would calm you down a lot. As much as I cannot advise if you can weight money against your peace of mind, but I know that if it was me, I would go for private scan just to reassure myself.

My hunch is, and it is only a hunch, that maybe they read in your notes where the fibroid is placed, so they assessed that there is no need for another scan as it is not affecting the baby? Maybe you could follow up on that first?

I also feel the hard lump where the fibroid is. It hardens and softens a bit, but all the time I feel numb pain there. I was told this would happen, so as long as I do not feel any more then that, I am fine. Awful feeling though.

hugs, sidorek

Bubalie Tue 07-Jun-11 17:26:20

Sidorek OMG! It is so nice (in a weird way! not that I wish this pain on anyone) to hear that you went through the same. The turning in bed task was my worse nightmare too, I just tried to roll over and most of the time had to wake my husband up to help me turn or get up as I couldn't do it on my own.

I have booked a private scan but they can't get me in until next Monday afternoon, I just need to see that the baby is ok and then I think I will recover more quickly and not worry so much. My notes from my 20 week scan state that the fibroid is 'on the right lateral wall of the uterus well clear of the lower segment' whatever that means confused!

My lump goes hard and soft all the time, and now that the pain has subsided it all feels just bruised, that's the only way I can describe it.

Are you still on your pain medication, as I've managed without Codeine today and only on Paracetamol as I want to stop taking meds as soon as I can.. Your medical team seem to have explained everything properly to you, I wasn't given any explanation to things, the consultant just said it can happen and if I was in pain to come back again. They were very busy on maternity ward last Friday and I kind of felt I shouldn't be taking their time when in the same room I was there were another 3 ladies in labour!! I now wish I was a bit more persistent and got some answers out of them sad

I was also thinking of trying of going back to work maybe on Thursday, do you think this is too soon and i should stay at home all week?

sidorek Tue 07-Jun-11 20:50:54

Yep, sounds very much like we are on the same boatsmile Even the feeling of bruising is familiarsmile And asking your husband for help! Same here!
Happy to hear you booked the appointment. I am sure it will clear lots of your doubts and worries for you.

Do not blame yourself for not being persistent for asking for questions.
Please do not take it as patronising thing to do, but I would advise you to make a list of things you want to know answers to and ask the consultant. And milk it! Ask for example what you have written about the positioning of the fibroid. I asked my consultant to draw me a picture :D

I found it really hard to concentrate on the first day and I just wanted to rest. It was only due the fact that I stayed at the hospital for another 2 days, that I managed to work out what I want to know and then I was just asking them lots lots and lots questions, especially when they were using medical jargon, which I did not understand. I asked for prognosis, precautions (there are not any!), dangers, anything. I asked them to explain anything what I did not understand from my medical chart. And I must say they were just brilliant!

I am still on Codine and occasional Paracetamol. I try to take it only when I feel the familiar stabbing pain, which I am not very good with. I asked uncle google if Codine is harmful in any way to the baby, but it appears that if it is taken in 2nd trimester for a limited time, it is fine.
Oh! Another important thing I was told: the effect of pain on the mother is worse to the baby then effects of Codine! So I guess, I cling to it a bit.

As for the time off: just do not push yourself if you are not ready. I went for a short walk and it exhausted me. So I decided that there is no way that I could go for a day work which I had scheduled this week and I cancelled it. Just weight your own ability to do things in your own pace.

I am so so sorry, if I sound patronizing. I mean more to share my experience and how I dealt with stuff, hoping that it will help to establish what is best for you.

Take it easysmile

Hazbo Tue 07-Jun-11 23:19:30

Hi Bubalie,
In my experience, the Consultants all seem to tell you different things about the fibroids and I think that is because if you google it, you will see that most womens experience is really different. Some can have large fibroids and not hurt at all.
The degeneration is occuring because the baby is getting bigger and cutting off the blood supply to the fibroid.
Do you know if your fibroid is on a stalk? if it is then it moves out of the way as the baby grows.
I can feel a hard lump where my fibroid is and can tell when it has moved but I cant look at my belly and see it from sight. The Drs all can though!
I wasnt scanned when I was admitted either, they just felt my belly and could tell where it was.

The fibroid will not be harming the baby at all. If it was in a position where it could cause danger then you would certainly know about it by now.

Hope you feel better soon. Im off on holiday at the end of the week and have translated all about my fibroid into Spanish incase it starts hurting whilst I am there!

idlevice Wed 08-Jun-11 00:57:52

Looks like we have a fibroid club! I just thought I'd add that on the scans they can sometimes see the degeneration as the fibroid tissue looks different. The tissue can be absorbed back into the body or after a while the dead tissue calcifies & this shows up on the scan too.

I had bleeding in my first pregnancy from weeks 6-16 which could have been due to the fibroid so what with that & then the degeneration my first pregnancy was extremely stressful. Luckily I had given up work. I hardly went anywhere for the whole pregnancy & it really took the joy out of it so I can relate to what you are saying. I just made a point of every now & again deciding not to have any worries & "indulge" in feeling like it was routine pregnancy, looking at baby things, planning, daydreaming! So far with this second pregnancy it is early days & I am just feeling sick & tired all the time so that is my bugbear at the moment.

Hang in there ladies!

Bubalie Wed 08-Jun-11 09:49:45

Morning to all fibroid club members!! smile I have decided not go back to work this week and to take it easy until Monday so that I have had a full week in bed recovering, hoping that will help. My pain on my right hand side got a bit worse last night again especially trying to get into a comfortable position to go to sleep and my lump (fibroid) is feeling really tight and hard today. Can't wait for my scan on Monday to get some reassurance.

Sidorek you are not being patronising at all - I am quite glad that you can give me advice and share your experience as I haven't had any from the hospital, so it is so nice to hear what you've been told and to compare to my case. So whatever you know, please share as much as you can, I would like to hear more about your experience and what they have told you and answers to all your questions. Hope you are having a good day today and not in too much pain smile

Hazbo I have no idea if my fibroid is on a stalk, but will definitely ask on Monday, this is what I find so good with you girls I feel like I'm learning a lot by just talking to you, so I will be prepared to ask the questions when I go to see the consultant. It is also reassuring to hear that you too can feel a lump, as I was beginning to stress about this lump and think what if it isn't a fibroid?! You are so well prepared with your translations, I hope you have a lovely holiday!

Idlevice I hope this pregnancy is much easier for you and that you don't get any degeneration this time around. I sometimes feel so teary just because I think it's one thing after another. I must try and relax a bit more and maybe start looking for all things baby and buy a few bits to make myself feel better!

Usually I am a very panicky and anxious person and thought I would be a nightmare in pregnancy, but so far mentally I've never felt better. All I'm worried about is my baby and that all is ok. It's just these physical symptoms that are getting me down...

sidorek Fri 10-Jun-11 19:02:05

Hi fibroid clubsmile just a short update. I had my 20w scan today (we having a girl!) and I have further revelations. It appears that my predominant source of pain in my right side is nothing more then another fibroidsad so the biggy has got company... plus two smaller ones :S
Does any of you heard if it is possible to have a cesarian and myoctomy at the same time? Honestly I cannot see myself going through the same thing once again...

Bubalie - how are you doing? still in pain?

Bubalie Sat 11-Jun-11 06:37:28

Oh sidorek I am so sorry about your additional fibroids, no wander you were in so much pain! At least you can relax now you had 20 week scan and your baby girl is doing fine. Are you excited? Is this your first baby? No idea whether you can have the both together, my consultant said that these fibroids go back to their pre-pregnancy size after the birth normally. Do you think it would be a good idea to wait and see if they can be removed after the birth?

I am doing fine, have come off the painkillers, still got a hard lump on my right side and some discomfort that feels like bruising, but have been in bed for the whole week, so hoping to go back to work on Monday and maybe try and get up and do some housework today.

Did the scan hurt sidorek as I have my private one on Monday afternoon and am still quite sore on that side and was wandering if it hurts?

idlevice Sat 11-Jun-11 09:00:19

I think they used to do C-Sections & myomectomies at the same time but now prefer not to cos of the risk of bleeding. I was rather unhelpfully told more or less immediately after my son's birth that if I had another pregnancy I should have a caesarean-hysterectomy shock I did also have two other doctors weighing in with other (better) opinions, though why they thought I was remotely interested so soon after having DS & not being able to think about anything apart from looking after him I don't know.

My fibroids went back to their "normal" size after having my son. I breastfed as that helps shrink the uterus normally so I was hoping it would have extra fibroid shrinking power too! I thought they had actually stayed larger cos my tum was quite big a year later so I had a scan to check & no, they hadn't grown - I just had a large tum grin

sidorek Sat 11-Jun-11 09:20:32

The scan was a very good experience indeedsmile This pregnancy is nothing like I imagined it was going to be, surprises at every cornersmile And here was anther one: I though it was a boy, and here we have a girlsmile V. Happy!
All measurements are fine, however we need to repeat the scan, as she showed us only her bottom, so all the measurements for face and hands are still to be done. Oh, that is my second pregnancy, but first baby.
The scan itself did not hurt that much. Not much more then it hurts me usually that it! However, getting the news about the additional fibroids was not what I needed, but I am relieved to know. The question is: how did it happen that those fibroids were missed early??? I guess one answer is that it is somehow hidden at the back, close to my right hip ( now I know why it hurts when I walk!).
I really need to talk to consultant about the options in regards to removing them. Just before I fel pregnant, I was scheduled to have the biggie removed anyway so... But my point is that: I was told that although they should not give me problems during labour, but then I will be left with the prospect of taking time off to have it done anyway. It will be very difficult for us, as we do not have any family around, so I would need to employ someone to look after little missy while I will be recovering, as husband will be at work. If this was done at the same time as cesarian (which I pressume would reduce te risk of fibroids bleeding during birth), the problem of childcare would not be a problem, as my husband already took time off to be with us. But those are just my presumptions and practicalities, I do not know how this would look from medical point of view.

At the moment, I feel pretty much the sameas you: hard lump, discomfort, plus tiredness... Mostly I manage without painkillers, but sometimes I take paracetamol, when pain is too niggly...

It is brilliant you took time off! Nothing is better then this! As for housework - do not worry about that, it can wait!

I am sure you will be fine on Monday, just ask consultant to be gentle over the painful area. Let me know how did it go.

And finally have a good weekend! Jo X

sidorek Sat 11-Jun-11 09:30:26

Idlevice - thank you for that! Yes, you just reminded me of other reason why I am thinking about cesarian-myoctomy: I cannot imagine to have another pregnancy like thatsad I am almost immobilized and housebound, as I cannot walk for longer then 10 min or use public transport or even a car, as every rapid movement causes pain. I am constantly tired as my body provides the feeding field for monster fibroid. And I am constantly hungry, as I cannot eat much at the time, as the fibroid squashed my stomach. I eat a quater of a sandwich at the time, or half banana! Truly, I cannot imagine myself in the future, looking after a toddler and feeling like this!
The good point is that it put my first 3 months into perspective, as I did not feel to well, but it was all manageable.
Ok, "poor little me" rant over. Have a good weekend!

Bubalie Tue 14-Jun-11 07:00:52

Hello all fibroid girls! I had my scan yesterday and all is good with the baby. It was really nice to see it again, although my 20 week scans were only 3 weeks ago! The fibroid is still there, still the same size as it was 3 weeks ago, so it hadn't changed. It is not on a stalk, it's on my right hand side and it is still very hard lump. The private consultant I saw said that he could not believe that they didn't scan me in hospital on Friday as when I explained everything to him and told him that my tummy was going really hard and then easing off he said I had a real chance of going into pre-term labour which has really scared me. He measured my cervix just to be on a safe side and said it was normal. It was so nice to go and see someone who checked things properly and could answer my questions. He asked when my next scan is as they should keep an eye on it and I said no one has even mentioned any extra scans!! He looked surprised. He also said that the fibroid doesn't look like it has degenerated as usually they are enlarged after degeneration and mine was the same size and it had a blood flow going to it...

I asked when I should get it checked again and he said around 28 weeks. So my question is do I go and pay for private scan again then or do I go back to NHS and explain all of this as at the end of the day they need to be aware of all of this as I will ultimately end up in their care and these things should be monitored and in my notes?! What do you all think?

sidorek how are you feeling? Have you gone back to work or still on bed rest. I went back to work yesterday and enjoyed being out of bed, but was knackered last night after a week of bed rest! I think it was shock to my system!!

idlevice Tue 14-Jun-11 10:41:39

Bubalie - glad your scan went well! I would have thought the NHS should be onto this, altho I didn't have extra scans becuase of the degeneration for the remainder of my pregnancy - I had them for planning delivery as one of my fibroids had been near the cervix. It seems a good idea to monitor things. Have you got a report from the scan with the recommendation for a 28wk scan to show your antenatal carers or your GP? Do you know why he particularly recommended 28wks?

Sidorek - I thought of another reason they probably wouldn't do a myo at the time of a caesarean: the uterus will be all distended & the fibroids enlarged so they could end up making larger than necessary incisions which could lead to more scar tissue. Have you discussed having a c-section for this delivery? With fibroids there may a chance they won't be able to do the usual bikini line incision (if fibroids in the way!) so it would be worth checking that cos if you are definitely going to have a myo then you will have cuts into the uterus from that on top of a possible non-routine c-section cut. It all depends on where the cuts are & how deep in the case of the myo, as to whether they would have an impact on future pregnancies. Sorry if you are already onto this & I have gone on loads about it!

I know what you mean about support for recovery as I don't have any near me so I didn't have a myo in between my pregnancies, but luckily I haven't had too many issues with the fibroids when not pregnant. Mine are "only" about 5 or 6cm tho, little tiddlers compared to yours! I liked to think of my DS giving them a good kicking when he was inside!

sidorek Tue 14-Jun-11 11:37:01

Hello Ladiessmile

Bubalie! I can only imagine what a relief it must have been for you to have everything explainedsmile (Not mentioning that baby is all fine, which is great!). In my experience, I know that it does not change the state of things, but put my mind at rest, which is extremely helpful for me for some reason.

As for the lack of degeneration - again we are on the same boat. I forgot to mention last time, that at my scan they did not see any sign of degeneration (fibroid the same size plus there should be some dark areas inside). I just shrugged as I though that after all that pain I would "deserve" some.

I am not so clear on the point of further investigations into the matter from the NHS side. Althogh I feel that it should be monitored, I have not arranged any further meetings with consultants. But I guess, I would need to pursue the matter, as I am concerned about the delivery of the baby and my wellbeing during it. My nightmare is that they will hemoroige and I will die as a result of itsad

As for me myslef, I am at work today and to be honest I would rather go home. A short walt to the tube, then few stops on the train plus again short walk to work, knackerd me completely, plus increased the painsad This happens every time I do something more then fiddling around the housesad

IDLEVICE - I really see your point! They would need to cut me open along the belly button to get out the monster, which would not be ideal.
In the meantime, I was informed that such operation would be risky for anothe reason: there is simply too much blood around the uterus, which increases the risk of bleeding.
I have discussed the matter of delivery with the consultant and he basically see no onsticules for vaginal delivery, but I guess I would need some extra examination further down the line.

BTW. My girl just started to wriggle. Now it is all gentle and lovely, but what am I going to do when she decides to give the biggie the kick? ouch...

Sorry, for the spellling mistakes, have no spell check here.

Bubalie Tue 14-Jun-11 20:17:56

Hello again and thank you for keeping this thread going, it is so nice to talk to people that have gone or are going through the same experience as you.

idlevice I have some notes from the consultant from yesterday, but they are just some measurements of the baby and also my fibroid and cervix measurements. I think he suggested 28 weeks as I said I would possibly get back there to have my checks as NHS hadn't arranged any, so I asked when is the best to come back and he said around 28 weeks for a wellbeing scan. I am due to go to see my GP this or next week for my 24 weeks check and I think I have made up my mind and will tell them that I went private as I needed reassurance and explanations and see what they say..

sidorek I can't believe our experiences are so similar even to the point of 'degeneration' or lack of! Yes my consultant also mentioned dark areas which were not visible. How was the rest of your day at work? I struggled today, felt really tired and just wanted to go back to bed, not sure if this 'heavy' weather is not helping - it has been very warm today! My baby was also very active today, usually I feel the kicks in the morning or at nighttime, but today it was wriggling a lot smile

On a totally different note I ordered some little babygrows, hats and vests from Mamas & Papas when I was on bed rest last week as I was feeling so low (and although I promised myself not to start buying things so early I gave in) and they arrived today. OMG they are so cute and small!! Tiny. Have you all started buying things? smile

Hope everyone have a nice night tonight and plenty of rest xx

sidorek Wed 15-Jun-11 20:31:12

Bubalie, it is most precious thing to hear that there is someone who understands! again, I am not happy, that you are going through this, but it is nice to be understood. Fibroids Anonymous? sort of the thing.

Half way of my working day I decided to go home. I started to be in too much pain. Walked slowly to tube, etc... without too much detail, a route which normally takes he 30min, this time took me ... 1h20min. I crashed to bed and slept the rest of the day.

I guess that yesterday, I sort of resigned. When I am at home, not doing much, I feel ok-ish, which gives me an illusion that I can do things normally. But then for an example I have lunch with a friend. This is enough to bring the pain back, not to mention that I need to sleep that off. So I guess, I will need to succumb and take things really slowly. Quite a shock, as normally I am quite fit, mad about cycling. Humble experience truly.

So I understand the tiredness you describe, as it sounds so familiar...

On the positive note: sounds like a great shopping you did! I also bought some dresses and baby grows. so damm cutesmile I keep looking at them and it make me happysmile

Bubalie - take it easy and lets hope it will end well for ussmile

Bubalie Thu 16-Jun-11 19:49:33

Oh no sidorek I hope you feel better today? You sound like you really suffering, take it easy and have as much rest as you can.. I'm assuming you didn't go to work today?

I managed to go to work every day this week so far, although I must say I am exhausted today. I went to hairdressers after work as I was desperate for a haircut and came back home knackered, my husband cooked me a dinner and sent me off to bed. I was almost falling asleep in shower. If I'm like this at 24 weeks, I'm dreading to think what's going to happen in a few weeks time..

I have my 24 weeks GP appointment tomorrow and have decided to kick a little fuss about the whole fibroid/hospital experience. I will make sure to let them know that I went private for reassurance.

I too hope that all this will end well for us sidorek! Hope you are feeling better today, take it easy x

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