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exscma in pregnancy

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myhouseWILLbecleanthisyear Mon 06-Jun-11 22:38:20

Yes I know the first word may be spelt wrong, but I havent the foggiest how to spell it. hmm

Anyway, I develop Excsma in my fingers every so often. Usually I get some cream and it clears up after 2 or 3 days and mostly stays away for weeks and even months. However these decent creams are not recommended during pregnancy and as Im 25 weeks pregnant I am very reluctant to use them (not that I would be able to buy any anyway) so what do i do?

Ive got some E45 cream, but it is not helping in anyway. Does anyone else have any skin problems that they are having to live with as they cant use the treatments due to being pregnant? What do you do?

I know I could ask my Dr, but I dont want to make an appointment if I can help it and Im not at the midwife for 4 more weeks. The itchyness is killing me. Its not like I can avoid washing them as its on my hands. aghhhhh.

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

2BlackCats Mon 06-Jun-11 23:04:58

I have never had eczema before, but have suffered this time - I have had to stop using any facial washes and switched to just Dove bar soap, I switched from Oil of Olay hypoallergenic to E45, Double Base cream, Aloe vera moisturiser and none worked, however my saviour has been the Aveeno cream which has worked for me - worth trying if nothing else helps, available in Boots. If I don't use this it starts to reappear.

kri5ty Tue 07-Jun-11 07:46:58

Not much help here... but im in the same, ihave sufferd with it on and off for year, quite badly on my scalp, only a few weeks ago i commented on how it was gone.... no such luck, i woke up today and its back!

Rootatoot Tue 07-Jun-11 08:18:13

I suffered with eczema as a child/young adult quite badly and still have flair ups if in contact with too many cleaning products or I get my hands wet too much (just got a dishwasher so not a prob now - hooray!) I would hugely recommend you use Sudocrem. You'll need some anyway for baby and it's just such good stuff. I have always used it as I don't like using the steroid creams unless I have to and you can't use them for long anyway.

I would say however to chat to your doctor about it too. I asked mine about what I could do with insect bites this summer as I'm allergic and usually get one or two bad ones. She said I could use antihistamine cream (HC45 etc) safely just not to take tablets.

Hope clears up soon.

KateeHasABunInHerOven Tue 07-Jun-11 09:01:57

I would second asking your doctor. Touch-wood this hasn't been a problem for me so far, but I have had eczema on my hands and feet for a couple of years now, especially when its hot. Doc said at first appointment that I could use the dermovate very sparingly for a few a days, so it may be that you can still use your cream safely in pregnancy - just check first! Its the steroids that are the issue, but if you only need a little bit you might be ok. Good luck! Trying to stay well moisturised may help a bit too, my hands were always at their worst when very dry.

myhouseWILLbecleanthisyear Tue 07-Jun-11 11:16:05

Thansk for the advice. I was trying to avoid a doctors appointment so will try the sudocrem first. Im forever moisturising my hands anyway as i cant bear to have dry skin. Just wish it was somewhere else that i could keep dry for a while, but no it has to be the hands, its not like I can never wash my hands grrrrr.

Rootatoot Tue 07-Jun-11 13:38:01

Well, yeah it's a pain on hands but make sure that you use rubber gloves for washing up and put cream on before you put gloves on, that helps. You could always just ring gp to ask about hc45 cream and other cortisones?

buttonmoon78 Tue 07-Jun-11 13:40:02

Aveeno is good, but doublebase works better for me.

Go and see your doctor. Many hydrocortisone creams are fine to use in pg, but are only available on px.

buttonmoon78 Tue 07-Jun-11 13:41:16

If you're going to use rubber gloves, try to get the ones without a flock lining. There used to be a brand called Satin Touch but I can't find them anywhere now and I really suffer with flock linings!

scepticalexpat Tue 07-Jun-11 15:47:30

Basic hydrocortisone cream, like HC45, which you can get without a prescription, is perfectly safe to use in pregnancy - I asked my doctor because I have the same problem. (Can't remember the number, but is it either 1% or 2% that you can get in chemists without a prescription.) Agree the hands are an annoying site for eczema - mine cleared up after about 3 years there!

sunface Tue 07-Jun-11 15:55:22

reassuring that i'm not the only one! i have it really bad on my index finger and my little finger on only one hand though! Very odd. it's definately contact eczema but i can't work out what makes it flare up.

i've been using Epiderm to wash with - leaves you with a yucky greasy film. I also have to use gloves to do the washing up. The ones i got are satin touch, not sure of the brand but there's a picture of a little bee on the front?!

TimeWasting Tue 07-Jun-11 16:02:16

Some doctors won't prescribe anything. For instance there are some anti-histamines that are ok when pg, but doc will only prescribe if very necessary. Same with steroidal creams.
One doc told me to use sudacrem on infected eczema. when that did sod all I went back and the other doc gave me my usual Fucibet. I'm using as much as I would have done if not pg though, just taking the edge off really now and then.

If your eczema is not angry and red then moisturising it should be ok though.
Aveeno is the only thing that helps me. You can pick it up at chemists etc. but GPs can prescribe it so take advantage of free prescriptions.

laracroft2001 Thu 09-Jun-11 08:07:07


I have suffered from exzema for all my life and since i have been PG it has got worse. I usually use sunbeds and antihistamines to control it, but sadly both are out sad

I know it affects everyone differently, and different things work for different people, but heres some of my top tips for dealing with it...

1. Diprobase (an ointment you can get without prescription) is amazing. its a bit greasy but a good way to use it is to put a thick layer on the affected area, bandage over it with thin crepe bandages, and over night you will see a difference

2. keep cool, especially at night, as often sweat can irritate

3. keep your house as dust free as possible as thats a common irritant. I have to get the OH to do most of the dusting and hoovering as its such an irritant

4.. use non rubber, non latex sensitive gloves for dish washing or cleaning. you can get them in Asda

5. when its itchy (and its sooooooooooo hard not to itch) keep the area cool with an ice pack, frozen peas, or a cold can of juice. you can often 'freeze' the itch

6. dead seat salts are amazing. use a whole pack in a shallow bath and bathe the affected area for 20 mins. a concentrated salt bath really works wonders. similarly if you are on holiday swim in the sea as its great for the skin

7. My doctor told me benadryn is the best anti-hist to use in PG if you really need one.

8. Epiderm, Aveeno, Astral cream and Palmers body butter are all moisturizers which work great for me

9. watch your dairy and sugar intake as thats a common irritant of many exzema sufferers. i often find just cutting my dairy intake by half has a massive impact

hopefully some of the above works for some one!!

laracroft2001 Thu 09-Jun-11 08:08:26

also Lancome Genefique Nutrics cream is a wonder. it is actually a face cream for extremely dry skin, but a little bit on an affected area can transform dry red scaly skin

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