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37 weeks and worried that growth has slowed down

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smellyeli Mon 06-Jun-11 21:06:45

I am so hormonal and emotional!!
Come and calm me down.

Third baby. Other two both induced at 42 weeks. One 9 pounder, one 7lb 7oz.

At 32 weeks - 'oh, your second baby was small for dates' (according to new charts, grrrr) - two growth scans since then. One at 35 weeks - transverse lie but big baby (90th centile). Scan today - head down (woo hoo!) but 50th centile for growth.

So twice weekly monitoring and another scan next week, possible early induction. All fine.

The problem is - I am suddenly petrified about it all, which is unusual for me - I don't even want to write what I am scared of as it looks so awful written down and I don't want to upset anyone who is at the same stage as me, but - most babies are fine aren't they????

Lisatheonewhoeatsdrytoast Mon 06-Jun-11 21:11:26

aww don't worry seriously, they are doing good by you with the scans and what not, my DS was born at 37+5 and was only 4lb 10oz because of my pre-eclampsia, and he was absolutely fine, came home with me after 4 days in hospital, and is now 2.5 and a big heffer of a boy, so nothing to worry about. Anyway they are not always right with these things, i was big for dates apparently and still had a little one, they were shocked.

Not long to go now, I'm sure you'll be fine smile

LAbaby Mon 06-Jun-11 21:11:31

I can't reassure you as I'm a first time mum, but I'm equally scared!
I am having a growth scan on Friday - 36 weeks - as my stomach is only measuring 31 cm and should be 36. This is the first time anyone has mentioned anything about my bump being small and it was a real shock. The baby has been moving loads, and I have had all the tests and been told everything is fine all the way through. I can't understand why no-one mentioned this before.
Crossing my fingers for us both!

smellyeli Mon 06-Jun-11 21:41:17

Thank you - I know I am being over-anxious, but it's so close now that I feel I have to get my quota of worrying in having buried my head in the sand for 8 months!

Maybe I just need some sleep.....

Goof luck LAbaby - I'm sure it will be fine, it;s just annoying when things come out of the blue isn;t it!

yummymummyto6 Mon 06-Jun-11 22:13:38

Im 37 weeks and measuring 33cms, I am having a growth scan tomorrow and im worried too. The last few times iv been to my ante natal apps iv been measured by a student midwife who said I was 33 cms just over 2 weeks ago. Last friday I saw my usual midwife n she measured me the same so now im not sure what to think, could the student midwife have measured me wrong which I doubt cos she must be near the end of her training or has my baby not grown at all :-(

yummymummyto6 Mon 06-Jun-11 22:15:57

And good luck to both of u, im sure ul both be fine xx

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