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Strange twanging sensation by my belly button - clues anyone?

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lovemysleep Mon 06-Jun-11 19:12:16

I'm 22 weeks pg, and occasionally get this weird, twanging sensation to one side of my belly button - about an inch away. It seems to happen when I move in a certain way.
I can't feel anything there with my fingers, and am trying to avoid a trip to the docs - but was wondering if anyone had any ideas? Is this a hernia? Or is it muscles that are misbehaving?
I can't acurrately describe the sensation really - it's very sharp, not painful, but makes me yelp a bit, as it's pretty strange and like nothing I've had before.....

aethelfleda Mon 06-Jun-11 19:52:31

sounds like your little one will need double bass lessons when they get out....


It's probably your midline tummy muscles slowly widening- totally normal, basically your "six pack" muscle parts in the middle as you get more pregnant, to give you extra space for your womb to stick out without it being uncomfortable. It takes a while to shift back into position afterwards, which is why you're not meant to do tummy crunches/sit-up type exercises til 6 weeks after having baby.

lovemysleep Mon 06-Jun-11 20:44:35

thank-you! Didn't suffer with this when pg with DD, so it has been a bit just relieved it isn't something like a hernia.

So, I can add this to the list, aswell as piles, backache, hipache, heartburn! love being pg really - small price to pay.......

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