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Anyone had a successful VBA2C?

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jenjins Mon 06-Jun-11 18:31:58

I was induced at 42 with my first in 2003 who was even distressed with one dose of Prostin and by the time we had got to the following day and the Syntocinon he had severe fetal distress and i had a crash section. Then PPH, wound infection and PND until he was 2.

Second baby in 2006 i had two sweeps in order to go into labour spontaneously and avoid induction. Second sweep worked and my waters broke and labour started straight away but her head was high and after 52 hours of contractions i only got to 2cm and opted for another section as i wasnt going to risk the hyperstimulation to my uterus again with the syntocinon. This section was obviously not as frantic as the previous and i recovered much quicker, no PND, breast fed straight away and all was good. My babys head did engage the first time.

I am now 11 weeks pregnant and want to try again and i was wondering if anyone had any luck in achieving a VBA2C. I will try to do all to make sure the head engages but this time it might be different. Consultant is fine for me to try but says most dont really bother putting themselves through it again as the success rates are low and they prefer to just book in for a section again. Not to mention the possible tearing and haemorrhoids etc. My due date is 28th December and done want to be sectioned the week before Christmas and really want to try again. Afterall it was me who said stop, its not happening in my last birth and asked for a section.

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