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bit embarassing chaffing and rubbing underneath breasts....

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sunface Mon 06-Jun-11 16:42:39

i'm 23weeks this week and have very large boobies (34JJ at the moment and hoping they won't get any bigger!). for the last few weeks the area underneath my breasts has been really sore and my bras have been rubbing and chaffing the skin there. Its right at that crease where my bump stops and the breasts begin if that makes sense.... does anyone have any recommendations to stop this or to help sooth the skin in that area? other than going bra-less which ain't an option with the size of em!

VioletV Mon 06-Jun-11 16:44:22

Lanacaine cream is good for this.

sunface Mon 06-Jun-11 16:48:55

ooo thanks violet will def try it, it's just sooo uncomfortable when they are this large sad

rooks14 Mon 06-Jun-11 17:20:56

I bloody hate my boobs! (Well at the moment anyway!)
Am usually a 34G, went up to a 40GG at about 20 weeks and got measured today as a 40HH at 32 weeks. (Ribs have expanded MASSIVELY, not just weight gain).

I've found that spraying deoderant (the anti-persprint 'Sure' that I put under my arms) stops them sweating and therefore rubbing! Not sure how safe it is, but I guess if i'm not breastfeeding its only the skin, not anywhere near my nipples!

When I went to M&S at 20 weeks I got told to stop wearing my underwired bra and they fitted me with a maternity bra with breastfeeding cup things. Felt weird at first not wearing wire! But I know you're not supposed to so I got used to it. After i'd washed them once the they really slacked and made me feel so saggy and gross. They didn't really 'lift and seperate' as my mum said and felt more like a crop top. When I went back today, I told them the issue and they said as long as I don't need breastfeeding cups, then a normal non-wired is fine. Am now wearing one that feels amazing! It's got thicker straps than before and three clips on the back. Really pulls them up off my chest and has so far minimized rubbing!

Wearing no bra would worsen the problem in my opinion anyway, I usually wear a bra to bed because my boobs are so heavy on my chest.

After all that :D As a fellow big boobed girl, I recomend after using savlon to heal any broken skin. deoderant daily to stop sweating and therefore rubbing (you may not even realise you're sweating) and a good fitting bra! If you find the maternity ones aren't supportive enough, then you'll have to sacrifice the breastfeeding cups for a normal bra for now, just to keep them high up!

sunface Mon 06-Jun-11 17:33:22

hurrah!!! Thanks so much rooks! you sound just like me in terms of the massive and heavy aspect! That's a great tip about the deoderant i'm going to def try that as that area is sweaty during the day, gross as that sounds and i have to keep nipping to the loo at work to loosen off my bra to get relief! i'll give the non wired non maternity bra a go too, my concern with that is just as you said, not being supportive enough as mine are soooo heavy at the moment too sad Thanks again rooks!

rooks14 Mon 06-Jun-11 17:53:17

No problem :D I hate people who say "oh i wish i had bigger boobs!" they're a curse sometimes! haha x

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