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Need advice re: bras

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Scheherezadea Mon 06-Jun-11 12:44:34

When did you go up a bra size/go out and buy new bras when pregnant?

I am defiantely bigger in bust, and am 21+5. Is it worth buying new bras now, will I get bigger? Should I get bursing bras? I am very very poor, and can't afford to keep restocking my bra-wardrobe!

Scheherezadea Mon 06-Jun-11 12:47:00

*nursing bras!

nannyl Mon 06-Jun-11 13:14:59

i went into maternity bras at 8 weeks. (by then id gone from 34C to 38E shock) and i just couldnt even get my old bras on.

Now im 26 weeks i feel these bras are getting a bit small and probably need a different size. I think i'll get nursing ones this time, as im hopeful not to get much bigger, although i might (my mum is a 36 G and her boobs never shrunk after feeding me and my sister) and both my grandmothers have remained massive too!

Scheherezadea Mon 06-Jun-11 13:42:17

Oh wow - thats quite a jump!

I tried to get measured at 18 weeks, but the woman was useless - I am normally a 34B-some bras a C. She measured me as 36C, said I didn't 'look' like a 36, I fitted a 34B in one bra, a 36C in another, and a 32D in the last one! Got very confused and just bought one bra that I knew fitted.

But none of my 34B bras are even close to fitting, and my 34C are small too. Confused!

cookie9 Mon 06-Jun-11 14:41:47

Went to m and s to be measured. Went from 32b to 34d as the c was a snug fit and was told needed some growing room. Currently 17 weeks and was told to go back later as will probably to up two more cup sizes. Get someone to measure you who is used to pregnant women.

Sillyness Mon 06-Jun-11 15:10:17

'Get someone to measure you who is used to pregnant women.'
Love it!

'Are you used to measuring pregnant women? No? GET OUT YOU USELESS COW!!!'


nunnie Mon 06-Jun-11 15:12:45

I didn't change at all during my pregnancies, I went from and A cup to an A cup, sadly.

JeewizzJen Mon 06-Jun-11 16:18:15

I got measured at around 15 weeks and I'd gone up a couple of cup sizes. Since then (I'm now 36 weeks) my cup size hasn't changed, but my rib cage has expanded considerably since I got bigger. My solution has been to get some bra extenders off ebay for about 3 quid - absolute godsend as I've not had to shell out for any more bras! (until my milk comes in.... grinS!!)

KatyN Mon 06-Jun-11 16:22:35

I got measured last week as I was in a fair bit of pain at the end of the day. The fit rules for pregnancy rules are slightly different.. you should buy on the tightest hooks at the back so you have a bit of space to grow into and there should be a fist space in each cup for you to grow into.
I went to Bravissimo and had an amazing woman advising me. Don't hold with M+S.. partly they don't sell my bra size but also I don't trust that they measure with a tape measure and then when the bra doesn't fit they look at you like a deviant!

If you do buy more.. only buy one or two.. you can always wash then over night and normally they dry by the morning (i'm also a handwasher of bras because they are so freakin' expensive)


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