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foetus implanted low in the uterus

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tummytickler Mon 06-Jun-11 11:54:24

I am 7 weeks pregnant today, after having had a few miscarriages over the last 18 months. It is dc 5, so you would think I would be calm!
I have been bleeding for the last 8 days, mostly brown, with a bit of red, and a few gushes. One evening I thought it was all over, but it stopped suddenly!
So I had a scan at the EPU, they were very nice, and at 6+4 they could see the sack, foetal pole and heartbeat, so that was good!
However, the foetus was low down in the uterus, with a large pool of blood in front of it. So either it is on its way out, or implanted low in the uterus.
Bleeding has eased off, and I am feeling so sick, so I am optimistic so far, about it still being where it should be!
I guess I just wanted to find out if anybody had similar, with bleeding, or low implantation, or both, and if so, what happened? I am being rescanned on Thursday,so will find out more then.

moregranny Mon 06-Jun-11 16:03:02

My daughter had a seperate sac of blood when she was 7 weeks, spotting, large gush of blood, continuous spotting etc, but it was eventually re-absorbed, she is now 39 1/2 weeks, hope it all goes ok for you, x

PoppysMom Tue 07-Jun-11 05:58:25

I have no experience, but surely a heartbeat is a good sign?
Keeping my fingers crossed for a sticky bean x

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