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l know lm worrying but it hurts - pulled stomach mussle?

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Dummyhunter Mon 06-Jun-11 07:39:21

Ok so l know lm worrying but my history is not good. lm unbelievably lucky enough to have one DC, but have had several mc (all at different stages for different reasons), am 37 and am 10wks today.

l have been told to take it easy but on Sat pm picked up DC and felt a sharp stab in the tummy (low and central) this continued whenever l stood up. DH insisted l stop panicing and phone the Drs they then said that l had probably pulled a mussle. l know that this is prob right but lm in quite a dark place right now l desperately want this pregnancy to work out and all l keep doing is going to the loo and looking for blood. The sharp pains have changed to a constant dull throb. BTW still had sickness in the evening last night and boobs are still sore.

Has anyone else pulled mussles, was it all ok?

Dummyhunter Mon 06-Jun-11 08:33:08

just been to the loo - losing blood now - trying to ring mw sad

nicolamumof3 Mon 06-Jun-11 09:00:14

im so sorry, hope all is ok. I too pulled a muscle and it was extremely painful I believe i now have a hernia as still have a large lump protuding just above my belly button. Unfortunately with other dc it is near on impossible to avoid lifting, carrying etc so is very hard.

Thinking of you x

Dummyhunter Mon 06-Jun-11 15:28:04

Thank you nicolamumof3 - managed to talk to mw who has booked me an EPU scan on Thursday - very worried but trying to focus on DC to take mind off it all.

nicolamumof3 Mon 06-Jun-11 15:29:54

Thursday, I would have thought they'd see you sooner than that? how is the bleeding now?

Dummyhunter Mon 06-Jun-11 15:33:33

Bleeding is light at the mo so they wanted to wait a few days to give them a clearer picture - not ideal but understandable. l live in a rural area and they are snowed under so l was lucky they would see me in under a week.

Dummyhunter Fri 10-Jun-11 07:20:13

Hi - been scanned - baby doing fine - small bleed but they are quite happy with me - so much so that they have cancelled my 12 week scan which is due in 10 days smile

silverangel Fri 10-Jun-11 07:27:43

Great news!

Dummyhunter Fri 10-Jun-11 07:33:37

Thank you silverangel - there was quite a few tears of relief yesterday x

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