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Anxiety has kicked in, can't sleep...

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chocywokky Mon 06-Jun-11 02:59:05

Tested positive yesterday at 14dpo on clearblue digi, worried that it could be a false positive took test apart and faint 2nd line on only one stick! Will get another test in the morning however dh keeps reminding me that no af is a good sign.

I am 40, had mmc between dc1 and dc2 so understand fully the risks, however feeling concerned I have had little symptoms! No metallic taste in mouth like before! Just feel little twinges of cramping, bit gassy and since about 7dpo have been super stuffed up with occasional runny nose and sneezing fits! Guess that is not helping me sleep! Not sure if I can take anything fir the congestion? Anyone know?

I know I need to relax, what will be will be but how to do that? My dc are 5 and 2.5 so keep me busy but mind is on overdrive! Any tips or words of wisdom appreciated!


thumbwitch Mon 06-Jun-11 03:59:57

Get a good book and read yourself to sleep.

There is nothing you can do re. the pg test - except do another one in the morning.

Re. the stuffy nose, have you any Olbas or Eucalyptus oil? preferably the former? Or if you're concerned, do a steam inhalation. That will help.

Then go to bed and read yourself to sleep with aforementioned good book.


chocywokky Mon 06-Jun-11 06:05:12

Thanks good ideas!

Boogiemumma Mon 06-Jun-11 08:32:22

Hi chocywoky not much to say but wanted send you hugs and wish you the best. Mmc is awful I had one last year and makes any subsequent pg an anxcious time. Do try and relax and think positively. A good book def helps take mind away from obsessively thinking. Hope all works out x

chocywokky Mon 06-Jun-11 17:26:32

thanks boogie yes need to get back into the chic lit! smile

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