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18 weeks today - 2nd pregnancy

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dana4nyc Sun 05-Jun-11 19:40:11

Hi all,

As the title says, I am 18 weeks today with my second pregnancy. I have yet to feel any real movement, no kicks or anything like that. I have had 2 scans on the NHS and one private gender scan with the last one being at 15 + 6. All has been weel, but I have a niggling feeling that something may be wrong since I have always been told that you feel the baby much sooner the second time around.

When pregnant with my first DC I had an anterior placenta so I didn't feel DD move until around 22 weeks. When I had my nuchal scan the MW said that my placenta was fundal this time, so that is adding to my worry.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and all turned out fine?

Any advice appreciated!

bluefootedpenguin Mon 06-Jun-11 09:23:45

I didn't feel my second baby move for ages compared to very early with my first. All was fine with both. Try not to worry, if its really causing you concern, book in with your MW to listen to the heartbeat.x

Katiebeau Mon 06-Jun-11 11:09:25

I'm 19 weeks today with second baby and I think I've had a couple of moments of light kicks (flutters) in the past couple of days. I didn't feel DD until well past 20 weeks. Baby was very active on the scan last week and I couldn't feel anything. I agree with bluefoot, see the MW for a HB to stop you becoming stressed. Good luck.

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