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arhh 20 week scan tomorrow!!!!

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Newmom2b Sun 05-Jun-11 10:38:14

Scared, excited and nervous..... arhhhh
That is all.... x

DialMforMummy Sun 05-Jun-11 10:42:19

I remember that day too. Felt exactly like you! Are you going to find out the sex?

Jill72 Sun 05-Jun-11 10:46:27

Me too - 9.30 Kendal. Feeling the same!!

Newmom2b Sun 05-Jun-11 10:47:02

Yeah, hopefully we'd love to find out. Main thing is that the baby is healthy and everything is ok! Ahh don't think I'll sleep tonight!

Newmom2b Sun 05-Jun-11 10:48:16

Good luck jill72... are you finding out the sex?

HLSalter Sun 05-Jun-11 11:01:52

Good luck everyone! The day I found out was so exciting. Iof you are wanting to find out the sex I would recommend drinking an ice cold can of coke just before. This is what I did because it made baby wriggle and the sonographer said the fact he was so wriggly made it a lot easier to determine the sex.

Jill72 Sun 05-Jun-11 11:38:20

I snuck of a few weeks ago to Baby bond...........girl!! Hope they confirm this tomorrow as I have been buying the 'odd' girly thing!!!

CrazyAlien06 Sun 05-Jun-11 18:28:57

awww i felt exactly the same! good luck :D We didn't find out the sex but was very tempting whilst the scan was happening lol

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