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Please tell me about labour third time round

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Hormoneoverload Sun 05-Jun-11 09:01:07

37 weeks now and getting head round the next bit! Had straightforward deliveries with dc 1&2 -ds (no 2) was ten minute second stage. Bit nervous that things might be fast this time. Is that likely? Or does it bear no relation to previous times. And what signs might I have? Had groin pain and lower back ache yesterday, but have been having busy days with little rest too. How did it go for you? Any experience received gratefully.

NatzCNL Sun 05-Jun-11 09:18:51

Am in the same boat - although at 24 weeks with number 3. DD1 total labour and birth time was 8 hours 5 mins, DD2 total labour & birth time was 1 hour 48 mins. I asked my midwife what the chances of this one being even quicker was (as really dont want to give birth in the car and was deciding if it was worth just having a home delivery). She said usually the 2nd is half the time of the first, but the third can go either way. However if you have had quick labours and births in the past, it is likely that the third will follow suit. She said she doesn't expect it to be as quick as DD2, but a similar time...
Sorry, not much help at all! Just wanted to see if any third time mummies could back up this info from the midwife.
Good luck Hormoneoverload - hope you have another straight forward and quick deliery. 10 mins is very impressive...!!!! smile

Hormoneoverload Sun 05-Jun-11 09:47:57

Thanks for that, natz. I'd heard that third time can go either way. I'd love it if it went like last time-seven hours of contractions, but three hours of the kind that gave us time to get things sorted. Just not a lot of pushing-big improvement on two hours first time. But we'll take what comes. Realised this morning that we spent so long discussing the baby's position and what would happen if it was breech, that once we'd had head down confirmed by scan, I realised I didn't know who to call if I was in labour! Third time I feel less knowledgeable and less prepared than first time!

Hormoneoverload Sun 05-Jun-11 09:49:39

By the way natz, I had home birth for number two, and whilst I don't think you can really recommend because it's so personal, it was great for us.

xkatyx Sun 05-Jun-11 09:57:57

My 3rd baby was alot quicker she flew out lol

Very easy and straight forward
Good luck ladies

msbuggywinkle Sun 05-Jun-11 10:46:35

I'm watching! My 3rd is due In December, 1st birth was 7hrs, 2nd just 4 (and she was brow presentation).

Totally identify with feeling less prepared this time round, no idea why though!

Coppernoddle Sun 05-Jun-11 12:23:13

My sisters first was 20hours, her second was 3 1/2, and her third was 3 1/2! Im on my third but unfortunately it will be c section which is a whole new ball game to me! My first wad 18 hours and my second was 3 1/2, which I had a home birth with my second, and to be honest, loved every minute of it! You can relax, have a bath, chat, and you have the midwives all to yourself!

voodoomunkee Sun 05-Jun-11 12:25:47

OOO watching too. Due Nov and have a big gap between the dc's and the bump so not entirely sure I can go on previous pg's. DS totalled about 36 hrs, dd way less but can't really remember! Quick labour would be lovely this time around!

harassedinherpants Sun 05-Jun-11 13:00:54

My third, with big age gap, was very quick and simple compared to first two. My mw told me it would be really good birth as your body knows what its got to do. Now prg with no. 4 and wondering what this one will be like!

Fresh01 Sun 05-Jun-11 20:45:28

My no. 3 arrived a week early for no reason apart from I went to bed for an early night - waters broke at 11.45pm contractions started 12.30am as we got to hospital and he was born at 4.03am. I went from 6cm to 10cm in 4minutes! Midwife had just done an internal as either the belt had slipped or his heartrate dropped and wanted to put a probe on his head. By the time she got probe and sat down again I was at 10cm and ready to push.

Only warning of impending labour was me putting extra salt on my dinner and then not wanting to eat my dinner, two things I would never normally do. DH asked at the time was I planning on labour that night and I said no as I was too tired.

No. 1 was 1 day over due date with 9 hours of regular contractions, 6 hours before that of minor twinges. No. 2 was 4 days over due date with a 4 hour labour.

Currently expecting no.4 and have promised myself lots of early nights in the last 2 weeks as no.3 was the hardest labour physically as I was so tired going into it.

Hormoneoverload Mon 06-Jun-11 07:37:58

Thanks everyone, interesting reading everyonE's stories. It does allay my fears of super fast labours-ie no warning then push! Last time things really got going the minute dd got into the car with gp's. So although I'm prepared, in my head I'm going to trust my body that things will happen. At a sensible point. But assume that all contractions mean business and get dc sorted at that point! Mind you, I'll prob be posting a giving birth in the car park of sainsbury's birth story in a couple of weeks!!

petitdonkey Mon 06-Jun-11 07:57:20

1st - hospital with mobile epidural, 4 hours established labour (10 hours from waters breaking but I had several hours after that with no contractions)

2nd - homebirth, 2.5 hours from first twinge - midwife arrived at 11:30pm, baby born at 1:20

3rd - homebirth, 6 hours from waters breaking which was the beginning of mild contractions. Midwife arrived at 1:30am, baby born just after 5am.

My second was by far my easiest, I would go so far as to say that I enjoyed every minute - third was a little harder but by no means difficult. I panicked a little (maybe transition?) and I really felt that she had to get over a hurdle to get into the birth canal but was pushing for less than 10mins.

Actually, most of my friends had a slightly longer birth third time around, no carpark stories!!! Good luck - I loved birthing and am a bit sad that I don't get to do it all again.... Actually having a third though, that's a different thread wink

spiggy Mon 06-Jun-11 08:07:48

had #3 just over 2 weeks ago. DC1 was 36 hrs of labour and ventouse delivery. DC2 was an unplanned hb as I went from eating my dinner to holding a baby inside 20mins shock. labour officially estimated at 2hrs 40 but I only thought I was in labour when my waters went as the contractions were far apart and mild. With DC3 we planned hb as mw warned it may be another fast one. Woke at 5 feeling very uncomfortable, rang mw at 9:30, baby born at 12:30 so I actually ended up with more time. the main difference for me was a lot more braxton hicks in the weeks leading up to the birth so I was permanently going "is this it"
If you are worried about a vey quick birth then I found this useful to reassure me and DP that we knew what to do with some problems we might have encountered.

Good luck!

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