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Positive test. What's next?

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FirstpregnancyAndClueless Sun 05-Jun-11 08:06:35

Hi, this looks like a great forum and I'm very happy to finally be eligible to join. I'm new to all this (pregnancy and mumsnet) so please forgive me if I sound stupid about being pregnant or do something against the etiquette if the forum.

I am between 4 and 6 weeks pregnant and took a pregnancy test three days ago following a late period and tummy cramps.

I have had slight nausea but nothing I am too worried about.

My main worries at the moment are:

* what is the next step? Is it seeing the Gp? How urgent an appointment do I need to book?

* Is it ok to tell people or is it too early? is chance of miscarriage at this stage really one in three? (we have told immediate family)

* when do I officially tell work?

* can I take loratadine? My hayfever is really bad all of a sudden (time of year not pregnancy related I'm sure)

While everyone who knows is very excited I dont think it's sunk in with me yet. I thought I'd be more nervous. Maybe it's knowing the one in three fact?

needsanswers Sun 05-Jun-11 08:20:14

hi there congratulations on ur pregnancy!!!
slight nausea if you are one of the unlucky ones sorry to say but it most likely is going to get a little worse, they say the worst of it is over the 8week mark.
I live in new zealand so our rules etc maybe a little diff about yours. the next step would be going to the G.p they will be able to give you advise and info about finding the right midwife for you.. i wouldnt go as far as saying its urgent but do make and appointment within the next week or two at the most.
As far as telling people everyone is different and you need to do that when you are ready, i was unlucky enough to have 2 miscarriges before my daughter (who is now 3, and told people straight away. i hated having to explain to everyone that i had lost the baby, so now being 12week preg with my 2nd child hardly anyone knows, i was going to announce it the day i turned 12weeks but unfortunatley my scan results have come back saying there might be something wrong with my wee baby..anyway back to the point as far as your hayfever meds you will have to ask ur G.p they will no what ingredients is in it etc. and i would prob wait till u have seen a G.p before telling work but then again that is up to you also..
I think once it all sets in and you see your scan etc you will be very excited, in about 8months you will meet ur wee angel and it will be one of the best moments in your life, you have so much to look foward to from here, from feeling your baby kick for the 1st time to seeing your baby smile when mummy walks in the room! Congrats again and i wish u all the best

seaweedhead Sun 05-Jun-11 08:21:47


I'd make an appointment for when you're between 8 and 10 weeks. Some surgeries like you to see the GP first but often you can just go straight to booking in with the midwife. Obviously if there are any health issues that might affect your pregnancy see your GP now.

You can tell people if you want to- its personal choice really. There is a higher chance of miscarriage in the first trimester. I personally think its a good idea to tell a few close friends/family as if you do miscarry you'll probably want some emotional support; but wouldn't go telling absolutely everybody.

Tell work when you're good and ready- you have no obligations apart from giving them advance notice of your maternity leave. If pregnancy side effects are affecting you're performance you might want to confide in your boss the reasons why but you don't have to.

Most medicines will say whether they're safe to take in pregnancy- or you could ask the pharmacist. I think there is one anti-histamine that's safe but can't remember which one.

silverangel Sun 05-Jun-11 08:26:30


Next step is to see your gp, not urgent but if you are in a busy area sooner rather than later so you are in the system and you get your 12 weeks scan in time if you are in area that offers nt scan. Don't expext much from the gp appt - they won't do much! You will then have a booking in appt with the midwives.

Its up to you if you tell people - first time I told family and friends at about 8 weeks and went on to have a mmc. This time around told my immediate boss and my mum and step dad only until we got to 12 weeks, told work as I wasn't feeling great and was paranoid about doing too much after mc and parents as if it went wrong again I would want their support. I'm not sure of the stat for mc but 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 doesn't seem unlikely.

Re telling work - I think it depends what you do, will you have to limit any of your duties? Also, if you feel a bit rough it might help if they know.

I asked my consultant about hayfever meds as the official line in the pharmacy is not to take anything and he said I could take what I usually do - Lortadine and beconase, but I was out of the first 12 weeks when it kicked in this year and not sure if that makes a difference or not so may be best to check first.

Congratulations again, try to relax and enjoy it! If you are anxious you could go for a private scan - I did at 8 weeks, only cost £50 and I couldn't have waited until 12 weeks!

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