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codeine in pregnancy

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sidorek Sat 04-Jun-11 21:48:01

Hi, I am 19w and as I have a degenerating fibroid, I was prescribed Codeine to cope with the pain. It did help!!! The other option was morphine, but I did not respond too well to it.

I would like to hear from those who had that drug during pregnancy. How are your children? I was assured by doctors that it would not harm the baby in any way, but worries are still there...

Also - can you compare the pain from the degenerating fibroid to the one in labour? It would be good to hear the stories, as I do not know anyone, who had a similar experience. Thank you

jammyscone Sun 05-Jun-11 11:47:00

I've got prescription co-codamol tablets from pre-pregnancy which I've not been taking even though in pain because the midwife told me not to, but a doctor I then saw because of suspected hypertension (which fortunately I don't have) said they give codeine to people on the ante-natal clinic "like smarties". From reading various threads on here and elsewhere it seems that the second trimester is the safest time to take codeine if you have to.

I hope you feel better soon! I don't know much about degenerating fibroids but it looks like as long as you get plenty of rest while the pain is bad, it shouldn't last for more than a few days?

Beesok Sun 05-Jun-11 11:52:53

I got some prescribed as well when I had my last (painful) sinus infection and the GP said it's perfectly safe as long as I take it strictly according to instructions - I only ended up taking 4 tablets over 4 days when the headache was unbearable but if you need to just take them. It's true - the 2nd trimester is the safest time to take them, my MW said you have to be careful in the 3rd trimester and also not to take them for a prolonged period which, I am sure you won;t be doing.
Hope you feel better!

jellybeans Sun 05-Jun-11 11:56:41

I took it in maximum doses for several days after a cervical stitch operation at 21 weeks and also while breastfeeding. DS is totally fine!

moregranny Sun 05-Jun-11 12:35:26

I took paracetamol and codeine for most of my pregnancy due to migraine, I felt sure that my baby was going to be white and powdery ! He was fine, now 28 and 6ft 2in , x

OvO Sun 05-Jun-11 12:41:58

I took dihydrocodeine during the last 4 months of my pregnancy with my DS1. My DS1 was/is fine.

Midwife in hospital the day before my c-section did ask how often I was taking the pills as she said that if I'd been taking them at maximum dosage that my DS could be born addicted to them. But no doctor had said this to me. confused. She did say he would be fine just maybe a bit jittery and unsettled for a few days.

Thankfully I had only been taking them, when I HAD to.

jenniec79 Sun 05-Jun-11 13:33:15

Codeine is metabolised into the same active drug as morphine in the body - just at about 20% the rate.

mouseanon Sun 05-Jun-11 13:37:34

In my last pg I had co-codamol at 20 weeks when I had sinusitis and codeine in the last couple of months to suppress the cough from a chest infection. DS is now 4 and it doesn't seem to have damaged him.

elizabethsiddal Sun 05-Jun-11 13:42:00

I am 36 weeks and have been prescribed Codeine by my Obs for SPD. I have been taking for about the last 10 weeks and am on 60/500 cocodamol 4 times a day. I raised the same concerns with my obs and GP and both said 'it is fine'. My community midwife has also reassured me.

Some days, if I am not feeling too bad I take half doses, or try and skip the pills in the middle of the day, but I often find that if I don't take it I can barely stand OR sit OR lie down!

sidorek Sun 05-Jun-11 17:06:14

thank you for your response. it is really reassuring for me that it seems it does not have a lasting effect on children. I minimalised the dose to the essential one, so this calmed me down too. However, to be honest I am terrified that I may need a max dose in the future, as fibroids tend to die hard / slowly. Once again, thank you.

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