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Worried, confused and a little P'd off!

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BumpinBlue Sat 04-Jun-11 20:53:59

Hi All,
Iam new here (& New to the whole pregnancy game - 15 weeks gone) I've been browsing these boards for a while now and was in need of a little rant and some friendly advice really.

I'll try and make it quick...

Basically in my first booking in apointment with my mw I gave a urine sample (as you do) this was May 5th, I then had my notes back - all was grand, went for my 12 week scan - grand again, everything running pretty smoothly until 26th of May I got a scrappy handwritten note through the post, which wasnt dated or anything just telling me my urine showed an infection and to see my GP asap.
Is 3 weeks normal to wait for these results? Anyways I called my MW straight away and she said that the note had been sent a while ago so (her words completely) 'Who knows the infection might have cleared itself up' - she advised me to go back to the hospital with another sample.
So off I pop the very next day with my sample (btw I have had no real symptoms, passing urine has not been painful or anything out of the ordinary)
I asked her if she could give me a call if anything came up so I could start anti-biotics straight away, she said this would be fine.
So on friday I received through the post another scrappy handwritten bit of paper saying that the infection is still present and theres a prescription at my GPs waiting for me to pick up.
So Iam already a bit narked off that I've had an infection for well over 4 weeks now and that it just doesnt seem urgent to inform me these results.

I picked up my penicillin based antibiotics yesterday, and it was only when I was reading the inside leaflet (as you do) that it occured to me that my babys father is severely allergic to penicillin, and although it sounds silly - could this affect my unborn baby? Say if he/she was to inherit the allergy off Dad. I have no idea about allergys and genetics (I myself have not one allergy). So eager to start these blooooomin antibiotics I quickly called nhs direct (why?!) who called me back 2 hours later saying they didnt know and to call my local pharmacist.
Called the pharmacist, she said she couldnt be 100% certain but she was 'pretty certain' it would do no harm.
Am I right to not want to risk a 'pretty certain' answer?

Arghhh, so confused and annoyed and now worrying about how long I've had this infection and what harm it could be causing to my baba.

Sorry for the long rant! Any suggestions or good advice will be forever grateful! smile


blackchloe Sat 04-Jun-11 21:04:54

I am currently on anti biotics for a wisdom tooth infection. I am not allergic to penicillin but husband is. Dentist asked if I was allergic but not about husband so I would presume its fine to take. Also took anti biotics early on in pregnancy for urine infection. Prescribed by doctor at hospital. Again only asked if I was allergic not husband.x

mummy22gorgeousboys Sat 04-Jun-11 21:45:36

Well if it was me, I would hold off taking the medication and get myself in at the docs monday morning and speak to a professional face to face. I suspect the meds will be fine.

You have gone a few weeks without taking the meds so another day or two won't make that much difference. Dr will know more about allergy links.

And my tip is ALWAYS double check everything yourself with anything to do with your pregnancy, if you feel something is not right stamp your feet and shout until something is done. Although the professionals know what they are doing, they see all different types of cases everyday and what you feel is v important, they may not see it that way.

i've had to dig my heels in on many an occasion unfortunately. And with your first pregnancy you take what everything says as gospel and tend not to question much, trusting you'll be receiving the best care.

Forums are fab though for any concerns, worries, advice etc.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

mumatron Sat 04-Jun-11 21:57:23

Speak to your gp on monday if you are concerned.

Wrt getting results back late, my dd2 is 21 weeks old an I had a letter last thurs from my antenatal clinic telling me my urine sample showed a possible infection.

They really really are a bit of a joke.

meditrina Sat 04-Jun-11 22:07:08

Go and see your GP - something sounds amiss here. Diagnosis would be done on the spot by dipstick (raised levels protein/blood). You could send off for a full lab test, but that's only worth it with a fresh mid-stream sample (not something you brought in). Many mid-wives are authorised to prescribe for UTIs, so this really should have been dealt with on the spot.

You should be Ok with the penicillin - the dangerous bit in the allergy is the anaphylaxis causing choking/suffocation and this isn't a consideration in utero (before breathing air).

But go to your doctor and get someone you know to be qualified to tell you this. And to find out what on earth the MW is up to.

BumpinBlue Sat 04-Jun-11 22:14:25

Thank you all so much for your advice. It's my first pregnancy and Iam currently working away from all my family and friends (Living in a little hole in the middle of nowhere near to robin hoods bay) so I feel completely out of touch from the world! Iam from Newcastle and Iam really starting to think if its worth changing my antenatal care to Newcastle (where I plan on giving birth and settling down with baby) and doing the trek back every 2 weeks for the apointments?
I will be at the docs 1st thing on Monday!
Thanks again for your help!

Rootatoot Sun 05-Jun-11 11:18:27

The scribbled notes sound rather unprofessional. Urine tests at docs are usually there and then or so I thought. Blood tests have been more random. Ours go with a 'we call you if there IS a problem' but the receptionist told me to ring just in case the phone call gets missed. I figure there's not a problem with ringing for test results - rather do that than wait for them to ring me.

The other thing about the allergies. Well I've suffered with allergies all my life. Whilst I would say that if you have allergies in the family, then it is more likely that your child might develop/have allergies, I really wouldn't worry about taking your tablets. My allergies are different to those my mother and grandmother had. I think your doc is unlikely to know to be honest, whether categorically your baby would NOT be affected but speaking from experience of living with lots of allergies for 36 years, I think it very very unlikely that your child would have the same allergy as his father. GPs do not have specialist training in allergies and most of the advice is pure guesswork. The thing about not eating peanuts whilst's just a theory. They don't know that. Certainly wasn't the cause for me. (Mum hates nuts!) You're probably at higher risk of a problem by leaving your infection than taking the tablets.


voodoomunkee Sun 05-Jun-11 11:22:10

Would you be able to change back to Newcastle if you are living there? Just wondering like! Am in Newcastle too. Not that I can give you an answer just thought you might like to have a mn geordie buddy lol

candr Sun 05-Jun-11 17:16:02

You poor thing, what an unproffesional nightmare. I would go to hosp and tell them you have a suspected UTI, they will test on the spot and write perscription if necessary. I asked about allergies as my Dad is allergic to penecillin, turns out I am too but I found out by vomiting alot on antibiotics. Is there a different local surgery you could change to?, I did as mine was really rubbish and am happier with new one even though it is further away. Good luck I hope everything works out x

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