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Discovering you're pregnant - how did you find out the news ?

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DefNotYummyMummy Sat 04-Jun-11 06:59:01

I am done having children but would love to hear your stories about how you found out that you were pregnant. I have had three children and I now have got sterilised, and although I don't regret that decision, I kind of miss the fact that I will never again feel that secret joy and happiness that comes with getting that positive line. Or terror (as my third wasn't planned !)

Any lovely stories out there ?

Armi Sat 04-Jun-11 07:14:18

We were having a weekend away. DH works in London, so was going to meet me in the town we'd chosen to visit. I drove there in the early afternoon to squeak some cheeky shopping in. My period was a day late and I was feeling a bit ropey - we'd been TTC for about 18 months, so I didn't really think much of it, expecting another false alarm. I bought a test when I reached my destination and blithely skipped into the loo in Debenhams, fully expecting a negative result. I nearly passed out when it came up positive and then had to spend the longest five hours of my life waiting for DH to join me so I could tell him. I walked around that town for hours with my mouth open, totally stunned and terrified.

2gorgeousboys Sat 04-Jun-11 07:43:04

DS1 was unplanned - DH (then BF) and I had not been together long and I was on the pill blush

I love chocolate and knew there was something wrong when DH's Mum offered me some chocolate and I said no! My period had only been a day or 2 rather than the normal and I then started being really hungry and had a couple of other symptoms.

Worked out I must be pregnant and did a test at my grandparents where I was temporarily staying, DH was down stairs with his little boy and called him upstairs and just stuck the positive test in his face whilst crying my eyes out.

DS2 again a huge suprise, I'd had a miscarriage after DS1 and was told unlikely to conceive again due to my endometriosis. On top of that I had a coil fitted to try to help the endo.

My period was late and I just felt a bit funny, didn't dare hope but after a week I was starting to feel sick. We were due to go on holiday to Scotland the next day so bought a test and DH and I did it together at home. Cue DH and I walking round Scotland with big smiles on our faces but trying to hid my constant throwing up from DS1 and DSS whilst all in one hotel room.

kirrinIsland Sat 04-Jun-11 08:04:54

We'd been TTC for about 5 months and I'd managed to convince myself each month that this month I really was pregnant - imaginary symptoms each time. It was Friday and I had a big horse riding thing on over the weekend which I figured I really shouldn't do if I was pregnant and my symptom spotting had started (wasn't due on for another 4 days!) so I decided I'd buy a test on the way home and do it in the morning, even though it was far too early for that. Well, I got home and thought what the hell, there's two in the box, I'll do one now. Couldn't believe my eyes when it came up positive almost immediately smile

JenniL1977 Sat 04-Jun-11 08:07:24

We'd been ttc for nearly 4 years and I've had loads of investigations and treatments for my unexplained infertility. We had our 2nd IUI treatment on 23rd Nov last year (after 2 years of craziness with injections, tablets, charting, cycles all over the place, etc etc). 10 days later I said to DH when we were walking down the street, "my boobs feel funny." Was due on 4 days after that, but when AF didn't show up just figured my cycles were screwed again.
Did a test 2 days after that and got a pink line !!!! I screamed and fell off the toilet. DH was told the news with me wedged between the toilet and wall with my knickers round my ankles shouting "we've fucking done it!"

lolajane2009 Sat 04-Jun-11 08:51:11

we had tried for just under eight years and I had just decided to restart college this may and that my two neices were enough. i had lost 7 stone over the last 16 months or so. it must have given me a boost in fertility as I had sex twice at christmas and ended up pregnant. I had previously been told I would neever have children.

i was about a week late when I found out and was only testing becase I was feeling extremely faint and dizzy. When I bought the test hubby didnt actually believe that I could be pregnant so he was extremely surprised when the following morning, after a night shift, I rugby tackled him on the floor, where he was asleep, waving a very positive test in front of his face.

I am now 25 + 1.

nannyl Sat 04-Jun-11 08:53:34

We had started TTC that month.
I had done a million different old wives tales, charted, OPKs, CBFM etc etc & prepped my our bodies for months.

At 3+3 i did a cheap ebay test and got a very feint line. (mid afternoon not even morning wee)
at 3+4 my 1st responce 6 day early test gave a proper line but AFTER 5 mins (still before 10min)
at 3+5 strong line straight away smile

am now 25+6

theonlyhb2 Sat 04-Jun-11 09:00:53

was a week late with the WORST PMT in the world, we had spoke about it but weren't actively trying, we had never realy been careful at all. I did the test at work then came out toilet open mouthed and handed to my assistant (poor girl). then called OH to tell him then went home and did another test whilst OH & best friend carried on killing zombies on COD until I waved another wee covered stick at them (then promptly threw up). That was 13th December and I think it took til last month to sink in!

Jill72 Sat 04-Jun-11 09:00:56

i am 39 - thought I had early menopause - felt a fool in the docs when she made me do a test and I was pregnant!

Shipscat Sat 04-Jun-11 09:17:37

With my DTs we were doing the Oxford Conception Study, so had to test the day AF was due but hadn't shown up. Woke up at 4.30 and got DH up so I could test with him there. Got 2 lines and walked round all day with a stupid grin on my face!
DD was a complete surprise, but I hadn't felt like AF was going to turn up, and rang DH as he was walking round London with his boss to tell him so. Thought nothing of it, then dug out an old test the next morning, got a +, went into the bedroom, said "It's 2 lines!", and burst into tears!!

moregranny Sat 04-Jun-11 09:20:01

I had been out with my sister and a friend for the day and had purchased some sausages from a farm shop, DH and I had them for tea that day, the following day I had what I thought was food poisoning, this didn't seem to be getting better so about 10 days later, losing weight, feeling awful I went to the Dr, this was in the days of pregnancy test results taking at least a week, He asked If I could be pregnant, I had just come off of the pill, well to cut a long story short I was, my ' TUMMY BUG ' lasted another 7 months it is now 30 and has a tummy bug of her own due next week !

NatzCNL Sat 04-Jun-11 09:22:22

I was always paranoid about falling pregnant - even whith taking precautions. I was on a break from the pill as it wasn't agreeing with me so were taking other precautions. As usual I bought a HPT (as I did about every other month!!! Im telling you - PARANOID), and after a drink with work friends, which I had stopped drinking after my first glass of wine because it made me feel sick, I went home and did my test before bed but it was positive. Shocked was not the word for it. I hadn't felt pregnant and was only 2 days late - not unusual. I burst into tears and rang DP, who made me do another 4 tests before he finally accepted it was for real.
With DD2 I was taking a HPT before taking the morning after pill (wasn't so cautious after our gorgeous DD was born and we were so in love with her). DD1 was only 7 months, and got a BFP - ran downstairs to DP to show him whilst giggling hysterically. He looked shocked and upset, but 10 mins later we were bouncing around the living room with a terrified 7 month old wondering what the hell was going on!
DD3 was planned and I was POS for 2 weeks before we got a BFP. Sadly lost her at 15 weeks. DD4 was also planned and same as before POS for 2 months before we got BFP, and kept it secret for nearly 16 weeks!!!
Am now 24+2

GilbertsGrapes Sat 04-Jun-11 09:41:45

With DD1 I was in the army and had finished on a Friday at 12PM. I walked to the shop on my own and I still to this day do not know why I nipped in the chemist and bought one of those old clearblue with the two lines. I went back to the block, there was only myself and my best mate who was up in her bunk, in the building. Anyway sat on the toilet, POAS and I saw a faint line appear then another darker one. Even though she was in no way planned as me and my now exH had only just got back together after a ten month split, I was delirious with excitement. I rang clearblue hotline to see if a faint line was still positive, then once they confirmed it was I legged it up to my freinds room screaming "I'm Pregnant!!"

DD2 was a weird one. Although not ttcing, myself and Exh hadn't been too carefull the night he had come back from a 6 mth Falklands tour. 3 weeks later I had a strong feeling I was PG, not symptoms as such but just knew. I spent a fortune for a whole week on tests which were all neg, then one time after a night out with a couple of girlfriends, we came back to mine, I nipped off to the toilet and did a test. There it was my two lines.

Pancakeflipper Sat 04-Jun-11 09:54:39

With my eldest we were not trying for a baby.
I'd been out in the wine bar the Friday night with the girls sharing the fats and drinking too much wine as usual.
On the Saturday DP and I were off out buying new walking gear for the next venture. I just felt bizarre but not hangover bizarre. As we walked to the hiking shop we passed a chemist and I had this instant thought ' when did you last have your period?... And I couldn't remember..

I pretended to not like any of the hiking gear. I was thinking " that will be a waste of money, we'll never go out again with a baby" ( can you tell I was not maternal?).

Persuaded DP that he didn't want to buy anything either and we'd look elsewhere. Got home. I went a chemist and secretly bought a test. Wee'd. Cried. Went downstairs shaking. Showed the wee stick to DP who took what felt like forever to figure out what I couldn't actually say.

He was shocked but delighted. I cried about it until I had a bleed then I went into mother-nature mode and loved every minute of pregnancy and I love motherhood so much I had another baby 3 yrs later.

DuelingFanjo Sat 04-Jun-11 10:01:31

I had IVF so was told not to test for 16 days. Although I could have tested earlier I was determined not to and so on the 16th day, when I woke up, I was terrified about testing and getting a negative. I woke really early after little sleep and with a burstng bladder but stayed in bed for ages trying to delay testing. In the end I just had to pee so left my sleeping DH (he later told me he wasn't sleeping but was lying there terrified that it may be negative and wondering how on earth he would deal with my upset) and went to the loo. I used a cheap supermarket test which took ages to work and then couldn't believe that it was positive.

I think I was in shock because I calmly walked back to the bedroom and said 'it worked' and then got back into bed and just stared at the test for ages.

Mum2be79 Sat 04-Jun-11 10:10:36

We had been trying since September 17th to be exact! We 'stopped trying' from the end of November until mid-March because we knew if I fell pregnant, we wouldn't be able to go to our timeshare apartment in Madeira.
Started again just after ovulation in March (I was keeping track of my periods to fathom out my ovulation cycle) and had my last period on 1st April. I was going on a Caribbean Cruise on April 16th and I had convinced myself I wouldn't fall pregnant (thought we'd have problems). I was due on April 25th and asked my nurse if I could take Norethisterone to postpone the period and asked if it would affect a baby's development if I did. She said it wouldn't but to take a pregnancy test three days before to make sure I wasn't. So on April 22nd (Good Friday) I took the test. I was bleary eyes and thought I saw a second faint line but when I 'woke up' two minutes later it was a definite negative so i took the Norethisterone. I went hiking, river tubing etc, etc. When I think about it, I was feeling a bit 'off', tired and not wanting to drink alcohol. I stopped taking it on April 28th and should have started my period 2/3 days later. On April 29th I was in Aruba and was sick unexpectedly. By the time I arrived back in the UK on May 2nd (Bank Holiday Monday) I was certain my period would start. It didn't and later that night my feet, ankles and legs swelled. The next day I went to the doctors who sent me to hospital thinking it was suspected DVT. On the Friday (6th May) I went back to get a sick note for work, told him about my late period and he insisted on doing a pregnancy test. Told him I had a negative one two weeks before. He smiled at me and said "This one is positive". I said "What? Your kidding. Your joking" and he thrust it in front of me and said "Take a look if you don't believe me".

To say I was stunned is an understatement. I'm now 10 weeks and 1 day and everything seems to be going as planned.

SpringFollows Sat 04-Jun-11 10:18:56

We'd been trying for ages and i had been alcohol-free all that time. Then had a big weekend with friends, and I stayed alcohol-free. Finally come Monday I thought 'screw it'. I'll test and if i am - then i am having a big glass of wine.' I walked home thinking of my wine. Tested, was +. Went and told DH and burst into tears. I was so shocked.

harrygracejessica Sat 04-Jun-11 10:21:52

With my first it hadnt even entered my head I was pregnant when I told someone at work I felt sick so bought a test just to shut them up lol. Went to mums, POAS and positive straight away so I cried as me and OH had only been together a matter of weeks!! turns out from the scan I found out at 12 weeks and was on the pill.

With the girl twins we decided to try and 2 weeks later a positive test which I wafted under his nose lol

with the boy twins I was due on the next day and felt odd so did a test while he was working a night shift so rang him and told him so he could ponder over it like I would all night. We were due to get married today but im sat her with 6 week old twin boys instead lol

WiiUnfit Sat 04-Jun-11 17:10:26

I was on a new pill and had been to the Docs after not feeling right for a while, asked the useless cow GP to do a test for me as I had missed a period, after it came back as negative, she told me it must be stress-related (we had recently had a family bereavement) then lectured me & DP about contraception as I "didn't want to fall pregnant so young did I!?" (I'm 20, she was also pregnant).

My urine sample had white blood cells in (so she sent off the sample to MSU). It came back an awfully long 5 days(!!!) later, I had a kidney infection, I was prescribed a strong dose of Trimethoprim as the infection was now absolutely raging!

Two weeks later I was better & got the bus to work, I had to get off at a stop to throw up & felt sick all the time but assumed I was still a little under the weather.

A week later when my period was due again still nothing, did a test & the biggest, darkest pink line appeared instantly, I was 8 weeks pregnant! Cue complete shock & me instantly bursting into tears, much to the bemusement of DP. shock

Now 36+5 grin

saoirse86 Sat 04-Jun-11 17:34:23

I had spent 2.5 years bleeding everyday and been told I'd struggle to conceive. So when I hadn't bled for 5 days I thought something was wrong. I decided to book a doctors appointment but thought I'll do a test because they'll just ask me to otherwise. I did the test and it was positive before I'd finished weeing! I went downstairs to DP shaking. It was a shock but she's now 8.5 months and the best thing that's ever happened to us.

I'm hoping I'll be able to have another story like this any time soon! grin

Mum2be79 Sat 04-Jun-11 17:42:21

Oops I mean 9 weeks + 1 day!!!!!

StrawberryMewMew Sat 04-Jun-11 18:39:24

My story is quite a funny one.

I had been out on a night out with a mate, we were staying at a hotel and were very drunk and couldn't sleep so decided to go for a walk...

She turns to me and tells me she thinks she's very worried and thinks she is pregnant and asks me to buy her a pregnancy test.

I went into boots at 7am and they only had the packs of 2 so bought them. Get to the toilets (in a shopping mall) and she asks if I will do one with her for moral support!
Was a bit confused at this but went ahead anyways.
Mines came up positive and hers negative! Cue me screaming in toilets for 20 minutes...

princessdave Sat 04-Jun-11 21:44:04

I have PCOS so stopped taking my pill in Oct 2009 to let nature take its course... Only had 5 periods in 18 months but we weren't worried as only 28 and 31yo and assumed it would happen eventually. I run a lot and started marathon training in November 2010 - just over 300 miles later in Feb 2011 I took a pg test to rule it out after my husband commeted I looked like I'd had a boob job!

Bit of a shock when the test turned positive AS I peed on it - I always thought you had to wait five minutes like you see on the TV! Had to wait a few days to see a midwife who rushed me for a scan the following day as she was concerned I was as much as 16 weeks pg. Cue husband turning white and almost keeling over.

Scan confirmed 12 weeks + 5 days and our little hitchhiker was flipping and wriggling around like I never imagined.

It came as a very welcome shock to us and both our families given my lack of sickness, symptoms, weight gain and anything else you look out for in early pregnancy.

Am now 27 weeks, still running although my marathon was deferred to 2012 and carrying an incredibly active little hitchhiker!

Bryher Sat 04-Jun-11 23:28:12

Had been TTC for about 10 months, but have endometriosis and had come off hormone treatment which takes ages to clear from body so wasn't expecting anything yet, periods were still all over the place so I couldn't tell if they were late. Had tried a couple of pregnancy tests before, negative. Then was going away for family Christmas party weekend, thought I'd better check as likely to be boozy! Got the faintest pink line ever, had no idea if it was right, as I was very early! Spent the weekend avoiding drinking alcohol and hoping noone would notice! Now I am 29 + 4 smile

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