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Maternity ward tours

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HLSalter Fri 03-Jun-11 23:19:05

Hi I'm 33+4 weeks pregnant and have my hospital tour booked for Tuesday. Was hoping for some help with what questions would be good to ask? Any help would be much appreciated x

NatzCNL Sat 04-Jun-11 09:40:18

What would you like to know? Sit with DP and go through what you are concerned about or not clear on.
I asked things like:
Who can be with me at the birth?
Will I be able to have a pool?
What drugs will be available?
Who do I call when I go into labour?
Where is the NICU/SCBU and will be DP be able to go with baby if he/she needs to go there?
Can DP stay with me throughout the labour process? (BTW if you are on labour ward he will, but if they put you on the antenatal ward for this, which is rare and only if your labour is not progressing, he wont)
Who (professionals) should you expect during your care at the hospital on both labour and postnatal ward?
If there is anything you can think of that is worrying you, just ask. Also may think of things on the day. But at the same time, there may be nothing you feel you are not clear on and may not need to ask anything at all x

HLSalter Sat 04-Jun-11 10:11:58

Thank you!

I already have a list of questions that me and my dp agreed on last night but I didn't even think about asking about him staying with me etc. because I just assumed he would be able to stay with me the whole time I'm in labour so will definately ask that when I go.

Wottywot Sat 04-Jun-11 13:09:36

They will probably tell you much of what you need to know, so unless you have specific questions you can think of them on the spot.
When I went on my first tour with DH the first thing they showed us was the ward where there was a mother and her daughter who had both given birth within a day of each other! grin (but that's Watford for you!)

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