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Does this mean the baby will be early?

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MrsVidic Fri 03-Jun-11 19:58:35

Hi, I'm 31+1 with dd2. I went 8 days over with dd1- normal quick delivery. Today saw Mw who measured me (I'm measuring 29 weeks) and said baby is head down engaged, l shape? 4/5
She then said I should get childcare organised- is this all just in case or is there a high probability I'll be early? She hasn't organised and extra appointments and I'm seeing her again in 3 weeks.

scarlettsmummy2 Fri 03-Jun-11 20:01:25

I was told that with second pregnancies that babies can engage and then bob back out again!! although I could be wrong. My first baby was engaged at about 32 weeks but I still went 3 days over.

harrygracejessica Fri 03-Jun-11 22:10:48

Twin 1 was engaged at 29 weeks and stayed there until I had them at 36 weeks!!! And he was so far engaged they had to deliver him backwards in surgery - he was very ready to come out lol. That was my 3rd pregnancy.

MrsVidic Sat 04-Jun-11 07:07:04

Thanks for the replies- I think I should have at least a month left as I don't feel half as ready as last time! It has given me a kick up the arse to sort out my baby stuff though!

Coppernoddle Sat 04-Jun-11 10:01:44

My second engaged very early and stayed there till birth, think she was about 29 weeks. She was delivered 40+7, two days later than my first!!! This time, my little one (I'm 30 weeks) engaged at 27 weeks and has been there ever since! I think as your pregnancies go on, your muscles get weaker, hence they fall into place a little earlier! I think! hmm

MrsVidic Sat 04-Jun-11 10:19:02

My Mw said they engage later with each preg?

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