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something to do..

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mamamarina Fri 03-Jun-11 15:45:48

really i'm at that stage where i just si and do nothing because i'm either feeling sick or fat..just lazy i guess..i tried to let him hear music so i put on my belly the headphones and we heard the Beatels togther...:-)

i wanted to see if i can get a phiscal reaction..he did moved,..maybe he was i used my babys beat app..the one u can hear the babys heartbeat..i just love using it...but alas the count was 135 bits as normal as can be..

maybe he is more of Beyonce kinda of little man :-))))

nickelbabe Fri 03-Jun-11 15:49:42


you don't have to do anything.
just put your feet up.
but if you're bored, you could take a turn round the house wink
(that idd not mean housewrok - it was more of a jane austen walk around.

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