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Anyone else due to pop or popped at the PRU?

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bufforpingtonchick Fri 03-Jun-11 15:09:23

I'm booked into the PRU - Princess Royal Hosp in Orpington. There's a new midwife-led unit there which sounds absolutely lovely, although I haven't had the chance to see it yet.

Any experiences or anyone else heading there?

bufforpingtonchick Fri 03-Jun-11 15:10:16

Namechanged as a bit close to home to post under regular name! I'm due in Dec and it's my first.

silverangel Fri 03-Jun-11 15:59:00

I'm under PRUH, unfortunaltey won't be in the midwife led unit as I'm having an ELCS (twins). I haven't met any of the midwives at all as consultant led but have been very happy with the care so far. I hadn't actually heard of the midwife led unit but think its a great idea.

All my friends who have had children there say the same - great until delivery but after care not so good, particularly after sections.

notsoqueenofclean Fri 03-Jun-11 16:09:33

I had my 3DC there although in the normal labour/maternity ward.

DD1 in 2004 - Bearing in mind she was my first child and I had zero idea what to expect, I was in absolute agony and crying in pain blush when we arrived. I was made to wait in the corridor until a room became available (fair enough) and then when I was allocated a room, I didn't see or speak to a midwife for quite a while after. When eventually a MW did come in, she took one look at me, and told me rather rudely that there was no need to cry. Birth was fairly straightforward. After care was pretty crap though. They didn't mention you had to get up and go in search of your food, and when I asked, was told it was down to me to go and find out.

DS in 2008 - Went in to be induced but went into labour by myself. Was in labour for 25 hours, they refused to give me epidural until I was literally hallucinating, screaming in agony and crying. The MW I had then fell asleep at the end of the bed, having just told me to push when I felt no need to. Staff we're rude, couldn't tell me how long the labour had been or how long I had been in the hospital for. DH was going crazy. Eventually, after much shouting on DH's part, they allowed for anaesthetist to come and talk to me about epidural. When I had it, they couldn't get it sited properly so I had big black and blue bruises the length of my spine. He was eventually born by forceps by the rudest doctor going. Had 4 different MWs during the labour.

DD2 in 2010 - MW was called Naomi, was absolutely brilliant, kept me totally at ease (suffered with anxiety after the ordeal I had with DS). She came out as I was having a panic attack outside the labour ward, talked me in and stayed with me for the whole thing. She told me I was a bit of a way off yet, and to turn onto my side, I did and the next thing I know she's telling me to push! DD2 was born 1 hour 40 mins after my waters broke.

My last birth experience there was the best by far but tbh I'm glad I'm done with the whole childbirth thing now!

Sorry if that's not very positive.

bufforpingtonchick Fri 03-Jun-11 16:18:55

notso I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I will just crumble if I have an unsympathetic midwife who tells me not to cry! That's awful!

At my booking appt the midwife was so lovely, and she was really bigging up the new midwife-led unit. In theory it should be a really peaceful and empowered way to give birth, as all I want is a sympathetic midwife to help me get through and guide me! I don't respond well to 'tough love' so I pray I don't get someone like that.

At an early pregnancy evening I met who I think was some kind of boss midwife who started banging on about breastfeeding when I asked her about different options for giving birth there, and told me off for 'not doing my homework'! She scared me off totally.

The midwife who did my booking appt was lovely, her name was Sarah.

NatzCNL Fri 03-Jun-11 18:58:21

Hello! Im booked in to the PRUH this time, having had my previous babies at Queen Mary's (now shut other than midwife led unit). I am booked into the midwife led unit at PRUH, but wanted to be in reach of a doctor if I needed. My sister had her 2 boys at PRUH, one in 2005 and other end of 2010. She had EMCS with first and ELCS with second. I thought the care she recieved with DS1 was awful, but totally different experience second time (partly the reason we booked in there).

I haven't seen the birthing unit yet, but keen for another natural delivery with minimal pain relief (had nothing with last, not through choice, she was too damn quick!).

Look forward to reading about first hand experiences. I have also found the midwives I have met so far to be very welcoming and reassuring. Am under consultant care for pregnancy but should be fine for birthing unit as long as pregnancy progresses normally, which it is so far - 24 weeks along now smile

NatzCNL Fri 03-Jun-11 18:59:03

My booking midwife was Tina, and a really lovely lady

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