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Anaemic in third trimester

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Ukulele80 Fri 03-Jun-11 10:44:46


I have just found out that I am anaemic and I am nearly 29 weeks pregnant. I have been utterly exhausted recently but had put it down to being very busy at work, now turns out i have been anaemic for some time. literally have no energy and been struggling to get through a full days work. anyone else experienced this complete exhaustion? feels a bit like how I felt some days in my first trimester but all the time. am also Rhesus Negative and just had my anti d injections and wondering if this is exacerbating it. not affecting me at the moment but also have an enourmous fibroid which means am likely to lose quite a lot of blood during labour so doctor very keen to get my iron up as soon as possible or labour could be dangerous for me. generally speaking me and little one are super healthy and robust but struggling a bit with this tiredness as is v. debilitating... am on iron tablets and iron water but anyone got good ideas for iron rich meals that dont contain red meat?

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