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5.5 Weeks First baby sooooo many questions!!!!

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Emy84 Thu 02-Jun-11 18:52:29

Hi everyone

Got my BFP last Friday been ttc for 3 months, now I am actually pregnant I cant really believe its true!! I have soooo many questions but DH doesnt want to tell anyone yet - I really want to tell someone so I can talk to someone.

Went to the Doc today - was not what I thought at all. Saw a locum all he said was 'congrats midwife will be in touch!' I had to do urine sample and once it is confirmed they will write to me with what happens next. I didnt really get a chance to ask any questions so I thought I would try on here!

I dont really have any symptoms is that normal for 5.5 weeks? Been quite tired and strong sense of smell but that is it!

I know it is different in every area but how soon do you think I will see the midwife? I feel like I cant believe its true cos nothing is really happening yet!

Any advice for first timer really appreciated

BertieBasset Thu 02-Jun-11 18:56:18

With dc1 I had no symptoms at all for most of the pregnancy. With dc2 I had morning sickness from around 6 weeks.

I saw a midwife at around 10 weeks and then had a scan at 12. The midwife came to my house on both occasions to do theb ooking in appointment and to go through the "green notes" you get given with info relating to you and the pregnancy such as blood tests, scan measurements etc.

I then saw midwife at 16 weeks, another scan at 20 weeks and just midwife care after that until due date.

Massive congrats by the way!!!

Boogiemumma Thu 02-Jun-11 18:58:23

Congratulations Emy, fab news you must be overjoyed! It's quite hard not to tell the world when you're so elagted. You normaly see the midwife fir a booking appt at around 10-12 weeks, at which point she'll take lots of medical info about you, do a wee sample, take blood pressure and give you loyts of leaflets on pregnancy, what you can an't eat etc. She'll then notify you're local hospital to contact you for a dating scan - they normally write to you with an appt. You'll alos be booked in for your next midwife appt at 16 weeks where you get to hear the heartbeat smile Think that's it to begin with, I'm sure if I've missed something sonmeone will add.
Congratulations again! xx

Tinkerisdead Thu 02-Jun-11 18:58:33

No symptoms is normal. Even when your being sick constantly you still don't believe your pregnant! I was sick from 7 to 13 weeks. I was exhausted too. I mean falling asleep at 4pm.

You'll maybe see a midwife to confirm pregnancy and not really hear again til your dating scan date comes through. It's different in different areas. Get a good book on pregnancy because you'll look at it all the time trying to convince yourself there's a baby in there.

Huge congratulations too

roz1982 Thu 02-Jun-11 18:58:45

Hello! I'm a first timer too and am 16 weeks today. I didn't see midwife for booking in appt until i was about 11 weeks and then first scan a week later but I think it varies. Doc doesn't do much I thought that was a a bit weird too! did give me info about foods to avoid and stuff tho. I started gettin the full on symptoms about 7 weeks in - and then it was pretty much non stop morning sickness and exhaustion but again it really is different for everyone!! Enjoy still feeling normal while you can !! and congratulations xx

candr Thu 02-Jun-11 18:59:23

Congrats, Dr put me on midwife list and saw her at about 8 weeks to do bloods and register. Had bad morning sickness but it was most of the day and at night so hope you don't get that. Very keen sense of smell and went off lots of foods. MW booked scan for 12 weeks and got app through post form hospitle for the 12 and 20 week scns within a few days. Try to take it easy and enjoy having your secret for a while.

Jojay Thu 02-Jun-11 19:00:32

Congrats on your BFP - such an exciting time!

The docs reaction sounds normal tbh, their role is to refer you to a midwife.

If your area is anything like mine, you'll get a 'booking in' appt with a midwife at about 10-12 wks, then a scan at 12-14 wks, so not much will happen for a while yet I'm afraid.

Early pregnancy symptoms vary so much from person to person, but an absence of any symptoms at all is completely normal too - lucky you!

But modern tests are very reliable, that's why docs don't repeat the tests, so do believe it if it say you are pg.

You'll get a letter through in a few weeks with details of your booking in appt, but in the meantime, rest, relax and dream of babies!

Portofino Thu 02-Jun-11 19:05:10

Nothing really happens until you see the mw for your booking in appointment at about 11 weeks, then the scan. I recall that it seemed like an AGE! You're all excited, don't feel you can tell anyone....

Emy84 Thu 02-Jun-11 19:49:35

Thanks so much for all the replies smile
It was amazing to log on and see 8 posts feels like I have told 8 people!!
I suppose it being the first time I am questioning everything but hopefully my nerves will settle down once I hear that heartbeat.

kri5ty Fri 03-Jun-11 08:34:23

Congrats emy smile that it brilliant!!

I went to my doc as i was having terrible pains that were making me pass out etc, and all they said was "take a home test and if it is positive go straight to a&e as it might be ectopic", not great advice... so off i went to the hospital and the early pregnancy unit were fab....

Then after 2 weeks of tests and the all clear, i went back to my doctors, as no one had explained anything to me about midwifes, what happens etc and i told my doc everything was ok, and she said "are you keeping it"!!!

No congrats or anything! She then told me i could only go to one hospital as "thats all they dealt with", since then i found out thats rubbish and she could have sent me where ever i liked!

I then waited 1 week and had a letter arrived telling me to ring up for my first appointment with the midwife... who was fantastic, much better and more helpful than the doctors!

Although due to my medical history i am placed under the care of a consultant, and i could not get an appointment for 4 weeks! And my first scan took a while for the midwife to arrange, and i will be 13+4 by the time it happens!

It is my first too and im question everything... currently really worried as i only had symtoms for 3 weeks... they all stopped around week 9... i dont even have sore boobs now :-(

silverangel Fri 03-Jun-11 09:52:59


My first appointments were all a bit of an anti-climax to be honest, went to doctor, where I thought they would re-test me at the least to say 'yes you are pregnant and not imagining it all'!, but all he did was give me some folic acid and said midwives would be in touch. Booking in appt was at 11 weeks, just went to see a midwife and lots of paperwork.

I was worried so went for a private scan at 8 weeks, am glad I did becuase I dont think I could have held out for 12 + 5, which is when I had my 12 week scan!

kri5ty Fri 03-Jun-11 10:05:53

silverangel im thinking of having a private scan... my nhs one is only 5 days away, but it seems like an age!

ghosteditor Fri 03-Jun-11 10:19:19

emy84 congratulations! I know exactly how you feel. I'm 7+3 and won't be seeing the MW for another week.

You've had some good advice above so I won't repeat it, but could I suggest that you join the expecting in Jan (or Feb depending on your estimated due date) 2012 antenatal club? I'm a first timer too and have picked up a load of helpful advice from the ladies on the thread.

see you there!

ghosteditor Fri 03-Jun-11 10:20:02

here's a link to the January thread

Emy84 Fri 03-Jun-11 10:44:45

Thanks will pop over to the Feb antenatal club I think my due date will be 2nd Feb but not too sure as my cycle is bit irregular!

cookie9 Fri 03-Jun-11 11:21:56

Congratulations! My doc do udder choice of hospital and referred to the mw there. No tests as pregnancy kits are v accurate and have done three tests by then! At mw appointment got my notes did urine and blood test together with bp and weight and height. Booked in for the 12 week scan and the 16 week appointment. Did get some booklets to read over. The ante natal clubs on mums net are lovely and you can share with other mums to be who are the same stage.

eurochick Fri 03-Jun-11 16:21:55

Udder choice?

Tinkerisdead Fri 03-Jun-11 18:17:37

I can't believe it. I replied to your post earlier and think I just got a bfp myself! Need to wait til morning to retest but if I am then I'm alongside you with a due date of feb 5th!

Emy84 Fri 03-Jun-11 18:36:42

Congratulations TheDoctorsWife thats so exciting grin

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