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Bump about to explode!

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Newmummytobe79 Thu 02-Jun-11 17:26:42

I'm 27 weeks and for the past week or so (after 4pm) my bump is really hard, my belly button aches and there is an area to the right of it that feels bruised. Today is the worst I've felt and it feels like it's going to explode! I work in an office so sat down most of the day, but it's agony just walking over to the photocopier!

Does anyone else feel/has felt like this and will it ease off or just get worse!

Baby kicks me most of the day and ups the game around 3pm when my ribs get a good kicking! Could baby be bruising me? x

MotherPanda Thu 02-Jun-11 17:32:50

yeah - your baby probably is beating you up (testing the boundaries already... tut tut), but the exploding feeling probably is your skin stretching out as well.

Are you using any creams? I use a huge dollop of stretch mark cream on my tummy, bum and thighs just before i go to bed and when i wake up in the morning and it relieves the bursting feeling - and stops it being so itchy. I don't believe for a minute that it will prevent stretch marks but it makes things more comfy.

Newmummytobe79 Thu 02-Jun-11 17:41:37

Hi MotherPanda - I thought I might be getting beaten up!

I'm a human oil slick at the moment - I'm not kidding myself it'll stop stretch marks ... but I'm hoping it might help! smile

MotherPanda Thu 02-Jun-11 17:46:47

Oh dear, then I don't think i have any more tricks to offer. It probably will get worse, i'm afraid, because your baby is going to get bigger and stronger. (i'm 33 weeks atm, and can't believe the shapes my tummy makes sometimes!) I don't think you can actually bruise though.

I'll wake my DH up at night with a sudden 'ooof' because miss-fidget-bum has decided to practice gymnastics, or drumming.... or something anti social.

Exercise probably does help (seems to be the answer to most of lifes problems), so lots more trips to the photocopier!

jasmine51 Thu 02-Jun-11 19:13:10

Newmummy yup, you could be me! Hard bump in second part of day, suspecting LO is trying to make a break for it through my belly button and I too have a very sore area on the right. The hard bumpness could be a touch of dehydration or just your ligaments under strain as the day progresses. The sore area for me is about the same area as an old appendix scar so that could be connected...maybe you have some scar tissue or just a weaker area there too? The most painful time I've had was when my abdo muscles separated noticably around 30 wks so maybe that is happening to you? If you look down, is your bump perfectly round or does it have a flat area down the middle where the muscles have parted?
Have a big glug of liquid, try and have a little lie down to rest the ligaments and I can thoroughly recommend some aquanatal as a soothing non straining form of exercise.
Good luck

posterofagirl Thu 02-Jun-11 23:28:00

I feel for you. Baby likes to wedge her feet in the space where my gall bladder used to be and it's enough to make me weep!
Dont have any helpful suggestions to stop it though sad

nitnatnaboo Fri 03-Jun-11 00:29:13

Newmummy I could have written your OP! I am 33 weeks and bump has been soooo sore and feels ready to explode! It is "all out at the front" - I look like Mr Greedy from the side, but quite normal face on! Was not this big last time even at full term.

I get a burning sensation on the right of my belly button and other areas which are totally numb. (Apparently when skin stretches, there aren't enough nerves to go round, so you get numb bits). It is not as sore as it was last week - have started using Palmers Cocoa Butter on it.

Have you tried going on all fours to see if baby will move position? My baby is definitely trying to escape as I type - she is going bananas in there!

MotherPanda Fri 03-Jun-11 09:32:20

Have you tried going on all fours to see if baby will move position?

That would get some looks in the office... smile

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