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I have turned into a man!!

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Jill72 Thu 02-Jun-11 09:22:01

I now have the toilet lid up at all times ready for the emergency dash to the loo before loosing control. That trip from the bedroom to the bathroom at silly o'clock in the night should be an olympic event!!

Renaissance227 Thu 02-Jun-11 09:25:53

grin That's funny but can't be much fun for you!
How many weeks are you? x

Jill72 Thu 02-Jun-11 10:05:42

20 weeks now and think I should have been doing my pelvics!!

rachyaimeelou Thu 02-Jun-11 10:17:07

awww jill, ur right it shud be an olympic event, especially wen u have to jump over oh to get to the loo, n then try and dodge him on the way back wen hes bout to make his way to the loo xx

Blobby11 Thu 02-Jun-11 17:25:42

rachyaimeelou - I made DH swap sides of the bed so that I don't have to clamber over him to get to the loo!

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