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Anyone have a horrible birth after a nice easy one?

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SoBroken Wed 01-Jun-11 22:28:05

I spent my last pregnancy terrified of the birth, and in the end was pleasantly surprised by a nice easy induction and baby that came in two hours.

This time, I'm much more relaxed about it, expecting another quick and easy time. Am I being an idiot? Anyone have a horrible birth after a nice easy one?

Boosaphena Wed 01-Jun-11 23:04:21

I think generally 2nd births are meant to be better then first. I'm sure there are those who had a horror of a time but mine was fab 2nd time, nice, quick, easy, I went from 'wind' to holding him in 2.5 hrs! Most of my friends did it v quickly 2nd time too. I did tear, but for me that was inevitable. I think if you stay on a nice positive frame of mind you'll do great!

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