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Travel system question

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LuluLozenge Wed 01-Jun-11 15:05:01

I have a secondhand travel system from Mothercare. It has a pushchair, and a car seat that fits on top of the push chair.

Do I use the car seat attachment (ie, attached on top of the pushchair) from birth? I had heard that you aren't supposed to leave your baby too long in a car seat, so what happens here?

And when can I put the baby into the upright pushchair?


nocake Wed 01-Jun-11 15:15:54

The current advice is to not leave your baby in a car seat for too long (no more than 2 hours). I'm not sure where this advice comes from but I'm sure you can google it if you want to find out more. A much better option is to use a carrycot that fits onto the buggy wheels. If you know the buggy model you could contact Mothercare and ask if they still sell a carrycot for it. We bought one for our iCandy Cherry and it was worth every penny.

You can use the buggy seat from about 6 months.

LuluLozenge Wed 01-Jun-11 16:02:12

Thank you nocake.

Coppernoddle Wed 01-Jun-11 18:14:20

To be honest, ate seeing little babies bundled up in those car seats! I know there convenient if your just nipping into town, I do it myself, but not for long periods! My carry cot was amazing! You can use them for daytime naps in the house, and if you've been out in the evening and there asleep in it, leave them in it through the night too, transfer them next feed, there amazing!! But definitely no linger than 2 hours!! It can really have an effect on the growth of their organs! smile

KellyCZ Wed 01-Jun-11 18:53:36

I read that the time limit for car seats and new borns was because of how soft their spines are that young - they need to be completely flat most of the time. I thought we 'd have to get a travel system but after many, many hrs on the internet I'm going to get the Petite Star Zia for 94 squids and save a fortune. Will also buy a Group 0+ car seat that should be good from birth till about 4 yrs. I read lots of people give up on travel systems after 3 mnths and get a fully reclining buggy that's light and car boot friendly.

harrygracejessica Wed 01-Jun-11 19:42:26

If its the mothercare travel system that is a lookie likey of the graco one then the graco carrycot should fit it too and they arent even that expensive. I know peeps pop out of the car for 10 mins etc but i know people that leave the house with the baby in the carseat on the buggy - if your going to do that then just buy a buggy that faces mum!! (rant over lol)

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