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Motivation to exercise

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glitternanny Wed 01-Jun-11 09:17:46

Before I fell pregnant I was doing weight watchers and trying to exercise a few times a week.

When I found out I stopped ww and although I've got 2 pregnancy suitable DVDs I'm finding motivation hard, not done them
once and now 15w. It's laziness really, no other reasons - no sickness to stop me.

I had a conversation with my OH and we both know I've put on weight, he said I've lost it before, I can loose it again once baby is here - thing is do I really wanna start again as a mummy? It's taken me years and a lotta work to loose 4 stone and get to a 16, I'm worried I'll end up huge but can't seem to motivate myself.

Any ideas??

MrsCLH Wed 01-Jun-11 09:22:40

Hey glitternanny

I have been a lot like this too and I was a serious gym bunny before I got pregnant, used to get in a right mood without my exercise! For the first 14 weeks I was too sick to do much but I'm 23 weeks now and it is very very hard to be motivated. So many perfect excuses, I'm tired, I need the rest etc.

I don't really have any advice other than to say that when I do exercise I feel amazing! I have tons more energy to do other things too and end up getting loads done. And then I feel lovely and tired, you know that best kind of tired when you've done a good workout and getting into bed feels like the best thing ever! And then I have a brilliant sleep!

And keeping fit is meant to make labour easier too - now there's an incentive!

As much as it is vert tempting to relax for a few months and just 'let it all go' lol, it will only be more work to get the weight off once baby is here, and more difficult to get motivated if you've let yourself get out of the habit.

All the best with it and take care.

MrsH xx

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