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Carrying low/Carrying high?

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worrytoomuch76 Tue 31-May-11 19:18:34

11 weeks with Baby No 2 here and really showing! I mean really showing! I've read that my uterus is around the size of a grapefruit at this point and may have risen up.

My question is, when can the bump be seen to be high or low? When did you start carrying like a "basketball" or "watermelon"? With DD I was massive all over but round and high. I don't remember showing at this stage.

Did you start off carrying low then get higher? Does carrying/shape really have anything to do with sex of baby? I've looked through a couple of threads on here already, but would love to hear from others on this one!

clairefromsteps Tue 31-May-11 19:57:27

I started off carrying low and the bump has just risen and risen until now -- I'm at 34 weeks and the baby's feet are generally in the region of my solar plexus. I think if she goes any higher, I'll be able to look down my throat and see her! With my last pregnancy I had twins and was huge all round, so this one totally different!

monkey32 Tue 31-May-11 20:52:19

I have 2 DS and 1 DD. DS1 is 5, DD is 2 and DS2 was born a week ago today. I had identical pregancies with my boys - ridiculously round and beach ball-esque bumps the whole way through. Bump with DD was much less neat and much lower down.

DS1 - 7lb2oz, DD - 7lb8oz, DS2 - 6lb15oz. So all similar sizes.

For what it's worth my boy pregnancies were very similar and my girl one different to them. Was spottier and much sicker with my boys (sick the whole way through with DSs, only until 16 weeks with DD). And also, although my bump was neat with DSs, my bum and thighs got much fatter.

worrytoomuch76 Tue 31-May-11 22:22:53

clairefromsteps - thanks for that and best of luck to you.
monkey32 - congratulations! And thanks for responding.
I just can not believe how huge my bump is! I know at 11 weeks DC is only around 4cm and I had a dating scan a couple of weeks ago! Also very stressful trying to conceal my pregnancy from colleagues & family. Would just like to wait for 12 week scan as highly superstitious.
Saw an amazingly low "beachball" on a lady in M&S today. I suppose old wives would say "definitely boy in there!"

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