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Rhesus negative - 35 weeks

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spatchcock Tue 31-May-11 18:50:29

Hi all,

Am 35 weeks this week and have just had a kind of panicked phone call from a midwife at my local hospital. Apparently I am rhesus negative and need to get an injection at the hospital asap.

I did a little bit of googling and it looks like if the baby I am carrying is positive then there could be a risk of jaundice etc, and more serious implications for a second pregnancy.

Anyone else had similar? Also, when did you have your injections and what IS this injection? Just when I thought I had a handle on this pregnancy thing...

witches Tue 31-May-11 19:06:10

Hi sorry to her the midwife has stressed you out! You should have got this injection at 28 weeks, i also had to chase mine up as no one mentioned it! As far as i can gather the main problems would occur with subsequent pregnancies and not this one and i think so long as you had it before the second it would be fine, yers ago people only got it with their second anyway. If you have not had any bleeding throughout pregnancy things should be fine. Hope this may have helped a little.

PinkFondantFancy Tue 31-May-11 19:08:51

Don't panic, the injection during pregnancy is only preventative in case you have a bleed. Once you've given birth they'll test the cord blood and if your baby is rhesus positive they'll give you another injection of anti-d which will stop you from making antibodies that may harm your next pregnancy.

Bogeyface Tue 31-May-11 19:14:06

What PinkFondantFancy said!

My other pg's were before the new protocol of giving anti-D in pregnancy and I just had it after they were born. In fact for various reasons i didnt have it after DS2 (now 5) was born and I am showing no antibodies in this pg at all so havent had it this time either and wont be doing after the birth as I am being sterilised.

She shouldnt have panicked you like that, but then I have noticed that my refusal to accept AntiD in this pregnancy has caused utter consternation in the MW's, they dont seem to be able to accept that I have my (well researched) reasons for refusing it!

Aslong as you have it within 72 hours of birth, you are protected for your next pg smile

spatchcock Tue 31-May-11 20:14:03

Thanks so much, guys! You've put my mind at ease. I guess she sounded panicked because I'm a few weeks late to have this injection.

Bogey, may I ask what your objections are, out of curiosity? I'd like to go in fully informed. Also, I'm wondering about my DP - if he is negative too does that mean an injection wouldn't be necessary?

Thanks again good women of mumsnet x

Bogeyface Tue 31-May-11 20:21:47

It was simply because I know that this will be my last baby, and as my bloods were showing no antidodies, I didnt see the need. AntiD is a blood product and I didnt want to have that without a clear need, and I dont see that there is one. This pg is fine, and I wont be having any future ones!

If your DP is Rh- then no, you wont need it as you wont produce a ++ baby.

spatchcock Tue 31-May-11 20:36:53

Oh I see - sorry, you said you were getting sterilised.

Might try and check DP's records, you never know.

Thanks again x

witches Tue 31-May-11 22:55:00

My partner is negative too and my consultant advised getting it anyway which confused me too but i think maybe in case you break up with partner and have another baby with someone else? As far as im aware there are no risks to getting the injection and members of my family had problems due to the blood mix so i went for it anyway. Bogeyface makes a good point if you do not wish any more children.

galwaygirl Tue 31-May-11 23:05:51

If your partner is negative you don't need it, however, There is a very slim chance that your partner could be partial d which may be why your consultant said you should still get it.
They refused to check my DH's blood type saying it was not policy to do so as the biological father may not be who the mother thinks/says - I think this is patronising and offensive.

Other countries don't give the anti-D at 28 weeks, it only protects you if you have a bleed around the time you get it so IMO is pointless to get routinely during pg. Anti-D is a blood product so it is not risk-free.

If you have a fall or bleed during pregnancy it's advised to get the anti-D within 72 hours.

newportstateofmind Tue 31-May-11 23:09:05

This has got me thinking now....I'm Rh- and I know I didn't have the jab during pregnancy. Can't remember if I had it afterwards or didn't need it because DS was also Rh-. Where would his blood group be recorded? Have looked in his red book but can't find it! Feel v neglectful! blush

PenguinArmy Wed 01-Jun-11 02:58:11

You can get tested for antibodies, then if you get pregnant again you will know.

I don't think they put it in the red book, but IME they just go ahead with testing the cord blood and let you know if you then need a anti-D jab. I already knew DD was +ve but they did the testing anyway.

I'm in the US for this pg and here they just test for antibodies at 28 weeks and give it if required then. Although they didn't actually point out I was Rh -ve or tell me what to do if I had a bleed etc. Also it's just a bleed, I had blood mixing due to tumble/fall so any blunt force trauma to the stomach etc. might necessitate one as well.

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