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Half my blood test results were lost - has this happened to anyone else?

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anatomyofasmile Tue 31-May-11 16:38:44

After a wonderfully positive pregnancy up to now (28 weeks) today has been rubbish. I went for a hospital appointment only to find out I have raised glucose levels and that the NHS have mysteriously lost half of my blood tests (taken way back in January) that tells everyone if I'm rhesus neg/pos. And I need an injection soon if I am neg. Then, because the surgery was running so late, the blood test clinic had shut (and they were rude) so I can't get re-tested today.

Also, I finally got my question about whether a cesarian is better/worse to recover from than the op for an ectopic preg that I had 2 years ago, answer: Much Worse. Such a bad news day!

So I'm feeling a bit pissed off/sorry for myself. To be fair, I know mistakes get made and I don't really mind about redoing the blood tests - though I shall try and get them done at the far more accessible and pleasanter doc's surgery - it's just that on top of the worry about my glucose being up (though it's not confirmed gestational diabetes yet, I worry it is - my Grandmother had diabetes), I've now lost faith in the NHS. It's not a nice feeling.

Okay, so on the positive side: I'm not planning cesarian and my baby is the right size and seems to be doing well, but I wonder if anyone else has had test results gone missing and what happened?

silverangel Tue 31-May-11 17:17:46

I haven't had results go missing but I have had hideous delays for appts etc - had an appt at 3pm one day and finally got seen at 7pm. Some things are just out of their control. That was after a bank holiday and there were backlogs of emegency scans from the weekend and tbh, if I was in an emergency situation I would rather someone not in an emergency was made to wait!

Lsat week, I had complications with my twin pregnancy and the NHS and the care I received were fantastic, I had TTTS diagnosed at 11am on the Thursday and they carried out laser ablation surgery that afternoon. I think sometimes the NHS and its very over stretched staff get a raw deal and a few test results going missing isn't really the end of the world in the grand scheme of things.

I got sent a copy of all blood tests and they are in my handheld notes and clearly state my blood type.

Northernlurker Tue 31-May-11 17:24:11

It's very unlikely they've lost the results. They will have lost the blood and it won't ever have been processed. That does happen a bit tbh - labs are handling huge numbers and some samples get knackered in transit etc. If you had an op for an ectopic pregnancy though I would have thought they would have established your blood group then in case you needed a transfusion. They do have to do it again - it doesn't change but we could have been wrong the first time grin However all that aside - somewhere in your records will be the pos/neg answer and whilst that will still need to be confirmed that might relieve some of your worries re the timescale for the injection? Your GP should be able to look that up I think.

hugeleyoutnumbered Tue 31-May-11 17:29:07

results lost three times, not analysed once because the lable was incorrect, sticker instead of written or the other way around. It got really boring very quickly, I felt like a pin cushion grin

TinyDiamond Tue 31-May-11 19:40:39

My booking bloods were lost which for me was horrendous as I have a terrible needle phobia and it was a difficult enough experience her getting the 4 vials of blood in the first place. So had to repeat a few weeks later.
I know others who have had the same thing where I live. Something to do with them sending them off to a lab over 100 miles away to save cash

candr Wed 01-Jun-11 19:23:02

I had awful time with bloods as have collapsing veins and needle phobia, the Dr I used to be with tried several times and failed then booked me into an evening surgery to have bloods only for me to find out at 7pm they do not take blood in the evening. Had to be brave and drive myself to hospitle for bloods and let them now about phobia (came round with a dr throwing water on me and a nurse holding a fan in m face) to find they did not label the bloods so they were lost and had to do it again. Every time I tell people about my veins they all rackon the will get it and after several goes admit it needs to be done from arm pit which bloody hurts. Have had 2 further lots lost and only found out my blood group recently (am 23+3)

3lilbears Wed 01-Jun-11 23:57:44

Oh yes, i remember that feeling very well my midwife lost my bloods a total of 3 times, i ended up giving her the nickname of vampire. Lol, i did loose all faith in her which was quite sad. Xx

Bonneboo Tue 02-Feb-16 12:47:01

yes, my blood results were lost couple of times as well. Then I was given other persons results, I had to point it out that this is definitely not my blood type. My last appointment I was given my old blood results, I was reassured that everything is normal. Only when I started comparing numbers with previous results, realized that both tests are identical, including dates. I understand mistakes happens, but how many times? No wonder NHS is busy, just to do simple blood test is mission impossible.

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