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Savory food and sex of baby??

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kri5ty Tue 31-May-11 12:12:07

Hi girlies

I am 12 weeks and just seem to want savpry foods all the time ie crisps, bread, potato spaghetti etc

I just wondered if this is you too, and what sex you are having?? Out of curiosity!!

mum2b072011 Tue 31-May-11 12:16:58

He-he i had these cravings!! Having a 'boy' .....

kri5ty Tue 31-May-11 12:18:42

ooo :-) i really dont mind what i am having (at first i was girl, girl, girl) but now as long as it is healthy i dont care hehe, i just wanted to ask the question for fun!

I actually keep slipping up and saying "he" when ever i talk about bump

mum2b072011 Tue 31-May-11 12:20:39

Me too .... noone knows apart from me and DP and i keep slipping up! I was always wanting a girl and DP wanted a boy but now i am loving the fact i am going to have a little man to welcome into this world smile

icravecheese Tue 31-May-11 12:20:47

had savoury cravings with first preg.... had a boy. Sweet, chocolate cravings with 2nd preg... had a girl.

Having savoury cravings this time round....20 wk scan tomorrow, if all is fine with baby, will ask about sex....hubby convinced girl, but based on cravings, I think boy again!

Cattleprod Tue 31-May-11 12:20:47

I craved sweet stuff and had a boy!

EsmeWeatherwax Tue 31-May-11 12:20:56

I had savoury cravings during both previous pregnancies, actually went off cake altogether. Both girls!

nunnie Tue 31-May-11 12:29:14

I craved fruit anything fruity, ice pops, and sugar basically with first was a girl. With 2nd, crisps and savoury it was a boy. Tjis time started of savoury but have recently gone to fruit and sweet and it's a girl. So I think for me it is just what my body needs at the time.

kri5ty Tue 31-May-11 12:42:40

oooo it will be interesting to find out! I dont think i can wait for another 8 weeks to find out lol

firsttimer84 Tue 31-May-11 12:57:47

i crave savoury and its a boy!

harrygracejessica Tue 31-May-11 13:01:22

I craved savoury and it was twin girls sweet stuff was a single boy and then everything going was twin boys.

MummyOfPrawn Tue 31-May-11 13:38:48

I have been craving cake and any other type of simple sugar - fruit, kid's cereals, chocolate. I never had much of a sweet tooth before I became pregnant. But contrary to the traditional old wives' tale, I am in fact expecting a boy.

QuickLookBusy Tue 31-May-11 13:44:52

I had savoury cravings with both pregnancies and had 2DDs

Though I don't really have a sweet tooth anyway.

pozzled Tue 31-May-11 13:46:59

I craved jelly sweets in early pregnancy, the more sugary the better, and am expecting a girl. My first pregnancy was also a girl and no cravings at all.

lolajane2009 Tue 31-May-11 13:53:57

first trimester i was eating mainly savoury and now in 2nd tri ( 24 weeks) i am craving sweet and ssour and i am having a boy.

candr Tue 31-May-11 13:58:09

I ate loads of savoury for first few weeks but think it was cause I needed the salt and sweet stuff tasted awful have switched now at about 16 weeks to wanting more sweet stuff than I have ever eaten am now 23 weeks and know it is a boy.

LadyGoneGaga Tue 31-May-11 15:06:15

I craved Scotch eggs and pork pies last time round - was a boy. This time round has been raw carrots, crunchy apples and celery - don't know what having yet. I think girl based on cravings. Am also carrying more all round. Was more out front with DS.

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