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18 weeks and not booked in yet......

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mumblejumble Mon 30-May-11 23:59:47

So am off the gp tomorrow to get myself booked into the system, but am nervous. My gp is not a pleasant woman, and am not looking forward to getting 'told off'.
I know it is really stupid to get this far and not be booked in, but didn't even realise I was pregnant until around 12ish weeks,( not had regular menses since dd) and then dc became ill etc etc. She is going to think I am an idiot. Also expecting v. important delivery tomorrow, although they will try to deliver again the next day if I am not in. I keep wanting to cancel, but dh says I am being selfish, and I should think of the baby.
But part of me thinks I am not really pregnant, I haven't felt any movement.
Also have scared myself silly reading about false pg positive results, and cancer.
Really don't want to go.
Plus it is half-term, so have to take dc with me, if my friend can't babysit. Even if she can, will have to take dd, who is being absolute horror.....
Feel really stupid leaving it so late...GP is going to think I am an idiot...

buttonmoon78 Tue 31-May-11 05:48:10

You've been a bit silly, nothing more, nothing less. So if she makes you feel like an idiot, then she's out of line.

Also, to be absolutely fair, would you have had any of the invasive testing on offer? If not, then say that you were trying to avoid the pressure that can come with that (once you had realised!).

Do you have to see your gp? Can't you book directly with your MW?

Good luck anyway.

apples82 Tue 31-May-11 08:45:19

Go get booked in and then it is done, and you won't have the stress of worrying about it hanging over you anymore.

iskra Tue 31-May-11 08:56:13

Check whether you actually have to see your GP. I just saw the practice nurse.

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