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Recommendations for hospital bag and changing bag?

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Yukana Mon 30-May-11 18:00:45

It seems all of the bags I own probably won't be suitable. It would be great if the changing bag and hospital bag were waterproof. Even so, just suggestions for bags in general would be great. grin

Completely lost as to what size I should be looking at, and especially on a budget of around £40-50 each. I guess my preferences are pretty vague, but honestly I'm at a loss here!

Joannezipan Mon 30-May-11 18:13:39

I got one of these from ikea I haven't used it yet though because we are still waiting for bubs to make an appearance. And for my hospital bag i'm using my gym kit bag.

candr Mon 30-May-11 20:18:56

With you on this one, wan waterproof, light weight ans suitabl for me or DH to carry (not looking girlie) am really strugglin as most seem to be £40.00 upwards. Am thinking of JJB sports or somewhere similar to get a small rucksack...

Scaredycat3000 Mon 30-May-11 20:43:24

I got some freebie changing bags, but never used them. What you will require out of your changing bag will depend on you and your baby. If you breastfeed you will need to carry very little to feed, if you plan to bottle feed you will have much more to carry. If your baby tends to muck clothes a lot then you will have to carry many more spare clothes, or if you use disposables/washable nappies. Also do you normally like to travel light or carry the kitchen sink?
I personally got myself a normal bag that covered my needs, with 3 large compartments, that I will continue to use for years. IMHO would internet shop when I know what my requirements are.

saoirse86 Mon 30-May-11 20:54:37

You'll need a much bigger bag for hospital than you will as a chnaging bag. Do you have a bag you'd use for a weekend away that you can use in hospital?

I got one of the £25 bags from next but now just use a big pre-baby handbag. I carry all kinds of crap but you don't need that much:
3 nappies
nappy sacks

That's about it for me TBH except I FF so usually have 3 bottles too.

I got one of these refillable boxes to put wipes in. It's loads better than having a whole pack of wipes. I got it in wilkinsons but I can't see it anywhere now! confused

Yukana Mon 30-May-11 21:50:09

I meant by the title that I was planning on buying two seperate bags. smile

I plan to breastfeed, but you never know what will happen I suppose. I don't have a holdall or a rucksack I can use sadly, hence how this topic came to be.

There are so many brands of nappies I have no clue which one to buy. I suppose I'll take a look on the reviews.

RunDMC Tue 31-May-11 07:29:40

Yukana if you join the Boots parenting club online you'll be sent a voucher that means if you buy a pack of nappies (pampers) you get a free changing bag worth about £35. I've got one and it's waterproof and looks ideal.

saoirse86 Tue 31-May-11 10:45:19

Sorry Yukana I didn't read it properly! blush

And when I was in hospital I might as well have taken a suitcase. I was in there for 6 days and ended up with about 4 big bags of crap stuff. confused It was actually mostly food and magazines. God I miss the days when I could read a magazine!


The picture's not working but this one's really cheap but depends if you like lilac (I'm also wondering if the price is a mistake confused). I'm not sure what size it is as they come in loads of sizes, fabrics and colours. Here's some pictures.

This one's £20 and they have other colours too.

This website has loads of things available.

Tons on precious little one (you have to scroll down the page to find them).

Skip Hop for £42 which I know are really popular. Same website duo version is £40.

LadyGoneGaga Tue 31-May-11 15:16:11

I just used the free Boots one for DS. Saw me through 2 years. You can always shove stuff under the buggy as well.

For hospital bag I just used a holdall. Could you borrow one?

TheTeaLady Thu 02-Jun-11 21:57:28

I used this
It's fab. Small and excellent for traveling. Can use it one handed. Still good and baby is one. Have them at John Lewis.

rightontime Fri 03-Jun-11 08:08:41

I have a Tesco value holdall that was £5 for hospital similar to this

and a dispatch bag for £10 as a changing bag. It has a wipe clean inner so is fab as a change bag. I went for the pink one as I am the one that uses it the majority of the time and I liked the pockets better but I looked at this one for its DP friendliness

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