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Any one else had ovarian cyst in pregnancy?

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SianRJ Mon 30-May-11 16:38:29

Hi i am just over 14 weeks pregnant and at my 12 week scan they found large cyst on my ovary. They are waiting until i am 16 weeks to have an operation to remove it. They said there is a risk of losing the baby. I have been very worried and my operation is next week :/ . I was just wondering if anyone is going through or has been through this? x

WinterLover Mon 30-May-11 16:42:37

How big is the cyst? I had a large cyst, it had shrunk to nearly 2cm by the 20w scan.

jezebelle Mon 30-May-11 16:42:59

Yes, but luckily they've taken a 'wait and see' stance as mine isn't huge, its been there since before i was pg and won't be removed till after, or at birth if i have c-section like i'm planning smile Mine is around 5 cm across but is fluid filled, i've had a few blood tests to check it remains harmless and many scans.

jezebelle Mon 30-May-11 16:43:52

oh, and i'm now 37 weeks, so not long now smile

SianRJ Mon 30-May-11 16:44:15

They said it was 6cm at the 12 week scan i have another scan to measure it again next week before the operation when i will be 16 weeks. How big was yours before it shrunk?

SianRJ Mon 30-May-11 16:45:54

to jezebelle - Oh that is good to hear and congratualtions! Yeh they said that mine was just fluid filled too. If they leave it for longer will they keep monitering me then to make sure it stays okay?

jezebelle Mon 30-May-11 16:47:26

If its fluid filled it can change constantly, for all i know mine may not be there any more, if you're worried you could refuse removal, however if its a solid cyst it won't shrink and could turn nasty xx

SianRJ Mon 30-May-11 16:49:26

Yeh they said it could change and get smaller or bigger aswell. He said i could refuse it but they said it could rupture or get bigger and start squashing against the baby or something. So im just hoping for the best with the next scan ! x

jezebelle Mon 30-May-11 16:50:00

I'd refuse then, having lost a baby at 14 weeks i wasn't prepared to risk anything, my consultant said it may get big and pop, but this was less likely to cause mc than surgery would, so we waited and saw smile

WinterLover Mon 30-May-11 16:54:46

Mine was 7cm, at my 12 weeks scan. They measured it at my 20w scan and it was down to 2cm as 'most' cysts shrink during pregnancy due to hormones. As Jezebelle said they are going to remove mine after the birth as removing it whilst pregnant can cause problems ie miscarrage.

Mine caused pain up until about 21 weeks since then Ive had no problems with it. I have a scan tomoro to check the size of it, for all I know its already burst and disappeared.

They told me the same that it could rupture or get bigger, if it ruptured it could bring on pre-term labour but thats only worst case senario. See how big it is at your scan but dont feel pressured into having it removed.

AngryFeet Mon 30-May-11 17:04:36

Yes I did. Was discovered at 6 weeks due to pain I was having which got very bad. The cyst was 11cm diameter. They didn't want to remove it in case it was the corpeus lutem cyst which feeds the baby until the placenta takes over at around 12 weeks. I was told to come in if the pain got worse in case it was rupturing. I ended up in hospital at 9 weeks with the pain where they kept me for a week as they kept changing their minds if they wanted to operate or not. Was a really fun week as I was in agony but they couldn't give me anything expect for paracetemol which I kept throwing up as they were massive tablets and my MS was bad. Anything else I ate I threw up too and they kept putting me on nil by mouth then changing their mind hmm. Anyway in the end they stuck a massive needle in my belly and drained the fluid which sorted the problem then they rescanned me after DS was born and the whole thing had dissolved smile

If I were you I would not have surgery unless it starts to cause pain and then see if they will drain it instead. Be warned though you may be in pain for a week after it is removed as everything down there has to move back into place which is very uncomfortable. Ask why they think a MC is a risk - if it is down to the corpeus lutem then that won't be a problem at 16 weeks anyway.

AngryFeet Mon 30-May-11 17:06:05

Oh and I lost a stone in the week I was in hospital - pretty impressive! Shame it was at a time when I didn't want to lose it!

SianRJ Mon 30-May-11 17:08:14

Thankyou both of you this has made me feel loads better ! I have only just joined this mumsnet today to talk to people as the past couple of weeks i have been so worried and just thinking of the worst! I already have a little boy who is nearly two and couldnt bear to lose this baby! I will keep in mind what you have said smile x

WinterLover Mon 30-May-11 17:09:37

Good luck for next week smile x

SianRJ Mon 30-May-11 17:14:41

AngryFeet Oh no! im glad it all turned out okay for you! I havent had any paing at all with this, which shocked them because they said people are normally in alot of pain especially because its bigger than normal but iv not felt anything. I didnt know that their was an option of draining it or anything. The doctor just basically said they want to remove it if its the same size but i could refuse the operation. And this is the first time iv heard other peoples experiances and i think i may refuse the operation if that seems the best for other people x

TwoJackRussellsandabean Mon 30-May-11 17:50:14

I had the exact same thing at my 12 week scan, have cysts on both my ovaries right hand side there are a number of small ones, left hand side there is one which is about 10.5 cm's (DH says 19.5cm, but I think he misread the screen) diameter. I had another scan at 15 weeks to check on it, had grown a tiny bit and I have to have a meeting with the consultant at my 20 week scan to figure out what the plan will be as regards the cyst, but I dont think that the hospital will do anything till the baby is there anyway, I would be very reticent to let them do anything unless the baby is in danger.

What they did say is that if I get pain to go back to the hospital straight away and I guess if the cyst twists I'll definitely know about it!!!

Fingers crossed that things are ok at your next scan, we took the view that we got another sneaky look at bump, who was right on schedule for dates and we got some extra photos, so was worth the worry and so far I dont have too much pain, more a bit of discomfort at various points during the day.

Fingers crossed things are okay grin

SianRJ Mon 30-May-11 18:04:57

TwoJackRusselsandabean (love your name by the way!) . It sounds like im going through pretty much the same as you then. They also told me to go back if i got pain and that and it could twist and cause alot of pain! I have just been talking to my partner about everyones views on here and we are thinking more about leaving it now and not having the operation. I didnt really feel like i had a choice before but now i have seen other peoples stories and i dont want to put my baby at risk if there is no real need to.

Are you carrying on as normal then? Because i was so excited before i found out this and the past couple of weeks i have been so worried at losing the baby that its took away the happiness. I think if i do decide to leave it then i have to carry on as if its a normal pregnancy as if this baby is deffinitly going to be okay. i dont know if its just me being negtive at the moment?

and thankyou smile

GemsyT Mon 30-May-11 20:17:05

Hey girls, I've got an ovarian cyst on my left ovary, which is 12cms by 8cms. At my 20 week scan, it was 15cm by 12cm and even though it's shrunk, I have to go back next Tuesday when they'll decide if they want to remove it. I really, really don't want an operation, as I'm scared it'll hurt my baby and it'll be a fulll-on op, not just keyhole surgery. But I'm also scared that it'll twist and then cause me to lose my ovary.

Do they usually shrink on their own, as I'm hoping that mine will. It's horrible, because I keep thinking of my lovely little baby in there, and then remember this big ugly cyst.

Hope you are all OK, good to know I'm not the only one xxxxx

jezebelle Mon 30-May-11 20:19:31

I've had pain on and off, more in the first 20 weeks, and was told if it became really painful to go to gynae ward and was given open access, but the bigger baby got the less worried i became. I got lots of scans between week 12 and 24, but none since as it was becoming more difficult to see but they were pretty sure it wasn't growing smile

TwoJackRussellsandabean Mon 30-May-11 20:48:05


not much you can really do tbh, listen to what the doctors say and then make your choice, it's not really made me do anything differently, I dont have much stomach capacity, think that it's a combination of baby and cyst, but I figure that it will help me to not put too much weight on!!

Someone else on the antenatal forums pointed out that the baby has loads of cushioning round it, so doubt that the cyst will affect it, worse case scenario, the baby will grow so much that the cyst will burst, or I'll just have a huge bump and a fab weight loss when it all gets sorted out!!!

Plus, you might never had known that it was even there without the scan and it's a natural thing, obviously not glam or sexy but natural nonetheless.

SianRJ Mon 30-May-11 21:06:34

thankyou very much everyone, im feeling abit more positive bout it now smile

WinterLover Tue 31-May-11 11:50:09

Sian Just thought id update you... had my scan this morning and the cyst has gone, there is nothing there now. They think the bleed I had the other week was it 'bursting' as baby was super kicky that night.

Cattleprod Tue 31-May-11 12:19:23

I had no idea they were so serious. At my 6 week scan they found a CL cyst (does anybody know what that means?) and didn't seem in the slightest bit bothered. They checked again during my 12 week scan (at my request) and it had virtually gone. Nobody mentioned operations etc.

SianRJ Tue 31-May-11 13:51:48

ahh im pleased for you smile hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and i hope the same happens to me!

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