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Morning sickness in the middle of the night???? anyone else??

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angeljefferson Mon 30-May-11 14:12:42

Im 6 + 1 weeks and I've been very nauseous for around a week now at different times of day! But the last 3 nights I've woke up at around 4am feeling very very sick, for the first time today I woke up , with what I can only describe as a horrible hangover (no I havent been drinking!) and wretched for around 30 mins down the toilet (there was nothing to bring up), I managed a banana at around 10am, but its taken me to 1pm to actually eat properly! Has anyone else out there got night time sickness? I seem to feel ill at morning, around 4pm, 8pm and then 4am.....

Baby2b Mon 30-May-11 14:40:45

Hi there, I regularly woke in the early hours feeling sick and often was sick. Found eating a light supper ( toast/banana) really helped and had biscuits by my bed. Try and nibble on something before you get up to keep your sugar levels up. Lots of light meals helps with general sickness. I'm not going to suggest more specific foods as different things work for different people. Just have what you fancy and try to listen to your body. Lots of fluids to stop dehydration. Really hope this helps.

MamaLaMoo Mon 30-May-11 16:20:35

Go to your doctor and get drugs, severe morning/noon/night sickness does not have to be put up with. Why are pregnant women so willing to put up with horrible symptoms when things exist to treat them? Likewise constipation, piles, pelvic girdle pain should any of these things come your way later on.

I had 24 hour dreadful nausea and ended up at GP after spending a morning physically shaking from the effort of not vomitting, I hate being sick. She gave me Avomine travel sickness pills which made the next 3 months manageable. They have been used for decades, my mum took them, and have never been linked to any problems with birth defects etc.

MollyMurphy Mon 30-May-11 16:33:44

When pregnant I was sick morning, noon and night - night being the worst actually. Morning sickness is an insulting term for something that can take over your life. I was on the only pill I was offered for morning sickness (Diclectin) and it didn't do a thing to help but....everyone is different - you should talk to your Dr.

Iggly Mon 30-May-11 16:36:47

I too found regular light meals helped. Also certain foods high in vitamin B helped me (some research says that vit B can help) - stuff like brown rice, eggs, nuts were my staples for the first 12 weeks!

PrincessScrumpy Mon 30-May-11 16:38:39

MamaLaMoo - I think we put up with them after the morning sickness drug used in the 1950s ended up affecting the baby and we don't want to take the risk.

I'm expecting twins and my "morning" sickness was horrendous for 16w. I found various things helped. I would eat something before bed (anything I could stomach). I found that if I went for an hour without eating in the day I had problems so I had a big bag of those cheesey nibbles in shapes in my drawer. Bland and salty seemed good. DH would also bring me a drink first thing. Some people swear by rich tea biscuits but I couldn't even face them first thing so it was a glass of coke for me! I don't usually have fizzy drinks in the house but I think the sugar and caffiene really helped. I also wore travel sickness bands - not sure how much they helped as I didn't take them off to see if I would feel worse!

MW said just eat what you can, even if it's mcdondalds, once the sickness stops you can try to be a bit healthier.

Bizarrely, I'm 23w now and keep forgetting how sick I was. With dd1 I was sick once and felt a bit queezy for 1 week, this time I've projectile vomitted a lot, usually with dd1 singing songs to make me feel better outside the loo door!

It does pass but if you really can't handle it I would suggest talking to your GP. I did find the more tired I was the more sick I felt, so early nights too (but that meant going longer without food so it was a double-edged sword).

Hope you feel better soon x

PrincessScrumpy Mon 30-May-11 16:39:23

Ooooh yes, dh bought me some vitamin B supplements too as we read that.

Iggly Mon 30-May-11 16:43:19

Randomly if I had brown rice at dinner I didn't feel so dodgy come night time?!

icravecheese Mon 30-May-11 16:49:51

yes, I didnt get sickness in the morning this time round, only evening sickness (Started around 4pm, got progressively worse throughout evening). Because I felt dicky in the evening, I never ate much dinner, then used to wake in the middle of night feeling terrible & nauseous. I think the only solution is to eat a bowl of cereal or piece of toast right before bedtime (or as late as poss), or leave some crackers or something by your bed incase of night time nausea. Luckily mine passed at around 14 weeks....hope yours passes soon! x

Baby2b Mon 30-May-11 17:04:39

I actually ended up taking avomine tablets, but only because I was getting progressively worse and living on ice lollies.

Very sensible advice from princessscrumpy. The baby will get what nutrients it needs from you. So a few weeks of eating what you feel like is nothing to feel guilty about. Weirdly enough I have never had a sweet tooth and eat pretty healthy. All I could keep down for about two months was lucozade, toast and salty foods.

Would def try to exhaust all the traditional methods before resorting to tablets. Acupuncture is meant to work wonders. Ginger gave me the worst heartburn and made my sick burn my throat, but be prepared to have it recommended to you by everyone! smile

MamaLaMoo Mon 30-May-11 17:21:13

Thalidomide was used to treat morning sickness in some women in the 50s and 60s, although it was actually first developed as a sedative, and some of these women had babies with severe birth defects. That doesn't mean in 2011 you should grin and bear horrible sickness and nausea.

There are many different drugs safely in use these days in pregnancy which can treat morning sickness and lots of other things. I have never had the luxury(?) of having a natural drug free pregnancy as I have a potentially life threatening autoimmune disease and have taken drugs which suppress my immune system and treat the condition all through my last, perfectly healthy, pregnancy and this one. I do get the luxury of the best antenatal care from a specialist high risk obstetric unit with the most knowledgeable clinicians. I get a bit upset/frustrated/annoyed by the tendency to portray any clinical intervention in pregnancy as something to be mistrusted and avoided. Please don't keep suffering because you have consciously or unconsciously adopted this viewpoint.

Drugs are not routinely tested on pregnant women, to be honest they are not routinely tested on women full stop, most clinical trials are on males aged 18-25 but that is a different issue. That does not mean unlicensed for pregnant women (not tested) drugs will cross the placenta and do harm. Many do not cross because they are too big, many do no harm even if they do. The drugs I have to take have been used since the 1950s on thousands of pregnant women and no birth defects have ever been linked to them but many women have been able to have kids who would otherwise have been too sick, or dead.

Anti-sickness drugs used safely for decades should be trusted as much as the humble paracetamol. See your doctor. The obstetrician looking after me said it was important to get treated for bad morning sickness as a) otherwise you suffer unnecessarily b) it can get worse as you can develop psychological food avoidance and c) ultimately the baby doesn't grow properly.

p.s. there is no scientific evidence to support the B vitamin helps morning sickness hypothesis. Vitamins are just drugs after all, ones that crop up in vegetables. Why would you be happy to take large doses of them and not a trusted anti-sickness pill? Too much of certain vitamins can do serious harm to a baby, vitamin A for example results in the same birth defects as thalidomide.

foxinsocks Mon 30-May-11 17:22:24

I had to eat a bowl of cereal before bedtime

this seemed to stop the middle of the night sickness. Cornflakes.

Iggly Mon 30-May-11 17:29:38

Vitamins aren't drugs. Vitamin pills are synthetic versions of naturally occurring vitamins - not quite the same. I do agree about taking supplements though - they actually made me sick. However studies have suggested that vit b6 can help some women so if you eat foods which contaiin it, what's the harm?

I'd suggest eating foods which you crave as that is your body's way of getting the right nutrients.

SianRJ Mon 30-May-11 18:10:29

I had really bad sickness with both pregnancys. I went to the doctors and he gave me 'Avomine' tablets that i took with the last pregnancy and am taking them again with this pregnancy. They are amazing! I was being sick most of the day and sometimes waking in the night with it but as soon as i took the first tablet it stopped the sickness straight away! You take one at night and one in the morning if its really bad or just one at night if its not that bad. i really recommend these! Good luck with everything smile

magicmelons Mon 30-May-11 18:24:36

Yes, was really sick with my first 2 it was all day long, in this pregnancy i started out quite nauseous and sick but most and was waking up in the night to be sick. But i managed to get it under control and nowhere near as bad as before.I was in hospital for a week last time because of dehydration and low pottasium.

I have religiously eaten every 2 hours, hungry or not and eaten low gi foods as much as possible including a bowl of porridge with rice milk at night which definitely helped. Constantly eaten grapes and apples. It's been a pleasure compared to the last pregnancies. I have a dd and ds so its not sex related. I had to come of teh contraceptive pill because it gave me MS.

My MW told me i need to watch what i eat the other day because i my bmi was 26 at 13 weekshmm ( huge boobs and i'm big for dates, its normally 25 but i go spinning 3 times a week and run alot, still am) i actually had to take a deep breath, at this stage of my pregnancy last time i weighed about a half a stone less than usual.

I must be over the worst of it as i haven't been sick for at least a week smile, still eating thoughgrin

nannyl Mon 30-May-11 18:51:57

poor you

yes i had that too with my HG.... Id be FAST asleep and get about 5 seconds notice that i was gonna be sick.... thankfully i sleep next to en-suite door, which then had to remain open at all times, and loo seat up always, so i could just about get there in time. (mostly)

Its horrible, just horrible. Im now 25 weeks and havent had middle of night sickness for at least 8 weeks now. (Just day and mostly morning)

angeljefferson Tue 31-May-11 10:15:16

thanks everyone for your comments!

I think I'm going to try and eat before bed and leave biscuits next to my bed, I'm feeling quite sick now, but I only seem to be able to tolerate bland foods such as buiscuits, crisps or chips with salt on! But I do have a craving for fruit (which unfortunately leaves me with heart burn!)!

Its comforting to know other people felt the same, last night was the first night I havent woke up feeling sick, I ate a few crisps before bed late last night with DH, so it must work!!

Fingers crossed it doesnt last too much longer......we do keep joking its twins after how fast my pregnancy tests came up (the positive line before the test line in 10 seconds a week before my period was due, I did about 5 to make sure!) and my size 6 frame seems to have a nice swolen belly already! I keep you all informed when I find out!

Dummyhunter Wed 01-Jun-11 06:56:01

Me too- l am shattered been up all night with a teething 14m old or throwing up but l have to say that l do feel better in the evening when l eat - whether l want it or not! Oh and remember to keep the fluids up - MW said this was the most important thing - you dont want to be dehydrating.

angeljefferson Wed 01-Jun-11 12:41:17

oh god......this is getting worse!

Ive been sick 3 times this morning, and the nausea has been constant since yesterday morning! its horrific, I cant stand the thought of food, and all I can do is sip juice. I havent had any nausea free time for over 36 hours now, I was nearly sick in my sleep!

Should I contact my doctor, or wait a little longer?

nannyl Wed 01-Jun-11 15:42:52

if you think you are deydrating go to Dr. (and take a wee sample)

when i got really bad (about 8 weeks) when MS became HG i was at the dr daily 3 days in a row, and finally on the 3rd day i was admitted to hospital. Me and OH were discussing this last night actually, and he said next time im pg to go to Dr earlier...
well i did go 3 days in a row.. the issue I had was that I couldnt keep down anything at all. (not even ice that melted into my mouth, or crucially the anti-sick tablets) I went over 72 hours without keeping a single thing in me (hence dehydrated) and if i just tried to have a SIP of juice somehow it vomit a bowl full of liquid, so just trying to drink was dehydrating me even more than if i hadnt bothered trying in the 1st place.

I vote GO to Dr.... although be prepared to get worse and worse sad (and lets hope you dont), and also go back and back again if need be.

Oh and i found it was easier to take my tablets without vomitting them if i lay COMPLETELY still, in the dark for an hour, and just tried to deep breath. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt, but i knew i just HAD to try and keep them in to stand any chance of not spiralling down hill pretty fast.
I took them 8 hourly at 7am 3pm and 11pm

I hope you feel better soon X

angeljefferson Fri 10-Jun-11 11:30:39

Well I ended up in hospital with officail Hyperemersis and couldnt eat for 4 days, no fluids for 48 hours and was in severe ketosis, I rang the midwife for 3 days in a row to be told to eat ginger and little and often (as though I didnt know this) and ended up admitted via the EPAC unit, I was there for some mild brown bleeding I had, which I think was from the pressure of the the vomitting!!
Good news though, baby is a good 7weeks 5 days, and a strong heart beat! I was on IV anti sickness drugs and 3 bags of fluids all day to rehydrate me, I'm now on cyclazine, and hoping this will keep the sickness at bay! I've managed to eat for the first time this week and keep it down!
I should have listened to nannyl sooner, your story sounds like an identical story as mine, my partner was crushing ice cubes, desperate to get me to have some fluids, only for a huge amount to be vomitted back up, my ketones were 4+, it hasnt been a nice experience at all, I'm prepared I may have to be admitted again as well! I've obviously got a good healthy baby x

nannyl Fri 10-Jun-11 13:46:13

so sorry to read that sad

yes that sounds just like me. I have to say unless you (ie one) has experianced HG you have no idea how horrific / debilitating it is.

Good luck with your anti-sick tablets... how long have you been on them?

Im 26 weeks now and down to 2 a day. The last 2 or 3 weeks my sickness has decreased a lot.... now only 1 / 2 timers per week.... before that it was every day or maybe 2 days if lucky.

I really really really hope your tablets work for you smile For me they worked for a couple of days (and i felt great when i left hospital) but i felt really crap & was vomitting again within 72 hours.
When i left my midwives made it quite clear that the tablets were to give me the opportunity to take enough fluids sometimes, to not dehydrate drastically and i WOULD still be sick... once i was on them i never went more than 36 hours vomiting EVERYthing!
I highly recommend acupunture (and getting semi permenant needle plasters in your wrists).... things started getting marginally better for me when i did that!

Oh & I think i could strangle people who suggest i ate ginger / ginger biscuits / flat coke etc etc.... i tried EVERYthing lol and i think even now eating a ginger biscuit would make me be sick!

so pleased your baby is well and i really really hope you manage to stay out of hospital for the rest of your pregnancy.

You have my deepest sympathy!

angeljefferson Fri 10-Jun-11 16:11:43

I only got discharged last night, and started the tablets last night....they discharged me with zofran, but I was reluctant to take it due to the uk guidelines on hyperemersis, so my GP has written up a repeat of cyclizine........ 3 daily, what do you take?

I have to admit, as the day has gone on i feel as though I am deteriorating already, I'm feeling gradually sicker, the nausea has never gone away, but I've been able to eat and drink as normal and actually get out of bed and dressed!!!

I am currently wearing acupressure bands, which do seem to help a little.....I am (strangley enough) trained in acupuncture, because I'm a physiotherapist, and I did consider needling myself, but I would prefer to wait until after I'm 12 weeks to reduce the risks, we dont tend to use it on women in their 1st trimester with a history of miscariage. But I will defo think about it if I'm still feeling like this in a few weeks.....oh and we are due to go to Turkey for 2 weeks, in 5 weeks time!!!! I'm desperatly hoping I have it under control by then, I can cope with morning sickness and nausea, but this is unrelenting!

It's quite comforting to talk to someone who has had the same thing......give me good old morning sickness any day!!

finger crossed I stay away from hospital and drips for the next 7 months!!

by the way, do you know what you are having?

nannyl Fri 10-Jun-11 16:33:06


I dont what i am having as little person had their legs closed and no bits visible at all! I have a feeling its a girl but i dont know.

I went down hill pretty fast after coming out of hospital too.
finally got some improvement at 16 weeks, though weeks 7 - 14 were just horrendous.

I really hope you feel better soon.... what helped me (occasionaly) was a middle of night ribena ice lolly. (I realise what helps 1 person with HG often doesnt help anyone else)

Also OH being in bed next to me (and just turning over or moving) made me sick so he had to go into spare room.

i managed to stay out of hospital (just). Was on 3 cyclizine a day (taken at 8 hour on the dot intervals or else disaster) but at 20 weeks went down to 2. I keep trying to reduce further (and failing and ending up back on 3 again)

I also STOPPED folic acid (as it made me sick, so i didnt benefit from taking it anyway) and midwives didnt mind as had taken it for 5months before getting pg.

I agree HG is horrific and without having it (i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy) you just cant understand how horrific it is.

some gentle un-mumsnet-like hugs from me.

beware... a few times the tablets took away most of the nausea (bliss smile) but not the sickness so i would just vomit with NO warning what so ever, where-ever i was. including in bed and while sitting on the loo lol

lightsandshapes Fri 10-Jun-11 16:34:30

yes, I had this a couple of times. I would get up and eat a bowl of cereal in t he middle of the night with a banana chopped on top.

It evened out the blood sugar and lined my stomach and I woke up feeling better in the morning!

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