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First Pregnancy! 7 weeks.... Sheer exhaustion, constant nausea Any advice?

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Moomin1000 Mon 30-May-11 11:08:54

I had to call in sick today as I can barely get in the shower each day let alone go to work!!! I have this constant nausea and occasional vomiting which i findit hard to concentrate &this exhaustion. I have bought some travel bands which help alittle bit!
Do you think its acceptable being off work? I was off last week has Dr diagnosed a ruptured cyst on my left ovary & was really scary as they thought it may be etopic but all was ok.... but advised me 3 days rest! I cant face returning to work my job involves alot of responsibility and driving (which makes the nausea worse) thanks for advice guys xxx

Cattleprod Mon 30-May-11 11:14:51

You have to put yourself and your tiny baby first and get some rest. Work will cope. Just try and eat whatever you can face, don't worry too much about what it is. Keep drinking so you don't dehydrate - I found milk was the easiest to keep down without feeling sloshy and sick, plus it has more calories than water, juice etc. Your iron might need topping up too - try spatone in a glass of juice, and make sure you're taking your folic acid.

Hope you feel better soon.

ButterflySally Mon 30-May-11 11:20:57

Hi, I took a few days off in my first trimester. I just couldn't face getting on the tube, getting to work, sitting at my desk all day getting hardly any quality work done because I was feeling absolutely rubbish, nauseous and overwhelmingly tired!

If I felt particularly nauseous in the mornings, I was scared I would vomit on the tube so tended to stay home if it felt like it would be a bad day! I admire those women who can soldier on during the first trimester.

Are work aware you are pregnant? After I took a few days off, I informed my manager I was pregnant as I didn't want to affect my sickness record (and didn't want her to think I was skiving). She was very understanding and it helped.

humph123 Mon 30-May-11 14:46:09

if you feel you can't cope and need the rest definitely take time off, you need to look after yourself. i was absolutely drained in the first trimester and felt nauseous every day. i'd get home from work and go straight to bed. speak to your manager and tell them the situation. the tiredness was so debilitating. i'm 39 weeks now and yes the tiredness does return but nothing like how it was in the first trimester.

nellyjane Mon 30-May-11 14:53:01

I had to take two weeks off work during my first trimester. I was only actually sick once, so I felt like I was being a complete wimp, but I was just so nauseous and exhausted that I literally could not stand up. At one point I remember crawling to the bathroom on my hands and knees! There was no way I could have managed getting dressed and making it all the way into work, let alone achieve anything productive while I was there. Just horrible, you have my sympathy. Take care of yourself and your baby, and fingers crossed you'll be feeling better soon.

Moomin1000 Mon 30-May-11 19:35:33

Thank you very much for everyone's advice! It's do good to know I'm not alone in feeling like this! My mum came over today & was so unhelpful by telling me she had no sickness/ tiredness in any of her pregnancies thanks again xxx

thebean82 Mon 30-May-11 20:12:31

Hi Moomin! Completely know how you feel. Weeks 6-9 were the worst for me.. first they told me I had miscarried (but found out a week later it was a mistake), then I had constant sickness and exhaustion. Nothing seemed to help... I tried 5 different types of tablets, sickness bands, ginger etc etc. I would speak to your Dr as they signed me off work straight away. I was off for a month and have since been back part-time only (I am nearly 12 weeks). I was worried about everyone thinking I was pathetic but they have been great.... in the end I told my boss (which I was petrified about) and he was supportive too. Occupational Health were also great so would recommend talking to them if you have one at your work. My advice would be to make sure you take it easy... and don't rush back too soon. My sickness has eased a lot now but still ridiculously tired. It does get better! Hang in there and don't give yourself a hard time. Hope you feel better soon! xx

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