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Pregnancy pains

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EllieUK Mon 30-May-11 09:45:07

I only found out i was 7 weeks pregnant last thursday, ive been suffering from exhaustion, yo-yoing emotions and constant toilet breaks for the last month, never dreaming i was pregnant as i was still having periods, went to the docs where i found out that my plans of world domination have been slightly postponed due to pregnancy hehe..

I was starting to feel abit under the weather on saturday but i thought it was just stress as my partner keeps informing me, so i just ignored it and kept going.
It finally reached a peak yesterday during the last half of my shift, shooting pains across my back and down my legs, painful neck, trouble breathing, severe cramping and pounding headache..
Managed to drag myself to A&E where i was seen by a doctor within 5 minutes of the triage nurse examining me.

They diagnosed me with a severe UTI infection, put me on amoxicillin and signed me off work for the next 72 hours.
With the cramping they are slightly concerned so they have booked me in for a scan tomorro to check that it isnt a fallopian tube pregnancy or miscarriage.
I have been checking every toilet run for signs of bleeding which thankfully so far there has been none..

I have been told by other mothers as well as my own that cramping in pregnancy is normal as its your uterus expanding to accomodate the baby.

Work are also being very unsympathetic..this weekend is a prime example of how they think i can carry on as normal even when i feel like crap and im worried i could lose my job because of all these problems..They are less than impressed that ive fallen pregnant right ontop of the summer holidays.

PoppysMom Tue 31-May-11 06:28:07

Hi Ellie

Cramps are normal in pregnancy, but your shooting pains don't sound like cramps. The cramps I had feel like period pains and pulling sensations.

However, I woke up one night screaming in pain in my abdominal region and was convinced that I was miscarrying. I have no explanation for the extreme pain, but I am still pregnant and bean is absolutely fine.

I guess wait for your scan, as you can't really do much else. Rest and try not to worry. No bleeding is good!

In regards to work: Have you informed your manager that you are pregnant?
They can not legally dismiss you for being pregnant, so don't worry too much about that now.

Hope you feel better today.

Please do come back and let us know how the scan went.

Wottywot Tue 31-May-11 08:30:00

Good luck for tomorrow. You work people sound horrid, it's not up to them when you conceive! I know UTI Infections can be very very painful so it could just be down to that too. x

EllieUK Tue 31-May-11 16:58:23

Hi guys good news..went for my early pregnancy scan this morning and im apparently 4-5 weeks only lol..the baby is in the correct place and everything looks fine..
I also went bk to the docs to see if the could advise me on things i can do at work as im obviously still in agony with my UTI and he said to have until nxt monday off and hopefully ill be feeling much better by then smile

PoppysMom Wed 01-Jun-11 05:45:23

Great news about your scan Ellie smile

cookie9 Wed 01-Jun-11 08:32:04

Hope you are feeling better soon. Time off due to pregnancy doesn't count as sick leave so if you haven't told work and they are moaning about the number of sick days you have had then consider telling them you are pregnant. Glad the scan went well. Just take it easy until you are feeling better

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