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How can I get rid of this bloody cough?

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Joannezipan Sun 29-May-11 21:00:43

I have been coughing for about 4 days now, I have pulled a muscle in my bump and haven't really slept because every time I lie down I start hacking away. My throat fells like I have sand papered it. It is so bad that when I get a coughing fit I can't breath or stand up straight. I'm 37+3 and I'm paranoid i'm going to go into labour and not be able to breathe. I went to the docs and they were useless. HELP ME!

roz1982 Sun 29-May-11 21:05:21

oh god this sounds horrendous!! what have you tried already? is it one of those awful tickly coughs? My husbands a pharmacist and might be able to help - what type of cough is it? Glycerin honey and lemon type stuff is all you can have - when I had a horrendous cough like that cough drops that numb your throat helped me but dont know if you can have them in pregnancy.

littlebrighteyes Sun 29-May-11 21:15:30

stand in bathroom with hot shower running for the steam=olbas oil -inhale it...............-co dine is ood for coughs but dont think we can take it prenant-it suppress the coughing action......

if it feels like your chest is tight could be chest infection-which anti bitics would clear up-

summerpixie Sun 29-May-11 22:22:42

I had a chest infection for over 4 weeks. It was viral so the antibiotics didn't clear it. I tried ginger tea, Manuka Honey & lemon and then eventually Apple Cider Vinegar. The cough has finally cleared either through time or with the help of the vinegar. Not entirely sure but it's worth a try.
I mixed a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of honey and diluted it down with some hot water. I drank it a bit at a time and it wasn't too bad. Just don't drink a whole cup at once or it'll most probably make you puke! Hope you get better soon. X

CBear6 Sun 29-May-11 22:40:27

Codeine is fine in pregnancy but has to be at a specific dose and has to be prescribed by a doctor. I got pregnant while taking liquid codeine for a cough (cost me 30p for a huge bottle - Tunisian pharmacies are great!) and worried I'd hurt baby. My GP told me it was fine, then at 18 weeks I had back spasms and they prescribed me it as a painkiller, at 26 weeks I fell over in the bath and was again prescribed it.

Make an appointment to see your GP and they'll be able to sort something out. I've just gotten rid of a cough myself so I know how awful it is. Honey helps, tilt your head back and let it sort of run down your throat, dissolving it in hot water with lemon juice and two paracetamol is good too. I second the hot shower but didn't try olbas oil so can't comment on that. Sleeping slightly propped up helped too, so lots of pillows in the bed, and leaving a window open to stop it getting too stuffy.

Joannezipan Sun 29-May-11 22:52:30

Thanks Ladies. I guess I'll try and get another doctor's appointment next week. Maybe a different doctor though angry. DH is making honey and lemon now and then i'm going to send him to scour the bathroom cupboard for paracetamol! Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight...that would make me feel so much better. I have my last day at work on Tuesday, I'm going to make sure I cough all over the gitoid that infected me! angry

gillykins2011 Mon 30-May-11 11:38:36

Joannezipan - go and see your gp as there is a lot they can give you. My gp laughed out loud when I said about the risks of taking antibiotics - once you are in the 3rd trimester apparently it's a lot safer. I had something similar to you and was trying not to take my normal inhalers too - which again was apparently the wrong thing to do! My cough was making me sick and I had started to leak amniotic fluid so baby stopped moving and we had a worrying couple if weeks so dont think it's just a cough - make sure you keep pushing if you don't feel well.

snotdroolanddirtybums Mon 30-May-11 11:49:08

oh i have the same sort of thing! not getting any sleep with it and due to my very weak muscles it makes me wee all the time blush No help but just thought id sympathise smile

UrsulaBuffay Mon 30-May-11 11:51:15

Manuka honey I have heard from a few people recently, a spoonful. Sure honey is ok in pg? <been a while>

CBear6 Mon 30-May-11 12:03:03

Honey is fine in pregnancy, it's only babies under 12mo can't have it

Beesok Mon 30-May-11 14:59:41

Can I join you ladies in the cough club? sad Hope you feel better Joannezipan I have had a throat infection since Friday which is now a full blown sinus infection with horrible coughing fits sad
I went to see the GP and they prescribed painkillers and antibiotics also said the steam shower thing is good - however be careful with olbas oil when I wanted to buy a while ago the pharmacist in boots said not to use it when pregnant.
Am currently on lemon/honey/ginger tea but might give the apple cider a try!

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