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Your top pregnancy tips

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CBear6 Sun 29-May-11 19:27:30

I've read loads of handy things on the forum and wondered if anyone would like to share any hints/tips/ideas that have helped them during their pregnancy(cies)?

- DS was an end of August baby so from about June onwards I was sweltering, especially at bedtime. One afternoon DH two-thirds filled an empty bottle with water and chucked it in the freezer. At bedtime he wrapped it in a tea towel for the moisture and gave it to me, a cold water bottle to keep me cool while I fell asleep smile (this also works for labour, it melts slowly so you'll have an icy cold drink in the delivery room)

- sleeping with a pillow between your knees can ease achy legs and hips. My hips ache terribly (always the left one) and this really does make it slightly better

- you can get Gaviscon on (free) prescription. I know that sounds like common sense but first time round I was buying it and spending a fortune until a friend clued me in

- you can use a pillow case as a Moses basket sheet, just put the mattress inside it and tuck the edges in.

Brewster Mon 30-May-11 19:00:50

rest before the baby comes.

rest when it sleeps - - - i know everyone says this but I didnt and i regretted it - - will try to do it this time round.

if you have dogs arrange for someone to walk them/ look after them in the first few weeks after the baby comes.

dont put any pressure or expectations on yourself for how it all ' should ' go!

CBear6 Mon 30-May-11 19:06:43

Brilliant advice, Brewster smile

With DS I wanted to be "perfect" and ended up at the doctors with breathlessness and tremors - turns out it was anxiety related from putting too much pressure on myself.

newmum001 Mon 30-May-11 19:09:55

deffinately sleep loads towards the end, if only for the fond menories of being able to sleep when and for how long you liked!

Also enjoy the first few weeks of having a newborn and not worry about silly talk of getting into a routine! I stressed from day one and looking back now it was ridiculous, i wish i'd been able to relax.

mrsmarzipan Mon 30-May-11 20:08:39

The BEST advice I ever have had and used was to pack Tea Tree oil in your labour bag. If you tear or have grazes put a couple of drops on the maternity towel and it keeps you feeling fresh, stops the sting and keeps bacteria at bay.
Have used it with both previous labours and will do so again in this one!

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