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Nursing bras for larger busted ladies

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witches Sun 29-May-11 18:54:55

i have used underwired bras throughout ptrgnancy as i am rather busty and to be honest do not feel supported and think i look a little madonna esque in the non underwired ones. I read a lot on this and as long as well fitted should be ok with underwired. Basically rapidly heading towards 34g not fitting and assuming prob be up at H by nursing stage is it ok to still wear underwired while breastfeeding?

Zipitydoda Sun 29-May-11 18:58:20

You can buy underwired feeding bras. I have some 34gg by elOmi. I think Anita maternity bras are also underwired.

Eviepoo Sun 29-May-11 18:59:44

Someone a couple of weeks ago posted a link to these as a f/g cup I'm planning to order a couple. They look good.

camdancer Sun 29-May-11 19:13:28


I had some Anita nursing bras. They aren't underwired but are very supportive. I think mine were 34H.

domesticslattern Sun 29-May-11 19:13:31

I heartily recommend the Anita underwired feeding bras, but probably not for 2 or 3 weeks after you have your baby as my tits changed size so much in those first few weeks, so wait for things to settle down then get yourself measured.

katz Sun 29-May-11 19:15:20

i had huge boobs when breast feeding 34j's and actually found the non-underwired far more comfy. nothing to dig into inflating and deflating boobs.

Scaredycat3000 Sun 29-May-11 21:07:30

I'm a 34HH and found non-wired bras depressing. This time I'm going to convert some underwired bras into feeding bras with some old clips and ribbon. My biggest concern with the Anita bras is that they miss DD and FF so the H cup would be more like an F cup IYSWIM?

idlevice Mon 30-May-11 08:13:02

Go to bras4mums, they can give brill advice over the phone if you are not near one of their local fitters. They fitted me when I was overseas all by email & skype. I was 32G to start with. Bravado are a good choice for comfort for non-wired bras, say for sleeping or days at home, & they even have one that covers a range of sizes - not great shape but ideal for when milk comes in & early days.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 30-May-11 08:25:47

Ooh, which Bravissimo ones are you guys recommending, just the Anitas? I bought 2 or 3 from them, softcup nursing bras, and HATED every single one of them - no support, no shape, total waste of money. The Anita underwire were the only brand that worked for me at all.

Scaredy, I found the Anita to run true to size even though they skip some. I was a 32GG after giving birth the first time, and a 34G fit me fine although a bit loose at the back.

MrsKitty Mon 30-May-11 08:31:07

I love Freya for nursing bras - I know they go to a GG -possibly more. Not underwired, but very well built, and the most supportive I came across.

I had a few Anita softcup nursing bras, and whilst they were lovely & soft material, they were absolutely rubbish at giving any kind of support! Never tried their underwire though and hear it's pretty good.

jasmine51 Mon 30-May-11 08:32:40

Another one for the underwired Anita bra here. Sizing seems fine although they come up a size less than they say. I am now 36H and this time is the first time Ive had a problem believing the sizing as it seems smaller than the 36G...but it may just be because its new and needs a bit of stretching

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