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How many maternity clothes?

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glitternanny Sun 29-May-11 16:26:20

Can I ask how many maternity clothes you have?
I've bought some bundles on eBay about 2 jeans, 2 combats, I skirt, 1 leggins .... Will need jumpers, pjs and tops but not yet.

I'm due mid nov.

Beesok Sun 29-May-11 16:31:46

I only bought 2 strictly maternity items - two pairs of jeans smile
Am due in October and will def. need more stuff but so far have managed well with buying "normal" clothes in a larger size and tbh haven't really bought much...
Am going to buy stuff as and when I need it - prefer to spend ££ on cute baby things smile

HandMini Sun 29-May-11 16:34:45

Normal clothes do last for ages....all things like jumpers, cardis, stretchy vests etc, you will be fine with up to the end, with maybe a couple of bump bands / extra long vests to ensure no midriff exposure. Leggings totally vital, as even in nice weather, you do start feeling a bit exposed in dresses with huge bump and naked legs. A couple of nice dresses would be good, and you can just add cardi and leggings in the winter. Two pairs of maternity tights in dark colours perhaps. Dont' buy too much too soon, you still have ages to go.

BikeRunSki Sun 29-May-11 16:36:34

I have plenty of stuff - this is 2nd pg and got lots of hand-me-downs - but am bored to tears of them! Due end of Oct and have not been able to bear anything tight on my waist since early March.

Bought lots of stretchy tops in Primark biggest size last time.

coastgirl Sun 29-May-11 17:07:09

I have loads of maternity-appropriate clothes (I love clothes and can't be doing with a restrict wardrobe!) but relatively few of them are maternity. I've tried to buy stuff I can still wear afterwards - long vest tops a size up, empire-line jersey dresses/tunic tops etc. I do have 2x maternity skirts for work because you need it with tailored things, a mat denim skirt, some mat. leggings, and some cheap t-shirts but everything else is "normal", though not necessarily what I would normally wear! All still fitting me at 30 weeks.

Maternity jeans are crap - I have two pairs and only wear old ones with a bump band. Linen trousers with a drawstring still fit with a band (and my primark ones grow so much throughout the day i can still button my size 8 ones!)

TransatlanticCityGirl Sun 29-May-11 17:16:10

I have found that maternity wear is mostly pointless. At 36 weeks I'm still wearing normal clothes most of the time. Here's what I've bought so far as far as maternity wear is concerned:

1 pair jeans
1 pencil skirt
2 maternity bras
1 pair leggings
2 nice tshirts, plus a 3 pack for the gym
2 vests

I thought I would need maternity wear for the following but actually regular clothes were better:

Tights - I buy them in a size larger from Boots
Swimsuit - went on hols at 28 weeks and found my old bikinis looked better on me than maternity suits
Knickers - got some multipacks from M&S in 1 or 2 sizes larger.
PJs - depends on the style you prefer, but as long as it's stretchy of floaty or larger regular stuff fits fine

Everything else I just buy from regular stores in my old pre-pregnancy size (10). Empire line dresses, floaty tops etc. Lots of stuff from monsoon for work.

TransatlanticCityGirl Sun 29-May-11 17:17:18

PS also forgot I bought about 3-4 maternity tops on top of the tshirts.

coastgirl Sun 29-May-11 17:27:15

Oh yes, I went everywhere looking for maternity opaques and then spent the whole time pulling them up - they're shit. I should have just bought a size up; that's what I did when the weather got nicer and I went back into nude tights.

ShowOfHands Sun 29-May-11 17:32:08

I bought a bundle from ebay when pregnant with dd which consisted of a couple of pairs of trousers, 2 dresses and a couple of tops. I then made maternity clothes and pyjamas using patterns out of my Mum's loft. V seventies they were but if you know anything about me, you already know I'm a fashion pariah and don't give a flying monkey's left testicle about style.

I managed quite tolerably with that. Only thing I really had to spend money on was new bras. Went from a B cup to an F cup between week 6 and starting breastfeeding.

theonlyhb2 Sun 29-May-11 17:52:03

i am quite glad I didnt buy lots of maternity stuff too early as I really wouldn't have needed it (did help I had 2 months off work at the beginning as maybe I would have had to!) I have just got things in a bigger size, I dont have that much of a proper bump (28 weeks) but have got a lot wider!

I live in leggings, long tops, flowery dresses etc. My Topshop Leigh skinny jeans are the best buy ever. I have quite a few tops I picked up in the sale that are size 16/18 and were £4 each

Beesok Sun 29-May-11 19:15:10

coastgirl I must disagree the mat jeans I got from topshop are fab smile they are skinny black capris and don't look like maternity at all - great for both going out and with flats smile
For me personally, nice black slim pants are a wardrobe essential and couldn't imagine 9 months without that in my wardrobe ;)

coastgirl Sun 29-May-11 21:27:30

I can still do my black treggings up so I'm just wearing my normal ones under the bump!

Icelollycraving Mon 30-May-11 15:18:44

I bought a few bits from mamas & papas. They don't wash well at all. I'm now 35wks but just ordered some comfy things from Dorothy Perkins as they had 25% off online last weekend. I haven't actually put on much weight but my normal weight can yoyo a bit so I have various sizes anyway!

DK76 Mon 30-May-11 15:34:42

Has anyone bought any maternity jeans from Happy with service and value for money?

rooks14 Mon 30-May-11 15:35:36

coastgirl i disagree aswell! LOVE my maternity jeans from H&M soooooo comfy!!!

I think maternity bottoms are a must, just because of the comfort factors, especially over the summer some combats are a good idea!

Tops are debatable, i've got a couple from sainsburys/primark in a larger size that still cover me fully at 31weeks. BUT my more expensive H&M mama ones and the couple i got from new look make me look much slimmer because you can see it's all bump and not just big! I also have huge boobs and bump and have too many stretchmarks for a bikini! so I think i've got £20's worth out of my swimsuit already!

So i'd get proper maternity clothes, just from places like h&m and new look and ebay, and avoid mothercare/mammas and pappas!

P.S. i'm due 3rd August so don't need a coat, but in mammas and pappas at the mo they've got them in the sale! Since you'll probably need one you could get one now and save a bit since it's out of season but you'll deffinatley need one!

DomesticGoddess31 Mon 30-May-11 15:40:23

my top tip....invest in a pair of comfy yoga pants, the type with the fold down top. Mine are from dotty p's and Next do some too. Will fit you all the way through pregnancy and you'll be dying to get out of your jeans and in them some days. In fact I'm going to buy another pair to put in my labour bag to wear after the birth.

Other clothes I've found useful.... a couple of pairs of mat jeans, and experiment with under the bump and over the bump styles to see which you prefer...and a few maternity tops, try and get stretchy ones to start with that you can wear straight away and can stretch withbyour growing bump.

Maternity vest tops are a must as you can wear these under your normal tops for quite a long time as they're longer.

I am 33 weeks and can still wear pre preg work trousers combined with belly belts and bump bands so investing in those accessories may be a good idea.

You really don't need maternity underwear, just wear your usual till they get uncomfy and then go buy next size up. Definitely go for a bra fitting when your bras are getting too small/uncomfy. I personally can't imagine anything more uncomfortable to wear than tights when pregnant. You start getting hotter towards 3rd trimester and as few layers as poss is the way forward.

Ooh and flat shoes for work. High heels became a major no go for me by the 3rd trimester.

Have fun! I've actually loved buying maternity clothes, loads more successful than buying normal clothes smile

Merinda Sun 05-Jun-11 18:06:23

I have a major issue: I need maternity clothes for work, which is quite difficult because we dress very formally and normally I am in a suit. I have also discovered, that ALL my clothes are quite fitted, so I am already growing out of them at 14 weeks.
So far can only think of buying a black maternity skirt and wearing my jackets unbuttonned, but not sure how long I can go like that.
Any thoughts? Has anyone actually ever seen a maternity suit?

jdo1 Wed 08-Jun-11 20:07:55

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Beesok Wed 08-Jun-11 20:10:45

OK had to expand my maternity wardrobe slightly hehehe bump is growin' smile
bought some shorts in gap which were great over the heat wave on Saturday and some yoga/lounging tops and pants from H&M and Asos
Am debating a nice dress smile

nannyl Wed 08-Jun-11 20:22:02

i needed maternity clothes from 12 weeks. Im now 26 weeks

I have 3 pairs of jeans (<£10 ebay)
2 pairs of soft yoga pants (asda; SO comfy smile)
1 skirt (jojomamanbabe 99p ebay)
2 dresses (1 asda 1 NCT sale)
3 proper maternity T shirt tops (ebay and NCT)
and quite a few primark T shirts in 2 sizes too big for about £2 each. (quite long so fit fine)
1 maternity jumper (new look)
2 jumpers that still (just about fit; sort of)
and 2 maternity bra's
Thats it!!!!

I have borrowed my mums spare rain coat (must be a 16 but a large 16)

posterofagirl Wed 08-Jun-11 23:20:57

After 40 weeks nothing will fit!
Wish someone had told me this so I could have had some HUGE clothes ready.

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