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Hormonal, emotional strop (rant enclosed)

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Almost6 Sun 29-May-11 14:01:14

so fed up and tired 38+5 haven't slept properly for what feels like a life time! (bout past 3m), SPD makes sleeping uncomfortable, needing a wee 3-4 times a night, and a toddler that won't stay in his own bed and digs me in back all night! H has taken to sleeping in toddlers bed so he gets a good night sleep :/
have been quite chirpy lately after a spell of being hormonal but today woken up again at 6.30 by other dc's and just went on a right strop with everyone. H finally gets up and asks what's wrong, all I said was it would be nice to have a lay in for half time he does n actually sleep, to which I get met with someones got out of the wrong side of the bed n is stroppy today. Yes I am stroppy but I just want some sleep is that to much to ask that for once he get up with dc's while I lay in! Now feeling very tearful too n not sure if it's hormonal or tiredness.
Sorry for rant but had to vent

Bogeyface Sun 29-May-11 15:47:15

It sounds to me like your DH needs a kick up the arse.

You shouldnt be asking for a lie in, he should be offering and he certainly shouldnt be leaving you to deal with the night waking and early mornings with your toddler every night. At weekends atleast he should be getting up with them.

Time for a chat I think.

roz1982 Sun 29-May-11 17:41:43

Yeah I agree with that - you need to be getting as much sleep as poss in prep for birth - other half should be dealing with kids in morning so you get get some more kip. Not surprised you had a total strop!

Almost6 Sun 29-May-11 23:04:41

Thanks ladies, don't mind doing early morns in general just with the bank hol he has 3 days off n I could really have done with a lay in, but I apparently have to ask if I want him to do the morn :/
Any how mum has taken a couple tonight as has sister so I will becgettingva layin tomorrow smile
And am thinking for the rest of half term I'm going to send kids to bed early and go at same time and wake him up at stupid o'clock before work so he knows how running on no sleep feels. Petty I know but it'll make me feel better n I can snooze on sofa while kids play!
Thanks again for reading!

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