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40 weeks and emotional

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Zipitydoda Sat 28-May-11 22:57:23

I am due tomorrow with my 3rd and for the past few days/last week have not wanted my other 2 out of my sight. I worry like mad about them when they are out with someone else to the point of making myself cry! E.g. My DH took DS2 with him to pick up some food for lunch today and I had awful visions of them being in a car accident and police turning up at my door, I got myself into a state for absolutely no reason.
I do worry often about something happening to my lovely family but not to this extent. I'm assuming hormones are at fault - has anyone else felt like this and did it go away a bit once your baby arrived? I'm quite glad it's half term and we can do stuff at home even though I'm knackered and should really say yes to any offers of help.

birchykel Sat 28-May-11 23:09:55

Sorry to hear your struggling.
Not sure if I can help but I am the same, I am almost 37 weeks and so emotional. My daughter is 8 and this week its been tough, she has been hardwork such as attitude etc. I have been going in my room and crying.
My parents have got her for a few days and I feel so sad and as they travelled home I worried like mad, I kept thinking what if its the last time I see her, what if theres an accident etc. I also worry about going into labour and something bad happening to me and leaving her without a mummy.

I dont know what advice to give you as I dont know how to help myself but I guess trying to relax, talking to my partner and friends and keep telling myself that everything will be ok. Not so easy I know but I dont know what else to do.

My midwife says its the hormones and its normal to feel this way. So I hope, as I am sure you do, that after our babys are born all will be fine.



Zipitydoda Sat 28-May-11 23:32:19

Thanks Birchykel! At least I'm not alone.

* I also worry about going into labour and something bad happening to me and leaving her without a mummy. *

I have this too and feel really selfish for having another one in case that happens even though everyone is so excited about a new baby. I am booked into a standalone birth unit and was completely confident about my choice until last week when I started worrying about all the possible things that could go wrong.

Wishing you luck too! Can I recommend staying away from newspapers (especially the tabloids), gossip/true life type mags, posts on here as they all set me off on tragic and emotional trains of thought.

birchykel Sun 29-May-11 13:28:02

Wish u wasnt having these feelings and thoughts, it isn't nice. I really feel for u.
I'm probably thick but what is a standalone birth unit?
I am the same, I feel guilty on my girl she has had me for 8 years and yes she is very excited and I know she will be great but I will feel ever so bad if/wen I can't give her the attention she is use to. Don't get me wrong she isn't a spoilt girl.
So u are due today, how are u feeling? I would love for u to keep me updated wen u have baby and how ur feeling. I'm so scared of it all.
Goodluck and keep in touch.

Almost6 Sun 29-May-11 14:19:55

38+5 today, pg with #6 and know what you ladies mean,
I too can't stop worrying bout where and what other dc's are up to, especially my eldest who likes to play out and twice in 2 months I've had calls from friends that I need to go get him as he's hurt himself n needs to go to a & e. Scary but I can't wrap him in cotton wool (as much as I would love to). And now being half term kids are wanting to stay at cousins n friends house, can't stop them coz I'm an emotional wreck, but worry too that something will happen to them getting there, while there etc...
I don't like way a friend drives so even though they where at my house visiting and ds was staying over at there's that night I dropped him over to there's later on saying I had to bath him first. even if they stay at my mums I worry until I have a call to say they've arrived safe! Even when I'm not pg I worry about this (just in a more mumsy way rather than being ott wreck) lol
my biggest fear at the mo is what happens if I go into labour n they are all here there n everywhere, hate the thought of leaving them with different people would rather they were all in one place together.
Thanks for posting on this coz I thought I was the only one who is feeling like this! Hope every ones feelings all settle once baby's are here!

birchykel Wed 01-Jun-11 23:25:20

I have been like that this week Almost6 my girl stayed at my parents for afew days 103 miles away.....I was a wreck till I knew she was there safe and then had an emotional few days without her and then a wreck again when I knew she was travelling back. It is so so hard being a mummy, the worry never ends.
I too dont want to wrap her up in cotton wool, I worry because where we live is near a main road, but across that road is a beautiful wooded area that would be great for her to go and explore with friends but not only me but other mums round here dont let their kids go out because of the main roads etc. I want her to grow and become independant etc but so difficult when the area we live is scary. Im not sure how to tackle this.

I do hope us ladies will be more settled, calmer, and not as stressed once babies are here. Speaking of which I wonder if zipitydoda has had her baby as she was due when posting this.
Goodluck to you both ladies.


Zipitydoda Thu 02-Jun-11 15:27:14

Hi there! Sorry for not getting back to you but yes, I had my baby on Monday, a lovely boy and a madly quick labour; 4cm to baby in 36mins!

Birchykel; standalone unit is a unit staffed by midwives only, no doctors, so if something goes wrong they have to call an ambulance to transfer you to hospital. After 2 straightforward births it was a good choice for me but people make you worry as do the hormones!

I feel calmer now he's here but like both of you becoming a mum does make you worry forever about all the bad things that could happen. I don't think these feelings go away but maybe not being pregnant means we can handle them better and put the bad thoughts out of our minds easier. Many of my real life friends worry like this e.g. Every illness symptom is something awful, every journey is a risk but in reality these tragedies are rare and most people thankfully live safe lives.

Wishing you both happy pregnancies and happy thoughts!

birchykel Fri 03-Jun-11 09:06:54

Congratulations!!! What have u named him?
U seem calmer, which is good. Hormones hey. I totally agree with what uve said. It's normal
To worry and shows we love our children. guess sometimes we need to take a step back and be calm. easier said than done.
so pleased four u.
HOpe all is well and my what a quick labour....hope I have quick one too!!!!!!

Lots of

mamamarina Fri 03-Jun-11 15:43:01's just horomos.honey....try to relax..have some tea...

birchykel Mon 06-Jun-11 22:31:30

mamamarina not everyone can relax in parenthood, well not as easy as your coming across.
I have good days and bad, because I want to bring up my children the best I can and I hope to help them grow into confident, loving and caring children.
Most days I am relaxed but being due in 2 weeks and having my 8 year old girl tell me she is scared of something happening to me when I have the baby does make me anxious and worried.

But I am sure once baby is here Ill relax more......and drink plenty of tea. wink

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