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Tell me what are you eating?

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updiffed Fri 27-May-11 18:01:20

I need bland food ideas..

I can't survive on chicken noodle soup only...

Anything remotely flavourful is bleugh right now.....

Joannezipan Fri 27-May-11 18:06:14

i have been the same cine I hit about 18 weeks and it sucks!

Cheese sandwiches, pizza, avocados, apples, yoghurts, salad, crisps and ice cream have been the main stays of my diet ever since.

updiffed Fri 27-May-11 18:09:41

ooh avocado sounds good smile

DH is cooking pasta and all can smell is the garlic in the sauce... bleughhhhh

silverangel Fri 27-May-11 18:27:38

Boring pasta, white bread, mashed potato, cheese - absolutley nothing interesting at all. I love curry / spicy food and can't face it all. I'm 22 weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting any better! Salad is a massive no, but I have got a thing for asparagus...

tummytickler Fri 27-May-11 18:28:45

I have been mostly eating pancakes blush
I am a bit crappy with food at the moment, and hoping I can make up for it once I get to 12 weeks!
Also slices of apple and cheese together, scrambled eggs on toast, pancakes, greek yogurt and honey, biscuits, lentil soup and more pancakes. Total rubbish really. Dh is a bit cross with me!

Beesok Fri 27-May-11 18:51:53

humus and pitta bread? that kept me going for a while in the first few weeks smile
lentil soup?

icravecheese Fri 27-May-11 18:58:38

Jacket potato with butter & cheese. Lived on it for first trimester, still scoffing it now (at 19wks)! Totally gone off any sort of meat & salad, so that slims down my options somewhat!!

updiffed Fri 27-May-11 19:03:47

apple and cheese mmmmmmm sounds good

just had plain pasta and grated cheese for tea

G1nger Fri 27-May-11 19:06:21

I survived almost entirely on porridge, bacon sandwiches, cheese sandwiches and pizza in the first trimester.

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 27-May-11 19:11:07

I am not pregnant atm, but when I was with dd I could eat:

Bread, toast, bagels, hard cheese (like cheddar), apples, plain biscuits, very dilute summer fruits squash.

That's about it.

This carried on until I was about 6 months pg, after that I added a few more things to my diet including coffee, tea, some vegetables, some other proper meals.

Despite all this I still managed to gain over 20lb and give birth to a 9lb 2oz baby - so fear not, all will be well grin.

Laura32 Fri 27-May-11 19:14:34

Im on raw carrots, cucumber and bagels mostly...fruit juice ice cubes too...mmm! Oh and grated cheese on hot popcorn! smile

tummytickler Fri 27-May-11 19:58:30

ooooh bagel!
I want a raisin and cinnamon bagel now grin

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