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Buggy Help

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silverangel Fri 27-May-11 16:06:39


Does anyone know if Britax car seats can be combined with Bugaboo to make a travel system? Can't seem to find any info...

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 27-May-11 17:36:39

No idea sorry silver but thought a bump wouldn't hurt smile

tiokiko Fri 27-May-11 19:34:36

Only Maxi-Cosi (Cabriofix and Pebble I think) - and you need to get adapters to fit depending on whether you have the Bee or Cameleon.

silverangel Fri 27-May-11 21:06:33

Thanks, going for the Donkey so guess it will be the same. I have two britax car seats already, guess am going to have to repalce them!

saoirse86 Fri 27-May-11 21:20:40

Here's a list of which pushchairs are compatible with britax car seats.

Oooooooooh Donkey! envy <drools>

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