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Weight loss during pregnancy.

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chelstonmum Fri 27-May-11 13:04:59

I am just home from usual check up. I asked to be wighed on their scales as they are the same ones as book in app etc and I was curious as to how much I had gained (bump is huge!) and I gained almost 3st with DC's 1&2.

I am not 23weeks and have lost 11lb in the last 7wks. Im far from slim (13st and size 16) before I fell pregnant but I feel odd about losing weight. I eat well and get regular exercise (walking) and i was never a big drinker before pg so not losing bucket loads of calories that way!

Any thoughts?

KateeHasABunInHerOven Fri 27-May-11 15:18:05

I'm about the same size/weight as you and a few weeks behind (19+5) and lost half a stone in the first three months and was the same weight at 16 weeks as I was at my booking in. I've put on about 3-4lb since then. I wonder if digesting food more efficiently and maybe eating a bit less (or same amount but in smaller quantities/more often) has had an effect?

If the mw wasn't worried, its probably ok - baby will be getting all the nutrition it needs - as evidenced by your growing bump! smile

I think if you are more overweight to start with (like me) you probably have enough spare to lose a bit too grin I'm just hoping I don't turn into a glutton and put 3 stone on in the next 20 weeks grin

chelstonmum Fri 27-May-11 16:02:28

Haha. I think I was just shocked as such gain with othe DC's.

All the midwife said was they would weigh me again at next app (26wks) and if loss is on the same rate 1.5lb a week average they would need to give me a sizing scan for the baby to be sure all is well. Im sure it is as the bump is huge and very active.

I think your right, I cant eat a large portion of anything at the minute and have little appitite after 7pm. I have more than enough to spare, and at this rate I may even make it into a nice dress for the christening! lol

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