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Is running for exercise ok in v early pregnancy?

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Millie26 Thu 26-May-11 21:25:35

Started running about four months ago and have been going once to three times a week with my dad.

We go for between 4K and 6K each time and it is quite a hilly run. I do get tired and push myself but can do it without stopping to walk.

I get hot and I've read you shouldn't do exercise that overheats you but surely exercise should make you hot?

I don't want to tell my Dad I'm pregnant just yet (only got bfp today so just four weeks) so he is expecting me to go next Monday for 6K - what is the advice??

It seems ridiculous that you could lose a pregnancy for trying to keep fit??

Thank you! smile

iiiiiiiii Thu 26-May-11 21:46:24

Not best source of info and don't want to worry you but check wikipedia for miscarriage under the heading 'excercise'. Note the bit about not knowing how much exercise they were doing before they were pregnant though. I'm sure many people do continue with such things and it all works out. And if it doesn't then it might be due to any number of things.
You might also feel too tired/sick to run at the times you've arranged with your dad. I would try to think of a plan B.

Millie26 Thu 26-May-11 21:53:14

ooo. I've just read that -thanks for the pointer.

Had a c section last time so want to be in tip top condition in case that happens again - might ask dad if we can do interval running so we stop and walk and then run again.

Boogiemumma Thu 26-May-11 22:14:37

General advice ays that you shouldn't start any exercise that you haven't done prior to pregnanacy. I however would be wary of exercise that raises your hearetrate above 140bpm or raises your temperature to above the norm.
To be honest having been in this situation I'd say take it a little bit easier, don't push yourself, you'll be very tired in the first 12 weeks and it's when major fetal growth takes place. I had mmc last year and though I was told it was highly unlikely that my tough exercise regime contributed (running, cycling, gym), I could not help but wonder if my desire to stay fit had impacted the pregnancy.
This time (I'm 38 weeks pg now) I did keep exercising but I've just slowed it right down - walking, gentle crostraining and swimming. I'd say just err on the cautious side but that's due to my own circumstances. I'm sure you'll stay healthy and fit from the sounds of it and that'll undoubtedly help you're delivery and recovery. Best of luck smile x

barelyutterly Fri 27-May-11 00:17:09

140bpm is hogwash, just an arbitrary number picked out of the sky. As is "gentle exercise" hmm if I'd done that I'd have become totally unfit!

If you've been running regularly before getting pg, you can continue as long as you have no other health factors restricting it (check with your GP/midwife of course). Normal exercise doesn't cause miscarriages.

Just listen to your body, don't push it if you don't feel right, watch for overheating and make sure you stay hydrated and well-fed.

I stopped running after about 24 weeks as it just got too uncomfortable. In the first trimester I was running but made sure to bring some calories with me (drinks or gels) as my system felt a bit wacky and if I went too long I had huge hunger.

Cycling I've continued to do all along, in the first trimester I took it easier and went less often/for less time then felt better in the second trimester so actually got a bit fitter again. Third trimester it's all gotten a bit uncomfortable again!

Have a search for some of my posts as I've linked some interesting reading about exercise in pregnancy. Everyone is different of course, and people should do what they feel comfortable with, but rest assured that there is no reason to stop exercising and in fact many reasons to keep it up as long as you're feeling fine and motivated to do it.

lljkk Fri 27-May-11 04:36:24

I ran thru first 2 pregnancies, up until 39 weeks. You can usually continue with what your body is already used to just fine. No problems for me except a somewhat stressed pelvic floorblush. Just stay well hydrated & listen to your body. Exercise (at any time, but esp. in pregnancy) should make you feel pleasantly tired, not exhausted.

Agree about heart rate advice being arbitrary & with no proper scientific backing to it; goes back to 1950s research on young men and conjecture about what that might mean for pg women. I can almost break 140 with a brisk walk.

vallinnapod Fri 27-May-11 09:39:07

I have an IVF pregnancy and so have been uber cautious about everything but one thing I have kept up throughout has been exercise. I ran from after egg collection until 22 weeks and the only reason I stopped was because I think the Relaxin was getting to my hips and knees as they were quite achy after a run. I now do 45 mins on the x-trainer 3 times a week.

Exercise has always made me feel more relaxed so seemed silly to stop.

Yes, there are a million and one guidelines about HR and overheating but I second just listening to your own body. I sweat just entering the gym and my HR has always been high so I have, in effect, ignored these indicators. If I feel tired, I stop (or don't get up to go to the gym!), drink loads and watch out for any aches and pains. If I am feeling generally fine I just carry on.

Millie26 Fri 27-May-11 13:35:01

Oh thank you all so much. I think I'm going to go for a brisk walk the same distance on Tuesday and see how I feel then do a more gentle run on Thursday. That's less than I would usually do.

I feel like I'm getting fat already so that's not doing my mental state any good - swings and roundabouts!


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