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The Homerton Hospital. Any good?

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LDNmummy Thu 26-May-11 20:01:57

Was going to post in Local but wasn't sure so...

I have been registered there since the beginning of my pregnancy and it has been great so far except one arsey receptionist.

I was just wondering if anyone has had a very recent experience of giving birth there?

I know this has been asked before, but I wonder if the quality of care has gotten better in the last year as I have heard terrible things about it before.

I also know that care on the post labour ward (is that what you call it?) is not very good anywhere so am not expecting much there.

The closer I get to the time (just over half way) the more worried I become as I have heard so much negativity.

elportodelgato Thu 26-May-11 20:11:56

Hi there, I have had both my DDs at Homerton - DD2 was born in January so I have some pretty recent experience.

I was induced both times so I expect my experience is not typical but both times I had good midwives and the delivery suite is much improved. I have heard that the midwife-led bit with the pools etc is very nice if you are after that kind of birth. They were a little late getting me an epidural (ie: I didn't get one either time!) but this was because my labours both progressed incredibly quickly from 4cm to 10cm and not through any fault or delay on their part.

In terms of the aftercare, I HATED the ward first time around, it was noisy and the button to call the nurse was broken which was a real issue as I could barely walk and had a catheter. I was desperate to be discharged the following day. There were lots of people in there who had huge numbers of visitors during the day which was loud and I really needed a bit of privacy. So second time around we went for a private room which was much better - own bathroom, privacy etc I really felt I could relax and bond with DD2, it was very very nice indeed, so if you can stretch to it I would suggest doing that. I think it was £70 for the one night I was in.

If you want to message me privately to chat then please do, and do post on the Hackney board as well as there'll be loads of women with other experiences. TBH I have friends who have given birth at Whittington, UCH and Whipps Cross and the birth experience doesn't seem to really be any better or worse at any of them. Having said that, if you have any kind of complications during your pregnancy I expect that UCH is the place to be.

LDNmummy Thu 26-May-11 20:22:02

Thank you elporto, I was also thinking about getting a private room if I need one. I originally wanted UCH but thought I would give Homerton a chance as they seem to be getting better.

I have no complications touch wood and I am feeling confident (well as confident as you can) about the birth going well.

I don't know if the powers that be will allow me to post this in two places but I will try the Hackney board too.

Thanks again smile

Adair Thu 26-May-11 20:38:37

3 babies at Homerton (latest Jan). Love, love, love the Homerton. Think I know which receptionist and she is ok if you smile broadly at her and persist, but yes a bit arsey!

If you search my name or umlellala and Homerton you will see my comments.

Adair Thu 26-May-11 20:48:01


filey1 Thu 26-May-11 20:50:31

I am due to give birth in the mid-wife led unit in mid July. Will let you know how it all goes! I have shared care with my mw and GP but have been happy with Homerton so far for scans and they were great when I had a scare (lots of heavy bleeding at 11 weeks) early on.

squiggleywiggler Thu 26-May-11 20:57:13

I had my first (and thus far only) baby via the Homerton homebirth team - brilliant!

As a doula I've attended births on the labour ward and the birth centre as well as homebirths via Homerton. Though of course (like any hospital) there are a broad cross-section of staff in general I've found in to be:
-nice atmosphere
-friendly and helpful
-really good facilities
-lovely birth centre

The postnatal wards aren't great (but they aren't anywhere) but unlike UCLH if you can get a side room it's 'inly' £70/night as opposed to £250.

I've got some Homerton birth stories on my website:

If you're planning to birth at the birth centre do have a think about homebirth. They have some of the most experienced MWs on the HB team - it's a new team and they are flaming brilliant. There's a great homebirth support group in Hackney here:

Sorry to go on about homebirth but I talk to so many second-timers who wish they'd gone for it first-time around and lots of first-timers who with the right info end up deciding to go for it, that I just can't help myself grin

squiggleywiggler Thu 26-May-11 20:57:34

Oh and, unlike UCLH, if you aren't in a pool room, they are happy to bring in a mobile pool for you...

Katy1368 Fri 27-May-11 03:38:23

OP - don't know what you have heard about past care at the Homerton but I had my daughter there in 2008 and had excellent care, plus excellent care from the EPAU. That was before they had built the new birth centre too. Have to declare an interest as an ex- employee too - not midwifery but medical, and they have an excellent adult ITU well used to dealing with obstetric emergencies and a good SCBU/NICU too.

elportodelgato Fri 27-May-11 20:48:49

squiggley, yes I would second your comments on homebirth. I really wanted a homebirth with DD2 but as I think I said in my previous post, went 13 days overdue and ended up being induced at the Homerton. But in all my planning for HB the support I had from the midwives was excellent and they really were very experienced and supportive.

OP if you feel like HB might be an option for you then I would encourage you to explore it. Having said that, as this is your first baby you may not even be considering it (I know I wouldn't have first time around!)

Beesok Fri 27-May-11 20:59:29

I live next to UCH (and that's where I'm having the baby) but work in childcare in Hackney so hear about lots of mothers' experiences at the homerton - I'll be honest one (with whom I am quite close) had a terrible experience there mainly with aftermath - infection etc and another one didn't like it at all first time around so decided to go to UCH and while she found it better she was not impressed with a student midwife who basically mishandled the actual delivery of the baby (!), also heard many raving reviews about UCH but a few bad experiences so I guess you need go a bit with your gut instinct and what's more comfortable - I have a feeling that most NHS hospitals are pretty similar and it depends on your luck on who you get at the actual birth and the less complicated the birth/pregnancy the less they fuss over you smile
Having said I agree with a poster above - UCH have a fantastic neo-natal unit if, hopefully not!, anything goes wrong they are really good - 4 people I know ended up with complicated deliveries and babies needing intensive care and they all agreed that's where UCH was really on the ball - even the MWs in that unit are completely different smile
Good luck smile

LDNmummy Tue 31-May-11 11:47:27

Hey guys, just wanted to run back to this and say thank you for all your posts, It really helped me to feel settled with staying at the Homerton smile

Picklehead Mon 13-Jun-11 19:10:55

I've just added this thread to my watch list - we're starting TTC next month and I'm doing research. Thinking about either the birth centre at Homerton (hopefully with a pool - I find water amazingly therapeutic) or at home. So those of you who are pregnant and registered at Homerton, please keep posting and let us know how things progress!

Eifos21 Tue 26-Jul-11 08:44:05

Does anyone know whether there are any pools available in the consultant bit? I was hoping to give birth ín the midwife led unit but unfortunately they are advising me not to because of life long problems with BP.

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